Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Venerable does Dark Eldar?? lol.

Go on then…I’ll bow to the peer pressure.

My IG are bought, built and 60% PAINTED (I know, crazy shit right!?) so I need a side project whilst I finish them off…. They need to be done by mid-Feb for my first tournament of the year ( I hope to attend 4/5 this year)…

And I’m still on a budget following a rather expensive engagement ring for the fiancée…yup, she said yes! Woot!

Anyway, Dark Eldar.

I have an old army which I ran something similar to this.

I bought 10 Hellions just cause I love the models. And the Green Goblin.

And I’ve been aching to paint something this GREEN! Shit, that’s green. And gorgeous...

But what can I do with the new codex versus my own model collection.

 I’m going to struggle, but I’m going to try it…it’s not going to be the most competitive, but I think it can hold its own...
lets examine @ 1500:

Lets get what I can from troops first – 3 x 5man Warrior squads – Blaster, Raider –DL, Flickerfield. Only 390 too…

That’s cheap and gets me some anti tank, scoring (but very vulnerable) troops with some good mid-field anti-tank…not bad range on a blaster combined with the raiders move.

Heavy now: um…easy for limited model choice…3 x Ravagers with DL’s and Flickerfields. Just 345. Sweet.

10 Hellions….Helliarch – Agoniser. Done
5 Reavers. Blaster.
Incubi x 6…let’s thow in a Klaivex w Onslaught for lol’s and Bloodstone for even more...

Archon. As if anything else for now.

Ah, the Archon…lets add a tonne of stuff as I’m more or less out of models! Lol.
Combat Drugs
Soul Trap.
Bargain at only 155 points…not my usual lean and mean though…quite…fatty.

That finishes us off more or less.

What do we have?

Archon – toys galore
Incubi 6, Klaivex, Onslaught, Bloodstone. Raider, Flickerfield

3 x 5 Kabalite Warriors, Blaster, Raider-Flickerfield. (1 squad also has a Sybarite with Blast Pistol as I has the points left)

Hellions x 10, Helliarch – Agoniser  
Reavers x 5. Blaster. Arena Champ – Agoniser

Ravager – Flickerfield
Ravager – Flickerfield
Ravager – Flickerfield

1497. Very fatty though…not efficient as it could be…

What are the community’s thoughts on this army then? Viable? Competitive? Clearly there is a lot of fat in the list, inefficiencies all around…but regardless?

The slow progression of this Dark Eldar project is to create a Green Gobbo army…Duke, Baron, 4/5 Hellions, Trip-ravagers, Warriors for Duke…done….


  1. It looks slim on Troops; Warriors and Raiders aren't exactly durable.

    I'd say fewer toys, more bodies/hulls.

  2. try the hellions with the barron. Makes them troops and they are amazing. I personally like them as a 15 man squad but your mileage may vary and I tend to play 2k games lately. I wouldn't bother with the raiders personally as the venoms are lean, mean, and come with a flicker field standard at base points. Upgrade to a 2nd splinter cannon and be amazed at the 12 poison shots each turn. 3 or 4 trueborn in the same venom with blasters gives you the 12 poison shots and 4 anti tank you can use on separate targets... like the troops you knock out of the tank. wyches are bad ass and troops now. put them with a dead cheap haemonculous for FNP out of the gate, leave the haemonculous in the raider to make sure they can fleet if you need to. Ravegers are pretty amazing unless you run a WWP army... which... is pretty amazing as well and you really only need one now.

  3. @Chumby - yup, know it...jus' building from existing model collection...

    @Scott - lot of good advice there dude, as I said to Chumby - building from what I have limits the choices, to buld a proper army I'd certainly be following some of the points you state...alhtough I have to admit I'm not convinced by wyches still? Are you using them primarily as the tarpits they used to be? or the raider/shredder medium of old?

  4. I thought I'd replied, think I'd managed to log out.

    Obviously you know your primary weakness - the fat. You'd never have that many toys on an Archon if you could help it, so clearly model limitations are what are stopping you. My list is like that as its just crap I picked up at 3rd ed and I'd use just to get "inside info". My archon is so tooled up you'd think he was inspector gadget (lots of toys, pretty useless).

    I like where the list is seemingly going, fast with a good bit of fire power.

    I think the list I am I am going to work to is all lots of small squads w/ tons of raiders and some beast masters I think, either that or I am just going to do Eldar again. Though I do want to do xenos at some stage this year.

  5. Exactly that Bully, just models from the old and fire power is what I like... but I've been thinking more and more about combat potential with DE...glasshammer, but I have a couple of great ideas with the all-Hellion theme I want to work towards...

  6. Other than echoing the above, the Soul Trap on the Archon is completely wasted as he has an Agoniser so the boost in strength has no effect whatsoever..

    All in all though it's going the right way especially if you are just using existing models

  7. Except for vs vehicles no? Doubles strength to a respectable 6 right?