Saturday, 15 January 2011

Analytic Anomaly? Tyranids …

Over the last month and a half or so I’ve been using google analytics to look at patterns in readership, what post topics are popular etc.

One very strange thing has cropped up…this post from ages ago has seen the most traffic of any post.

It’s a 1750 Nid list that’s a little alternative, not incredible but pretty effective and fun.

My thoughts are:
-          What is it about this post that means it has quite literally DOUBLE the views of the scratchbuilt Vendetta, the Deployment in Action series, the BA stuff including the Frag Cannon Dread/Mech list that is very popular…??

-          Do I need to talk more about Nids?
-          Does it need to be my next project after the Sanguinary Guard? Which are going to be Dark Angels by the way…in colour scheme anyway…did one today, it looks amazing…

Have any of you guys checked this post out? What attracts you to it?
What should I do now…more Nids?


  1. All it shows is that 'Nid players are more adept with a google search!

    Surprising about the DiA series - even the quick reading and application vs Atriedies today was a big boost to my game.

    Variety is something I think that is welcomed for blogs, avoids being put into a specific box.

  2. Guess so! speaking of being put in boxes...need more BA content...think Andy has the IG, so my thoughts are leaning back to the Sons.

    How did your game go?
    Glad you enjoyed the DiA stuff...more to come..

  3. Tyranids are a trending topic at the moment. People are realising that the the FAQ didn't actually kill them off completely. It simply changed the core dynamic of the army a bit.

    Hence the interest in army lists. I know I've read your army list before so...

  4. I'll post a run down of the 2 games in the thread about the lists Ven - I'll try and give my perspective on each list as well having played against them - though I wont go into to much detail incase Atreides wants to keep his tactics super secret (lol).

    Certainly 'Nids seem to be a much more common site around the net now, its interesting, its almost like people have realised that sometimes you need to bulldose through the pre-conceptions of what a list/army should be to get to the real nugget of gold inside it. Purgatus over at YTTH/BO really seems to be on that tip now. Its good to read, as if I didnt have a ton of un-made demons sat behind me, I'd be really tempted to have 'Nids as my Xenos army.

  5. @GDMNW - yeah, the faq changed how I ran them...definately shut down alot of people's interest in them, so I guess it has just taken a while for people to figure things out...