Sunday, 6 April 2014

GT 2014 Round up for MarkyMark.

So 6 games down and now the wait to see how I place!.

  One thing I havent mentioned yet is the painting scores, I dropped 5 points on detailed section, not surpised as these models are nearly a year old and I had only been painting for a few months when I done these.  Still, it wont affect me too much will it.  Will it?.

  Drum roll.......

In First place.  Nope not me.  In second place.  Nope not me.  In third place!. ding ding

  Overall standings for the top 10 were

Josh Roberts Eldar and Dark Eldar,  Beast pack
Eric Hoath  Eldar and Dark Eldar,  Beast pack
Mark Pocock (me) Chaos Daemons.  Screamer Council
Alex Harrison  Imperial Guard, Space marines and Inquistion.  Thudd guns and centarions!
Andy Oakham  Farsight and Tau, Ovesa star riptide heavy
James Mcnaughton  Eldar and Dark Eldar,  Beast pack
Luke Nurser  Eldar and Inquistion
Tom Hutchings  Necrons and Tau.
Gaz Jones  Eldar and Dark Eldar,  Beast pack
Simon Weakley Eldar and Dark Eldar,  Beast pack

  You might see a pattern there, definetly Beast pack heavy!.  I ended up coming in third place, on 185pts and 34 VP's with second place with 190pts and 34vp's, wait what, 5pts difference.... ! Damn you models!.  That would have made me joint second and it would have gone down to another tie beaker to get the final standings.

  So getting to 3rd place I ended up playing 4 ETC players, who were all from the same team! (best team??) I did have a easy pass in game 1 but the rest were definantly a uphill battle for me.  The next highest daemon player was 14th and the top 15 dominated by Eldar (7 out of 15).  Every game was a good solid competitive game which is exactly why I go to tournaments, therefore this was probably the best of my 40k career so far!.

  Overall I am more then pleased with 3rd place considering in total this event had 157 players enter into the heats, I ended up winning best daemon player as well (norrowly lost out to that award at GT heat 3 by a few points as well!).   This is my loot for third place, the skullcrushers are what I purchased with my voucher I won from Sanctuary Gaming.

Overall, a massive thanks to the GT guys, very much looking foward to next years and thanks to all of my opponents.

  Whats next for me?.  Currently repainting my army, I wont be losing points on painting again (I hope, if I do I'll cry!).

Road to final!. UK GT final. Game 6 versus Imperial Guard BGNT Vanguard

So final game on table 3 against Courtney Rhodes.  De Facto Guard player.  He managed to come third at the GT heat 2 qualifers running Guard and Space Marines.


  Big guns never tire with 5 objectives, Vanguard strike.

My List

Herald of Tzeentch, ML3, Disc, Exalted reward
Herald of Tzeentch, ML3, Disc, Exalted reward
Herald of Tzeentch, ML3, Disc, Lesser Reward Locus of conjuration
Herald of Tzeentch, ML3, Disc, 3 Lesser Rewards

10 Horrors
10 Horrors
10 Horrors

8 Screamers
8 Screamers


  So Courts list

Primaris Pskyer

Platoon command squad
Infantry squad
Infantry squad
Infantry squad
Infantry squad
Infantry squad

Veteran Squad



Sister allies
Saint Celestine
Ministorum Priest

5 Sisters


Inq Coatez
Inq with liber hercsis, rad and pyschotroke grenades

2 Acos and a daemon host

My Powers
Fateweaver Molten Beam, Prescience, (not written down Biomancy, must be crap!) Mental fortitude.
Herald 1.  Grimoire, Forewarning, Misfortune, Flickering fire
Herald 2.  Portalglpyh, Scriers Gaze, Forewarning, Flickering fire
Herald 3.  Staff of Change, Forewarning, Prescience, Flickering fire
Herald 4.  Burning Blood, Staff of change, Cleving Strike, Scriers gaze, Perfect timing Flickering fire.

So a lot of Forewarning, I even swapped it out on Fatey and the last herald....!  All the powers I needed including flickering fire prescience and scriers gaze.  I honestly cannot remember Courts powers and havent written them down.

Terrain.  It was slightly ruin heavy.  Top left was a ruin with a roof,(objective 1) in front of that was a rock around 3 inches tall, in the left hand corner there wasnt much iirc, in the middle was area terrain and some more rocks, then slightly off center top was another ruin (battlefield in a box one I think) then another small ruin in the top right (objective 2).  Another piece of area terrain in front of that (objective 3).  On the opposite side there was a 2 ruins slightly off center to the left (objective 4), another small ruin piece with a roof (objective 5) then another larger ruin in the bottom right.

