Thursday, 29 April 2010

Dark Eldar Lance Spam...

OK. I ran this ages ago whilst I was really bored of Wraithguard Eldar and Mech Tau. SW and Nids were on the distant horizon and I needed my weekly fill of evil cheese.

Step into the breach the depraved Dark Eldar.

No one else (bar one dude who is now in Nottingham or something) runs them at my GW, so I have a complete monopoly on them.

And man, how much do I love it!

I have toned this down a bit since then. It raped stuff. No one could take the evil this put out.

So, I gimped myself. No, I'm not saying how. Work it out.
This is still pretty nasty.

Dracon (Combat Drugs, Agoniser, Plasma Grenades, Splinter Pistol) 83
Incubi x5 Punisher, Tormentor Helm 125
Raider, Dark Lance 55

Haemonculi x3 Destructor, Scissor Hands 135
Grotesques x3, Dirty fingernails 45
Raider , Dark Lance, Terrorfex 70

Raider Squad x5 1xDark Lance 60
Raider - Dark Lance 55

Raider Squad x5 1xDark Lance 60
Raider - Dark Lance 55

Raider Squad x5 1xDark Lance 60
Raider -Dark Lance, Night Shields 70

Raider Squad x5 1xDark Lance 60
Raider -Dark Lance, Night Shields 70

Raider Squad x5 1xDark Lance 60
Raider -Dark Lance, Night Shields 70

Ravager x2 Disintegrators 240
Ravager x1 Dark Lances 120

Total 1493

Get it?

Haemonculi w Grotesques & Dracon and Incubi bomb forward and take out stuff.

15 Dark Lances take out anything. Period.

oh and 6 plasma cannon shots per turn are pretty nasty. 9 is better, but as I said...

Yes, I know an Archon is a combat beast and that the Dracon can't leave the retinue and maximize a hideous 12"+2"+fleet"+12"charge range...

Where is the 2++ Shadowfield? Retinue take the hit...

5 Incubi is plenty when added to the Dracon with Agoniser.

Haemonculi will kill anything with variable D6 AP flamers.. Roll 3 dice NOW! Was one of them lower than 3? Awesome, dead marines! This is of course not a science and they can follow up with 4 attacks each with poisoned wounds.

Why the Grotesques? They take the damage from the Raider exploding and have a higher toughness. In CC, if your opponent loses though they will automatically fall back...

This army is very fragile. Operate at the range of your lances and maximise on your speed.
The CC elements are really only a distraction to be honest. Disposable.

Rape away bitches.


  1. I prefer full lance spam :P. I giggled when I saw incubi (no. really. I did).

    I just wish GW would re-release DE with some cool models and I'd collect them again. As it is, DE Lance spam is such an awesome list but generally flounders after 2k (though a 2k DE spam could best most of the crappy 2.5k lists I see).

    Do you have a pic of your army?

  2. As I said Kirbs I 'gimped' myself.... No point being a complete bastard at the local for pick up games...
    Although it may force people to up their game.

    I agree entirely on the points/FOC.
    Becuase they (DE) are so points efficint they can fill up Heavy, Troops and HQ so quickly - done in fact at 1500, by 2k you've added all your Wyches for shredder and more lance fun rather than CC...then you add Vect and bang...full.
    Nothing really to add and other armies move past you and are more competitive.

    I can photo it, its currently all in storage when it made way for SW, NIds and BA and now IG Krieg....I'll try and get some photos of everything up on a gallery or something soon.