Saturday, 11 October 2014

X-Wing - Getting Re-Inspired with Rebels

When I started playing X-Wing nine months ago I gravitated towards rebels.  Although I bought pretty much everything, I found Rebels more inspiring, easier to get my head round, and more forgiving on the table.  I went to my first tournament with the classic Golden Daggers.  For those of you not down with the build names, this consists of 2x Gold Squadron Y-Wings with Ion Cannon Turret and 2x Dagger Squadron B-Wings with Advanced Sensors (AS).  This was very strong prior to the release of Imperial Aces and all the wave 4 shininess, and I won with four wins out of four, including an incredibly tough final against four ion cannon Y-wings.  Then Imperial Aces came out and everyone started flying Imperials, and I started to lose.  A lot.  Since then I have struggled to get back into rebels. 

However, last week I finally found something to make me adore Rebels once again, and I think it's really, really good, so I wanted to share it with you guys. 

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Return of the Mac - a story of 40K and X-Wing

This is a common story, one I've seen all over the interwebz.
Old blogs are dying, new stars are rising.
40K is ever at the heart of online controversy.
And look... its the "codex release, game balance, crazy rules" shit.

So let's get this out the way so I can move on to telling you all about how much I love X Wing:

I've been away.
I'm really sorry about that.
I've been tired with competitive 40K mainly due to changes in my personal life - taking on a bigger, bolder "project house" for serious DIY and more and more responsibility at work has left me with less hobby time.
Goatboy's Sons of War art :)
Of course, I still run the single greatest gaming club in the Cambridge (UK) area - Sons of War every Wednesday..
But I struggle to fit in a second gaming night with the Bringer of Death/Steve.
Now, I know many of us would kill for a consistent, night-per-week gaming scene... but it's all relative.
I've struggled to make it to any tournaments this year, in the main due to spending up to August saving money for said bigger, bolder project house... and now I find myself spending my online browsing time looking at the structural calcs for an extension, the best brands of wood burning stoves and finding the best deals on a range of things from glue laminated beams, heat retention for various glazings .. etc etc.
A far cry from spunking my cash on a new 40K army every month.

I could of course - new DE are out and I've got a DE army - they attended the first Blog Wars tournaments, my "Kabal of the Pink Bastards", winning a couple of events... I've even played in 6th ed with them..of course with a beastpack and allied to Eldar..

But I find myself not wanting to. I see others like Big Sexy - Dave Symcox dropping away from the scene.. Last week also saw the departure of the Death or Glory boys. This was a sad day - but I can't blame them.

Don't get me wrong - I'm NOT going  to spend my time hating on GW or lamenting the poorly thought out codices.
We asked for a long time that codex releases were faster.
We asked for older armies and new ones to be reintroduced.
We now have Imperial Knights - a huge success, literally, on the table and for the financial health of the company.
Speaking of that, we could whinge about the rising price of goods... in a niche market...of a recovering western economy...when all other costs are rising... when the industry finds itself in a perpetual decline.. OR we could just accept that shit.
Man up.

Me, I still play 40K.
I find that's a big thing amongst a lot of my contemporaries.
I am currently still booked into Battlefield Birmingham at the end of October.
But I'm sad to say my excitement for 40K is at a low, low, low...ebb.

On the otherhand...

X mutha fucking Wing is a-mutha fucking-mazing.

Haha.. I'm so god damn cyclical..
Look back in the blog and every year or so you'll see it.
1 year ago - Dystopian Wars
2 years ago - Infinity
3-4 years ago - Malifaux
I do it every god damn year.

This year, I've mostly been playing X Wing.
But something is different about this one.
I am able to reflect and see my "tedium cycle" for what it is, a way of keeping 40K fresh for me.
However, with X Wing I feel a different way - perhaps it is because it has a 'real' context/backstory/universe. I grew up on a diet of "A New Hope" and "Empire Strikes Back" from my father, Big Poppa Humps, who loved Star Wars and throughout my early, post-uni career I read all the expanded universe books.. Thrawn to Yuuzhan Vong.
And loved it.
So here I am, not bothered if PanOceania is doing well in Infinity, not bothered if Lilith is still in charge of the Neverborn.. who gives a shit.
Whilst I accept that the Malifaux fluff is EPIC, it's no Star Wars.
I've even been to my first X Wing tournament!
It was awesome.
I was awful.
Meh. I had fun.
I even got the wife to play!
I'll get bloody better too!