  Quite a terrain heavy board but it wasnt overly so I have noted above where the objectives went so you can see they were at least 12inches apart at some point.  There is no Night fighting rolled for turn 1.

  Cannot remember who won the roll to chose sides, I think I did, I end up in the bottom left and Court in the top right.  Court then wins the roll to go first so that gives me the jump on objectives but also means my screamers are very (very) vulnerable to aphla strike from the Manticore and Exorcist turn 1.  I place my bastion next to ruin with objective 5 in it.

  Courtneys deployment.  He deploys the Manticore near objective 1, the Exorcist near objective 2 and the blob with Celestine, Priest, Coatez, Primaris Psyker and other inquistor with them, wow thats a lot!.  They are deployed just in front of the Exorcist.

  I deploy one unit of horrors under the roof near objective 4, 1 herald with a unit of screamers under the other ruin with floors and the last 2 heralds (one being the grimoire herald) in a screamer unit hugging the board edge bottom left.  I deploy with max 2 inch coherency, making sure there are plently of screamers with 6 inches and that the heralds are far enoguh apart that they wont be LOSing to another herald, its quite a tall order but it is what my list has been designed for.  I do ask Courtney would he thought of my deployment and he said I couldnt have done it better, now lets put that to the test!.

  Turn 1.  I dont think I bother to seize as due to my deployment I dont think I will be that hurt (fingers crossed!) and I do like the objective jump but more importantly he has coatez, its not worth the effort of rolling dice needing a 6 then a 6 to be frank!.  Court gets Scout from the liber hercsis

  He casts prescience on the exorcist, with the manticore being too far away lucky, the blob moves up again then its the shooting phase....

  Manticore goes first, wise move as if he killed a few with the exorcist the manticore would have had less under the template.  He gets 2 shots and scatters just off the grimoire herald hitting 5 in total I think.  I end up losing 4 screamers and no heralds.  Next up is Exorcist, i think it rolls a good number of shots and aims for the grimoire herald unit as well, one of the heralds is just behind a screamer so wounds will be going on him after that screamer.  I end up losing another 2  screamers here passing my look out sirs and I think even passing a save or two.

  So turn 1 I have lost a total of 6 screamers from one unit.  Now if I only had that one screamer unit I would be in huge trouble, I dont though

  Marks 1.  I cast the powers on the 2nd screamer unit and move the heralds in there, being careful on placing the Grimoire herald as he still has the manticore.  I cast prescience on the horror unit as well.  The depleted screamer unit moves then boosts over to objective 4.  I shoot quite a few of the guard blob, both the screamer council and the horrors passing their leadership tests to bypass Nightshroud.  I think Court fails his toughness test as well and soul blaze pings off a few more of the blob.

  Courts 2.  He casts his powers on the blob and moves them up, Celestine jump packs in front of the blob as he had a 11inch charge to the screamer council from the closet guardsmen, putting celestine at the front changes this is a 7inch or 8 inch charge.  Thats going to be a lot of attacks coming at me here!.  Shooting doesnt really do much, think one of the horrors on top of the ruin gets nuked, what I am doing here is because I only need one with LOS and range I move one on top of the ruin at a time leaving the rest in BLOS ruin.  Court fails his charge though giving me quite a few options!.  Also I think 1 or 2 vendettas come in, they are around his top right using their ranged weapons to give them options, and a unit of acolytes come in around his objective 1.  His platoon command squad are near the back of his blob for orders

  Marks 2.  I cast my powers including scriers gaze, think I misfortune the blob but thanks to having a psyker in there for a 5+ he has Sisters in there who have aditanium will so they have a 4+ deny the witch, pretty sure court passes it.  Scriers gaze sees Fateweaver the only one who made it in, after some thought I use his re roll to make him stay off, that many Vendettas worries me a litte.  I did say at the time this may cost me!.  One horror goes on top of the ruin, Screamer council moves up closer to the blob and the depleted screamer unit moves then boosts around the left hand flank.

  Warpstorm table rolls up a dbl 6, I chose daemonettes and 11 of them deepstrike down in the middle of the board, ready to go after his Aco's manticore and PCS.  At this point neither of us has first blood so I would have liked to have got a 11 or 10 on the warpstorm but hey, free troops are free troops! (unless it is kill points).  For shooting the Screamer council fails to pass its leadership test, this is the point I knew I would have needed my re roll, the horrors dont do much either if anything.  I chose to assault the blob knowing they have hit and run but with Celestine at the front I can hopefully do some damage to her.

  I get the charge off but its a very small distance, brilliant!, basically I end up killing off the front rank of guardsmen and forcing all the rest of the wounds onto Celestine who I think was already down a wound, she ends up dying giving me first blood and taking hit and run off the blob, Court then piles in at in3 (so do my heralds) and cannot make base so we do end of phase pile in and stay locked! awesome!.  

