Sunday, 10 August 2014

ETC results

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, sure that comes from all the sons of sanguinius bloggers but life has been pretty manic and for me severe lack of 40k games, now collecting armies has been good but games with them has been lacking!.

  Quick post to say congratulations on all the British teams competing in ETC at the moment, I count many members of England, Wales Scotland and Northern Irish teams as friends and I was gutted to miss it this year (next year Iam in (if anyone will have me that is).

  The results from the horses mouth are as follows

1 Poland
2 Germany
3 England
5 Italy
6 Russia
7 Wales

17 Scotland

25 Northern Ireland

Congrats to all involved!.

Monday, 2 June 2014

7th Ed army lists.

So I am sure a lot of you have had games now.  Personally I am really surprised at the difference a small few rules changes makes, from everything scoring to 7's to blow up vehicles are some nice changes.

  I do think there is a difference now between 6th ed and 7th ed lists, I for one will be changing my 6th ed lists and bringing them into line with 7th.  I am also thinking of a new army using the Guard I have been building them for a while now (triple blob baby!).

  What are you guys thinking of for lists going forwards?

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Biggest change in 7th.....

It took a while for this to sink in, even then I had to re read it quite a few times.

  After all the internet pre release moaning about unbound armies, which lets face it it will be discussed first and if you dont want to play unbound you dont.  But this one has really gone under the rader.

  Basically, FOC is under detachments, but you can have as many detachments in your Primary detachment as you want.  FOC is still there in that 2 hq's 6 troops 3 FA Elite HS etc but as long as you meet the minimum requirement for FOC you can have mutliples.

  Lets have a example

Primary detachment Choas Space Marines

Detachment 1

Sorcerer, 65pts Warlord

10 Cultists 50pts
10 Cultists 50pts

Heldrake 170pts
Heldrake 170pts
Heldrake 170pts

Detachment 2

Sorcerer, 65pts

10 Cultists 50pts
10 Cultists 50pts

Heldrake 170pts
Heldrake 170pts
Heldrake 170pts

Detachment 3

Sorcerer, 65pts

10 Cultists 50pts
10 Cultists 50pts

Heldrake 170pts
Heldrake 170pts

Total, 1840

So under your primary you have 3 detachments, but you are using 3 FOC's, which is in the rules for Battle forged armies, who will care about unbound or not.  This is 3 sorcerers, 6 units of cultists and 8 heldrakes..... Yes vector strike has been nerfed but this is mainly for a example of what spam 7th ed can bring, this is the total opposite spectrum of balance.

  Extending that further, you can have as many allies as you want, So you can have a guard blob with Dante, Celestine, Tiggy, Dragio and their min troops requirements and still have a few hundred pts to spend, hero hammer!.

  I have spoken to someone else with the book and they agree they read it the same way I do as I was frankly in disblief at it.  I have spoken to two TO's and by the sounds they will restrict their GT's to one FOC in primary and only one Ally.

War of the Roses Batreps - Intro and Games 1 and 2 - Yes that means I finally went to a Tournament again :) - The Voice

So, yea, I fell out with 40k for a bit and fell in love with X Wing.

But with 6th on the way out and 7th incoming I thought id give the old bird one more spin on the dance floor. I have a bit more time now anyway and fancied seeing all the guys. (Love you guys :P)

This was made easier due to the "Highlander" side competition (where every troop is slightly different and you cant duplicate anything else, and no allies. Plus all the non beardy lists could only play each other.) "Perfect" I thought and signed up; figuring id get all the fun of going without the pressure or bs of playing O'vesa's or Pasks or Deathstars ETC,...., yea they cancelled the highlander......

New 7th Ed. Psychic phase

So, Psychic phase, something close to my heart as I tend to run psychic heavy armies.  Now there has been a massive change in the way psychic powers are manifested in 40k, no longer are we doing the ld test on 2d6 to get a power off, it is now following the route of Fantasy.

So basically it is all about how many psykers you have on the table, these contribute towards your Warp Charge pool.

Lets take a nice simple situation of a Mastery lvl 3 Librarian versus a Mastery level 2 Librarian.

Player A with the lvl 3 gets 3 dice then he rolls a d6 and adds that many dice to his Warp charge pool, Player B gets 2 dice from his lvl 2, and also adds the amount of dice from the result of the d6 player A rolled.

So lets say he rolled a 3, player A ends up with 6 dice, player B with 5 dice.

Take the perspective of Player A, these 6 dice are his Warp Charge pool. Assuming he rolled on Biomancy at the start of the game getting Iron Arm, Warp Speed and Endurance (he will also auto get Smite, more on this later).

So Iron Arm, Warp Speed, Smite are all warp charge 1 powers, Endurance is warp charge 2.  So what you need to do in order to cast a psychic power is use your warp charge dice in order to meet the warp charge value on the power you want to use, so if I want to cast Iron arm I need to get 1 successful warp charge from my dice, how you get succesful warp charges is by rolling a 4+.

I want to cast Iron arm... it is plausible I would roll 3 dice to get at least 1 4+ to be able to cast it, if I want to cast Endurance being warp charge 2 I would need to get at least 2 4+ to make the power work.

  The odds on these working is here......

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

7th Edition Warhammer 40,000 is here! Wishlisting....

I can't believe that as I sit here there is a new edition around the corner.
Not just around the corner - approaching me down the street and locking eye contact with me as I stroll along.

Bloody Hell! That was a brief, strangely transient edition of 40K.

During this edition, I have represented my country at the game I love and played in a number of tournaments - winning a few (mianly single dayers) but always placing highly. I expanded my collection and I actually got a few whole armies fully painted.
Quite frankly I feel that this last point is the most glorious statement in this hobby...ever!

But moving on.

What do I want to see from this game moving forward?

1) Randomness eliminated (lots of early references to D3 and D66? rolls... oh dear, although to counteract this, difficult terrain is now just -2" penalty. Like it. I suppose it is worth a sentence to say of course this is a dice game and therefore we cannot eliminate all randomness - even in my list building where I try and build in robustness and resilience against the dice, they can still come back and get ya!

2) More variation in objectives - not just static positions to claim (looks like this one is coming true)

3) Changes to the overwhelmingly powerful psychic combos that create...... ->

4) Deathstar mitigation - the current edition is somewhat.. heavy...on the Deathstar. I played a balanced and MSU approach to my 5th ed gaming, in 6th even I have moved away from that at times and have run Deathstars in tournaments, most recently O'Vesa at Caledonian Uprising. This saw me win a lot but never by a large margin as even here I moderated my approach and went with a balanced/star approach. It's all or nothing with Deathstars and I couldn't bring myself to go the whole hog - although I did feel that this gave me a balanced force, I'm not convinced.. anyway, that's not what this is for!

5) Balanced armies.... hmm.... 'Unbound' = fail. Yeah, I want a rule set that doesn't favour one army in particular! Good luck with that!

6) Blood Angels! I want my Blood Angels back! More fire, more blood, more god damn Rage and Thirst! I want a new Mephiston model too for fucks sake! A massive, dynamic mother fucker of a model!
It'd be nice if Dante wasn't toally average too... oldest Chapter Master etc, etc...

7) Ragnar Blackmane! Make him playable!

Anyway, what do you guys want to see from 7th Edition and are you looking forward to it?
That's what I want to know... i've been playing loads of X Wing recently to get over my 40k boredom and I'm excited to have it rejuvenated... what about you guys?