So - the blog is alive, I hear it breathing.
My other contributing authors are spread across the country and world and are not necessarily still in the loop, but they may emerge - phoenix like - to throw some thoughts out.. but like me, they have lives and dreams and not all of those include writing shit on some blog.

But I find that Sons is an 'old horse' in the blogging world.. we've been going a while and dammit....we will not go quietly in the night, we will fight on, we will live!

So readers, thanks for your faith. Blog hits might be through the floor, but my ego no longer needs to be stroked in such ways.. X Wing ideas and discussion will be coming (I've already drafted a couple) and the Sons of Sanguinius will survive... who knows, maybe my love for 40K will return by the time BA hit the shelves... !

Here's hoping.


Sunday, 10 August 2014

ETC results

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, sure that comes from all the sons of sanguinius bloggers but life has been pretty manic and for me severe lack of 40k games, now collecting armies has been good but games with them has been lacking!.

  Quick post to say congratulations on all the British teams competing in ETC at the moment, I count many members of England, Wales Scotland and Northern Irish teams as friends and I was gutted to miss it this year (next year Iam in (if anyone will have me that is).

  The results from the horses mouth are as follows

1 Poland
2 Germany
3 England
5 Italy
6 Russia
7 Wales

17 Scotland

25 Northern Ireland

Congrats to all involved!.

Monday, 2 June 2014

7th Ed army lists.

So I am sure a lot of you have had games now.  Personally I am really surprised at the difference a small few rules changes makes, from everything scoring to 7's to blow up vehicles are some nice changes.

  I do think there is a difference now between 6th ed and 7th ed lists, I for one will be changing my 6th ed lists and bringing them into line with 7th.  I am also thinking of a new army using the Guard I have been building them for a while now (triple blob baby!).

  What are you guys thinking of for lists going forwards?

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Biggest change in 7th.....

It took a while for this to sink in, even then I had to re read it quite a few times.

  After all the internet pre release moaning about unbound armies, which lets face it it will be discussed first and if you dont want to play unbound you dont.  But this one has really gone under the rader.

  Basically, FOC is under detachments, but you can have as many detachments in your Primary detachment as you want.  FOC is still there in that 2 hq's 6 troops 3 FA Elite HS etc but as long as you meet the minimum requirement for FOC you can have mutliples.

  Lets have a example

Primary detachment Choas Space Marines

Detachment 1

Sorcerer, 65pts Warlord

10 Cultists 50pts
10 Cultists 50pts

Heldrake 170pts
Heldrake 170pts
Heldrake 170pts

Detachment 2

Sorcerer, 65pts

10 Cultists 50pts
10 Cultists 50pts

Heldrake 170pts
Heldrake 170pts
Heldrake 170pts

Detachment 3

Sorcerer, 65pts

10 Cultists 50pts
10 Cultists 50pts

Heldrake 170pts
Heldrake 170pts

Total, 1840

So under your primary you have 3 detachments, but you are using 3 FOC's, which is in the rules for Battle forged armies, who will care about unbound or not.  This is 3 sorcerers, 6 units of cultists and 8 heldrakes..... Yes vector strike has been nerfed but this is mainly for a example of what spam 7th ed can bring, this is the total opposite spectrum of balance.

  Extending that further, you can have as many allies as you want, So you can have a guard blob with Dante, Celestine, Tiggy, Dragio and their min troops requirements and still have a few hundred pts to spend, hero hammer!.

  I have spoken to someone else with the book and they agree they read it the same way I do as I was frankly in disblief at it.  I have spoken to two TO's and by the sounds they will restrict their GT's to one FOC in primary and only one Ally.

War of the Roses Batreps - Intro and Games 1 and 2 - Yes that means I finally went to a Tournament again :) - The Voice

So, yea, I fell out with 40k for a bit and fell in love with X Wing.

But with 6th on the way out and 7th incoming I thought id give the old bird one more spin on the dance floor. I have a bit more time now anyway and fancied seeing all the guys. (Love you guys :P)

This was made easier due to the "Highlander" side competition (where every troop is slightly different and you cant duplicate anything else, and no allies. Plus all the non beardy lists could only play each other.) "Perfect" I thought and signed up; figuring id get all the fun of going without the pressure or bs of playing O'vesa's or Pasks or Deathstars ETC,...., yea they cancelled the highlander......