  Courts 3.  The Saint Celestine fails her act of faith and stays lying down, this was good as otherwise she would have gone after my horrors near her!.  Court gets another Vendetta in and the unit of Sisters who go on the right flank into the ruin.  Powers go up on the blob.  unit of vets get out of the Vendetta to face the daemonettes, all three dettas look at them and so does the acolyte squad.  Shooting does finish them all off and the last 2 screamers get double tapped by the last vendetta.  In combat I start to precision strike the sargs from the blobs making them blow up with the staff of change and finish off quite a few from normal attacks.

  Marks 3.  I get misfortune off on the blob, all other powers go off fine.  Think everything stays in reserves at this point no point in giving his vendettas stuff to shoot at and his manticore only has one missile left.  I end up chewing through more of the blob.

  Courts 4.  He moves his vendettas over closer to my objectives, sisters move and run towards the middle left objective and in combat I finish off the rest of the blob, getting me slay the warlord as it was his inquistor.

  Marks 4.  Everything comes in, 2 horror units deepstrike onto objectives, being the number 3 and 4 iirc.  Fatey comes on near the bastion to give himself a 3+ cover save for being obsurced by it.  Powers go off on the screamer council.  I throw the portal glpyh near the number 2 objective spawnign a few daemonettes who run onto it.   I think I spilt off two heralds at this point and one takes down a empty Vendetta, the screamers finish off the sisters and and fatey takes out the or tries to, the Exorcist.

Basically its game at this point, I end up taking all but one objective, getting first blood line breaker and warlord, Court gets line breaker from his vet squad.  Really good game which could have really swung either way and Courts unlucky rolling in some cases didnt help him!.  He got my vote for best sportsman and ended up winning that award, which was well deserved.  I am pleased how it went from resisting the alpha strike to taking on that blob and winning!.  I think there will be a rematch at some point soon!.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Road to final!. UK GT final. Game 5 versus Ravenwing banner of doom!

So going into game 5 I am 4 and 1, not bad so far!.  I am currently sitting on table 7 and facing a dreaded foe, Tony Chew!.  He was my local sparing partner till he went beyond the wall (keeps telling me Winter is coming...).

  He was running Ravenwing,

Sammael on Jetbike
Librarian, lvl 2, bike, power field generator
5 RW command squad, rad grenade, apothercary standard of devestation

3 RW bikers, 2 melta guns
1 MM attack bike
3 RW bikers, 2 melta guns
1 MM attack bike
3 RW bikers, 2 flamers
1 MM attack bike
5 Scouts

Land raider Achilles with dozer blade and MM
Sicaran Relic tank with dozer blade

Psyhic powers
Fateweaver Fire Shield, Forewarning Invisability Smite
Herald 1.  Grimoire, Scriers gaze, Prescience, Flickering fire
Herald 2.  Eternal blade? Perfect timing, Prescience, Flickering fire
Herald 3.  Staff of change, Perfect timing Scriers gaze, Misfortune
Herald 4. Staff of change, corrosive breath, Spell breaker, Forewarning, Misfortune, flickering fire.

  Mission was Hammer and anvil and it was Kill points, now not a good mission for Tony and his MSU bikers!.  Terrain, this was a themed ice board, populated by multiple BLOS and impassable pieces of Ice rocks, in my deployment there were 3 evenly spread (left middle and right) in the middle there was also 3 evenly spread and again in Tonys half there were 3 evenly spread, seems to be a pattern here!.

  I won the roll off for sides choosing one with 3 evenly spread rocks, leaving Tony with the other.  I won the roll to go first and chose it, with Night fighting in effect turn 1.

Deployment, I deploy one unit of screamers with heralds to my right hand corner, and Fatey behind the bastion, horrors will be deepstriking and screamers coming on from my board edge.

  Tony deploys his land raider and relic tank blocking LOS to the command squad which includes the Librarian.

  Turn 1.  I cast grimoire forewarning and invis on fatey, fatey flies to the left staying in terrain and outside of any charge ranges, Screamers move then boost into the middle of the board

  Tonys 1.  Everything moves back and covers the command squad with the achilles.  He tried to snipe out the grimoire with prescience Achilles but LOS passes and all screamers are good.

Turn 2    Powers cast, including scriers gaze, think I get a unit of horrors on this turn which deepstrike roughly in the middle of my table half.  Screamers move up again and give themselves options on what to charge next turn, either tank or the command squad.

Tonys 2.  Tony gets 2 attack bikes on on the left hand flank. He puts Sammy into the command squad and moves them in front of the screamers, he dashes a rad nade on them reducing toughness then opens fire with the command squad.  The start of Tonys bad luck sees the Apothecary get a 1 on his twin linked plasma talon, a 2 on his safe then a failed feel no pain reducing him to ash.  He doesnt manage to kill any screamers, think he kills a few horrors with the thunderfire cannon.  he then charges into the screamers and takes loses a biker.

  My 3, Try to misfortune the command squad but is denied.  Other powers all go off, Fatey tried to bolt of change and infernal gateway the tanks but doesnt roll well on the power level.  Think I get another unit of horrors in and both units line up the attack bikes, killing both.  (finally some first blood!).  I kill another biker here I think and put a wound on the libby via prescision shot.  Tony declares a hit and run and rolls a 6.....

  Tonys 3.  He gets another I think 2 biker units on and the last attack bike, those and the thunderfire gun down the 2 horror units reducing one to 2 horrors, the other to 5.  The command squad do nothing against the screamers and think the relic and scouts spent their turn trying to down fatey which failed.

  My 4,  get a misfortune off on the command squad, now down to Sammy who was wounded, libby on 1 wound and Rw biker.  My screamers boost over a attack bike slashing it to death, horrors dent a bike squad.

  Tonys 4.  His 3 man bike squad mutli assaults 5 horrors and a unit of 1 horror!.  I end up winning this combat and make them run away after killing 1! go horrors!.  Thunderfire reduces a unit of horrors to that 1 left.

  My 5.  Screamers move to charge his Achilles and the corrosive breath herald moves behind the relic tank to flame it, fatey flaps about doing something important Iam sure.  Screamers slash attack another unit.  Charge on achilles fails, think I stun the relic tank but str5 cannot hurt it due to av12 on rear!.  Horrors kill off another unit of bikes iirc.

  Tonys 5.  The fled 2 man biker squad turns around and charges the 5 horrors, the other biker squad finishes off the single horror.  Hammer of wrath kills 2 horrors, I dont think I do anything but then roll snake eyes for my DI test bring the horrors back to life!.

  Dice is rolled for end of game and it ends!.

  To be fair, its a bad mission for Tony, a bad deployment and bad match up.  Plus having unlucky rolls (like the apoth dying to a gets hot!) really didnt help.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Road to final!. UK GT final. Game 4. Guard guard and more guard!.

So start of day 2.  Going into this I said to the guys, I am looking for 3 wins today and 3 30-nils as I have dropped too many secondaries in day 1.  I am facing a guard with Inqustion allies list commanded by Will Metcalf.  It is Emperors will and dawn of war.

Company command squad with astropath and bodyguards

Platoon command squad
infantry squad
infantry squad
infantry squad
infantry squad
infantry squad

Veteran squad Flamers?
Veteran squad Meltas?


Earthshaker gun battery (the t7 4 wound one)
Earthshaker gun battery (the t7 4 wound one)
Earthshaker gun battery (the t7 4 wound one)

Aegis defence line

Inq Coatez.  Forewarning, Prescience.
Inq with liber heresius, rad and psycho nades, 3 servo skulls.  Hammerhand.

5 Aco's with bolters
5 Aco's with bolters

My Powers

Fateweaver.  Flame breath, Pre cognition, Warp Speed, Psyhic Shriek
Herald 1.  Grimoire, Pre cognition, Prescience, Flickering fire
Herald 2.  Portalglpyh, Misfortune, Forewarning, Flickering fire
Herald 3.  Staff, Misfortune, Perfect timing, Flickering fire
Herald 4.  Staff, Spell breaker, Warp gaze, Misfortune, Prescience Flickering fire.

  No Night fight, Will wins the roll to chose sides, stays the side he is on.  Terrain wise, there is two very small (can fit around 6 25mm bases in there touching!) so not much to hide from his str 9 barrage weapons! ouch!.  So in Will's deployment, just off center there is a large ruin, only one level though.  Then to my right of that is a few barrels on area terrain bases.  In the middle towards my deployment is a hill, cannot remember what is on my right of the board as it doesnt come into play at all.  In my deployment zone, far left
there is the first small ruin with a roof, then another around 15inches to the right.  I put my bastion and objective there and Will puts his Aegis and objective in the opposite corner.

  I win the roll offf to go first which I glady take.  Looking at his list he has everything here to take me on.  3 str 9 screamer and herald instalkilling large blasts, 9 skyfiring lascannons and quad gun to take care of fatey, a 4++ scouting hammerhanded 50 strong blob to tie me up, two mobile units of vets in the dettas, and a few more extra scoring units around his objective.  This could def cause me some issues!.

  I deploy the screamer council behind the bastion, no night fight I want him to HAVE to use the barrage rather then direct line of sight.  3 heralds go in here and another herald in the 2nd screamer unit which is hugging the board edge.  Fatey is underneath the ruin on the far left.

  Will deploys.  The earthshakers behind the aegis, the Aco's in front of them and platoon command somewhere around there as well, the Company command on the quad gun.  Directly across from the screamers he places the guard blob and coatez.  He scouts them 6 inches forward then rolls for the sieze, failing both times, phew....

  Turn 1.  I cast forewarning, prescience perfect timing, misfortune is out of range due to the way i deployed behind the bastion in case of him seizing.  The screamer council forms up and moves 12inches forward, all heralds are in range the blob and 2 heralds in range and Line of sight of Coatez and other inquistor.  Other screamer unit goes 12inches directly forwards and so does Fateweaver with Pre cog on him.  Shooting, the 2nd screamer unit slash attacks the front rank of the blob killing a few, Screamercouncil heralds then open up, one getting stopped the other 3 going off.  This produces 9 precision hits and wounds and 27 other wounds, so thats 27 dead guard first off then the first precision shot I assign to Coatez, Will decides to tank it on his 2+ save and gets a 1, thats a dead coatez due to str6 Flickering fire.... Ouch!.  I then tell Will to just take another 8 guard off, who then fail their toughness test and take 2 more wounds but he uses his warlord trait to auto pass the morale check.  Fatey also shoots at them think Flickering fire is denied and infernal gateway kills a few.
  Will's first.  The depleted blob move up and get ready to assault the 2nd unit of screamers, the earthshakers target the Grimoire herald, who I pass all look out sirs for and kills nothing, quad gun aims at Fateweaver and I pass saves and grounding test, the blob assault the screamers but then they fail their fear test and whiff, while I win combat but he holds thanks to his stubborn Inq.  Think Will was a bit put down after my turn 1, cannot say I blame him.

   Turn 2.  All powers go off, Fatey flies up next to his board edge, making it hard for him to get all 3 dettas to be able to shoot Fatey, screamer council moves up and targets the company command squad as they have his astropath in there.  Shooting quickly finishes them off, the 2nd screamer unit kill some more guard losing a wound or two in the process with Will still sticking.  I think at this point I get a horror unit in that deepstrikes onto the bastion.

  Will's 3.  All 3 dettas come in anyways, 1 aims for the grimoire herald as he was slightly out to the front, and the other 2 go for the screamercouncil.  Basically I pass my look out sirs, and all screamers pass their saves, Will shoots the earthshakers at the horrors with bastion killing off a few getting 2 pens on the bastion but rolling too low to affect it long term.

  Turn 3.   Another unit of horrors come in, they deepstrike near Wills deployment zone, we are using dice as the objective markers which to be honest were quite hard to see, I chose a poor place to deepstrike them really and they scatter off some distance.   All powers go off, Fatey decides to rear shot a Detta getting 4 pens and 3 glances.  Will then saves all but 2 of them with jink and the pen does nothing!.  Screamer unit then sets up a multi assault, charging the three earthshakers, 2 aco units and platoon command squad, they forgo shooting incase of killing too much and perils, I either run down or kill everything.  I also drop the portal off this turn but scatters towards the horror unit in the wrong direction! darn!.  Comat is still on going, only the Inq left after this turn.  Horror unit gets into the bastion.

  Wills 3.  Dettas go after the bastion but fail to do anything to it, Inq is killed off by Lampreys bites.  I have 5 screamers left 3 on 1 wound iirc.

  Turn 4.  Screamercouncil doubles back and kills the damaged detta, fatey flies behind another and gets denied on Flickering fire!.  2nd screamer unit boosts between the two dettas to make them have to shoot me or I'll protect my objective with them, 10 man horror unit deepstrikes onto my objective (with run move surrounds it) and other horror unit disembarks from bastion onto objective, think around 5 left from that unit now.  Horror unit in his deployment moves and runs towards his objective and portal fails to spawn!.

  Wills 4.  He disembarks his Vets and puts both dettas into hover mode to kill off the 2nd screamer unit, after all his shooting I have 2 left, one on one wound.

  Turn 5 That unit, deciding not to risk overwatch simply cock block the vets furthest away from getting to my objective, and the screamers and horrors kill off his other vet unit, and fatey downs another detta.  Portal fails to spawn again, horror unit in his deployment fail to get to his objective.

  Wills 5, He tries to move around the 2nd screamer unit then run but fails to, detta goes into flying mode and Will rolls to see if game ends, which it does.

   So game over, I score first blood, Warlord, Linebreaker, Will gets Linebreaker.  I get my primary objective to give me a win with 30pts, my first of the weekend so far and sorely needed at this point!.

Friday, 21 March 2014

Road to final!. UK GT final. Game 3 versus Beast pack None other then Josh Roberts......

So, two wins so far but sadly not max secondaries points puts me on table 4.  Apprantly there is 8 beast players here and having faced one I look at the match ups and relise I am playing another one.  None other then Josh Roberts!.

My psyhic powers and rewards

Fateweaver.  Flame Breath, Forewarning, Endurance, Mental Fortitude
Herald 1.  Grimoire, Pre cognition, Misfortune, Flickering fire
Herald 2.  Portalgylph, Scriers Gaze, Prescience, Flickering fire
Herald 3.  Staff, Forewarning, Foreboding, Flickering fire
Herald 4.  Staff, Corrosive breath, Warp Gaze, Misfortune, Prescience, Flickering fire

  His list is as follows.

Eldrad.  Eldritch storm?, Fortune, Invisability, Misfortune
Farseer, jetbike,Shard of anaris.  Prescience, Guide? and cannot remember the last one

3 Eldar windriders
3 Eldar windriders
3 Eldar windriders
3 Eldar windriders

5 Warp spiders


Dark Eldar allies

5 Warriors

23? Khymarea
5 Beast masters

So very simular to what I just faced, except Josh has Warp spiders and one less troops choice iirc.

The mission is Scourging, so we have a scoring screamercouncil, and he has a scoring beast pack ouch!. Not only that but he has Invisability and fortune AND misfortune!, On Eldrad no less, darn!.  Sadly I rolled my powers first and swapped out perfect timing....

  Josh wins the roll for sides AND first turn, giving me the first which gives him the drop on objectives.  Terrain.  Top left (Joshs deployment zone), there is a ruin in which the 1pt objective is placed, Then to the right of that is another ruin with the 4 pt objective, then to the right of that is a another ruin with a 3 pt objective.  In the middle there is a large can which is BLOS and a 2 pt objective next to it in the middle of the board  Then to the right of that there is a BLOS piece of terrain which is basically 3 cans together with a 3? pt objective.  In my half there is a hill to the left, another BLOS can array which a 2pt objecitive, bastion placed next to it then a small ruin in the right most corner.

Josh deploys his Beast pack centrally with WK's on either side, I deploy my screamercouncil and Fatey behind the bastion quite centrally.  We both reserve everything else (my horrors and his Warpspiders deepstriking)

Turn 1.  I cast Grimoire forewarning and endurance onto the screamers, Fatey stays where he is behind BLOS bastion. I move back as nothing is really in range thanks to Josh's deployment.  Screamers hoover around the same area.

Josh's 1.  He moves and runs the beast pack up after casting prescience and fortune on the pack, think he casts invis on the rightmost WraithKnight.

Turn 2.  Grimoire and powers all go off, Fatey casts endurance on the screamercouncil then flies off.   1 unit of horrors come in and try to deepstrike in the top left corner near his 1pt objective, they scatter off the board and mishap table means Josh places them.  He places them in front of the beast pack, there goes first blood!. Screamers move back to the right corner of the board, I could shoot the WK's but then will be in easy charge range of the beast pack.

  Josh's 2.  He know has board control and pretty much plants the beast pack in the middle of the board, they assault and kill my unit of horrors.  All his powers go off and invis on the right most Wraith knight.  Both WK's run to get closer to the screamer council.  Josh also gets in 2 units of bikes, warriors and warpspiders, all in his deployment zone between the 1pt and 4pt objective

  Turn 3, Fatey flies onto the right most board edge, away from the beast pack and WK's just in range of the warp spiders, Flickering fire and infernal gateway finish them off for a FA kill point.  All powers go off, and I misfortune the left most WK without invis on him.  I move the heralds and screamers up to get a 9inch charge on the misfortuned WK and shoot FF from 3 heralds (grimoire with precog was out of range, darn!).  I cause 4 wounds with misfortune, he doesnt save any, I remember just as I was going to assault the WK for the toughness test, which Josh then fails on a 6 and I cause 3 wounds killing off the WK.  Darn, this has now left me in easy charge range of the invis WK, if I had made the charge I would have been quiet far away, 9 inch charge then a 6inch total pile in and hopefully a consolidtion move.

 His 3.  All powers go off, Invis on the WK again.  WK makes a easy charge and locks up the screamer council, thats them out of the game.  Rest of his troops come between the 4pt and 3pt objective (top right) rest of his bikes go that way and the warriors go into the ruins on the 1pt objective.  Beast pack stays central.  WK doesnt do anything and with me hitting on 5's and wounding on 6's I do nothing either, darn.

  My 4, the two remaining horror units comes in, one mishaps again in the same place as the others, josh places them, even with a re roll, in the middle of the beast pack!, another troop unit down :(.  Other unit goes near my 3 pt objective.  Screamers roll up the right flank hugging the board edge and giving Josh a 10inch charge from the beast pack, they then turbo boost giving the same charge range.  Fatey vectors the warriors causing 2 wounds, morale passed, he then flies off to give me some turn 5 contest options.  Horrors in the middle run for what its worth, other horrors run backwards to get away from a mutli assault from the beast pack, think again it was a double digit charge range.  Portal is thrown and scatters towards the screamers, sadly nothing spawns.  I have yet to mention the screamercouncil, this is because I failed the grimoire :(, they are going to get hurt here!.  I end up losing 3 screamers and the same again to DI.

  His 4.  Invis is cast again on the WK.  Beast pack assault and kill the mishapped horror unit, bikers shift around in the middle of the board too far from me to vector strike.  He also cast misfortune on the screamers, I try to tank on the grimoire herald as he had pre cog (so no re roll passed tests) but he dies on the 2nd or 3rd roll and I end up with 3 heralds, 1 screamer!.

  My 5,  Screamers boost my surround the 3pt objective in the top right, horrors move onto the 2pt objetive and fateweaver flies next to the other 2 pt to contest.  Portal fails to spawn which I was hoping to get daemonettes from to fleet run +3 onto the contest 2pt objective.  Darn you portal!.  I lose 1 screamer (as soon as I had taken the wound on him knew it was a mistake, thats a FA kill pt there!).  Now down to 3 heralds.

  His 5, All powers go off, beast pack simply move back to the 4pt objective, bikers all get their objectives and WK then kills 2 heralds leaving 1 alive.  Farseer on bike leaves beast pack contests my 2pt objective and bikers somehow contest my 3pt.  I honestly thought I had blocked it off totally, 8 screamers can do that, but think the terrain was knocked displacing my models.  It didnt matter as I had lost but really should have said that to pull back some VP's.

  It ends as 10-1 to Josh iirc.  Brillently played by him using the strengths of the beast pack (board control), lucky that I failed the grimoire when I did giving his WK things to smash, even without failing it I would not have got through the invis and high toughness but I just dont like my poor screamers dying like that.  I was trying to get a decent result on the warpstorm table by using my fateweaver re roll or warlord trait to re roll both but bar getting a 3 and my Portal herald rolling 2 1 and 3 on the 3d6 test it didnt do much.  I would have loved a 11 result or 12, or even a 6 as that is deadly to Jetbikes but alas, no luck there.

  Its a very hard match up, and with the powers Josh got, even harder!.  If the WK hadnt of died to Warpflame I would have Assaulted it hopefully killed it consol'ed then move and boosted to the other side of the board away from the WK, giving me more options to go after his troops.  That was the plan but was scuppered by Josh rolling a 6.

  Very pleased to have played him, and looking forward to a rematch at some point!.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Road to final!. UK GT final. Game 2 versus Beast pack and current GT champion!

  So going into Game 2 I had picked up 2 secondaries and 2 objectives, not too great overall but as my first opponent was there for the painting I didnt want to give him too hard of a time for his first game, its something I tend to do let my guard down and dont go all out.  Now some players use this to their advantage by not flying too high too early, and avoiding the lists that tabled their first opponents, personally I dont really mean to do this!.  Still game 2 is against a dreaded beast pack, and the opponent, none other then current UK GT champion Mr Paul Burke, eeeek!.  This guy has never lost a game in the GT.....

So my psyhic powers are as follows

Flame Breath, Forewarning, Life leech, Terrify
Herald 1, Grimoire, Forewarning, Prescience, Flickering fire
Herald 2, Portalglpyh, Perfect timing, Pre congintion, Flickering fire
Herald 3, Staff of Change, Scriers gaze, Misfortune, Flickering fire
Herald 4, Staff of change, cleving strike, Warp gaze, Prescience Forewarning Flickering fire.

My opponents list from memory and psyhic powers.

Eldrad Executinor, Mind war, Death mission, Fortune!
Farseer, jetbike, runes of warding, Shard of anaris, Shriek, Prescience, Scriers gaze?

3 Eldar windriders
3 Eldar windriders
3 Eldar windriders
3 Eldar windriders
3 Eldar windriders


Dark Eldar allies

5 Warriors

23? Khymarea
5 Beast masters

  Paul won the roll off for sides iirc, with a large ruin opposite the relic, a tall and wide BLOS piece of terrain next to that and another ruin on his far left, on my table half I had a tall and wide BLOS piece of terrain on the opposite side to his and a ruin or two and a hill.  I start off by placing my bastion right next to the BLOS peice of terrain, leaving a small gap between the two to see through.  The relic was on area terrain, 6 inches by 5 maybe? which was of course centrally located.

  I win the roll off and make Paul go first, seeing as its relic and he has jetbikes, no thanks!.  He deploys the beast pack quiet central and 3 bikers touching area terrain within 12inches of the relic with a WK in the middle of the beast pack and another on the his left.  I deploy the screamer star behind the bastion with all 4 heralds, and the second screamer unit out on Pauls far left.  Paul then redeploys 1 WK on his left to go in the middle as well, he can just get a bead on fateweaver who is also hiding, I mean strategically placed! behind the bastion.

  Pauls first turn, guides one WK and moves the beast pack slightly forward, bearing in mind I have terrify on fateweaver and misfortune on the screamercouncil.  Both WK's take pot shots at fateweaver, but seeing as I have 3+ bastion cover save re rolling 1's and a fateweaver re roll (wasnt needed) he doesnt double tap him, each time I am doing the saves my bum is going a little.....  Also Paul has a little bit of bad luck, the jetbikes jump forward 12inches, but as they started in terrain he loses one to dangreous terrain, being 33% this causes a panic test end of movement phase, just as he was picking up the relic, he fails and the 2 remaining jetbikes flee a little.

  My turn 1 I get grimoire forewarning presicence etc etc off, screamerscouncil move up to within 24inches of the fleeing bikes and gun them down for first blood, the second screamer unit moves up his left flank and I think do some slash attacks on the beast pack, killing 1 or 2, I also gave Paul the chance of a 10inch charge but that would have really pulled him away from the middle of the board.  Fatey bravely sits where he is behind the bastion, hoping for a terrify next turn!.

   Pauls 2, he casts his peowers without issue, gets 3 units of bikes in from reserve and his unit of warriors, they all come on around near my screamers ready to shoot them down I lose 2 or 3 in total.  Beast pack go into the middle of the board needing a 9inch charge to get to my screamercouncil.  Both Wraithknights take shots at fatey again and fail to do anything, beast pack charge and fail, first on a 7 then on a 8, phew!.

  My 2, I terrify a wraithknight as due to the failed charge I just couldnt quite see any of the beast pack darn!, screamers then move up and mutli assault the WK and beast pack, with me winning combat and the WK running away like a girl, at this point I relise I may well have made a massive mistake and loudly proclaim, SHIT!.  My screamers assault a unit of jetbikes killing one but they hold.  Paul hit and runs out, getting a 16 on 3d6 and most of the beast pack and Eldrad end up near the relic on the large piece of area terrain.

  Pauls 3, of course this is why I made the mistake, now Paul can assault Fateweaver, who is on the floor around 12 inches away from  his beast pack......  after casting all his powers he rolls for difficult terrain, as Eldrad is right in the middle, he gets 1,1...... He then decides not to go after Fateweaver and doubles back to get after the council, a WK also goes next to my grimoire herald to try and force the wounds on him and look out sirs.  The other WK sadly rallies...  WK and beast pack charge, I kill off a few more hounds, probably around 7 or 8 have been killed so far, I lose nothing and its my 4.....

  All powers and grimoire goes off fine, and I get my troops in, they have been kept off with scriers gaze so far!, I try to deepstrike two units onto the relic, both scatter and mishap, think one gets destroyed on a 1 and other unit get placed by Paul in my far right corner near nothing.  Fatey  flies ontop of a ruin near the middle he is but before that casts terrify on the beast pack, by this point Paul has already used both runes of warding to stop misfortune, so he only has a 5+ re rollable, he gets a 1 on the first and a ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 5 on the second, darn, sweeping the beast pack would have been nice.....  Fatey and some horrors kill of a unit of jetbikes, think my screamers in combat also kill off another unit. My 2nd screamers have either died or dying at this point think it was probably in this assault phase they did.  I do a number of wounds on the beast pack think I may have had misfortune on? as they are greatly reduced at this point.  Paul hit and runs out and again goes towards the middle

  So again his powers are fine, he spilts off the Farseer, baron and eldrad to go after fatey hoping to ground him, he uses his remaining jetbikes and a WK to do this, the beast pack go after my horrors on my right, they make the charge and kill them.  Fatey takes quite a few grounding tests and passes fine,taking a wound or two, then he fails a grounding and is tapped out by the WK, sad times.....

  My 5, I throw the portal down, grimoire and powers all pass without incident, luckly!, out of the portal walks 5 plague bearers onto the relic..... So at this point theres not much more for me to do but roll to see if it continues, and the dice rolls a


Game over!, I score first blood and linebreaker, Paul gets Linebreaker and warlord, most importantly though I have the relic giving me the win and Pauls first ever GT lose.