Saturday, 9 October 2010

Tyranids and Moving House

I've been moving house and have no interwebz - hence me being piss poor at regular blog posting.

I got my first 40k game in on Thrusday....has been a while!

Played 1750 with Tyranids...and what can I say? The extra 250 points to normal (UK - 1500 standard) makes a monstrous difference to the way you can construct and play Nids.

In a very positive way.

My list was;

Prime - Lash whip/BSword, ScyTals, Regen
Prime - Lash Whip/BSword, ScyTals, Regen

3 x Hive Guardx2

2 x Termagants x 10
2 x Tervigon - Catalyst, Aglands, Toxin sacs, Cluster Spines
1 x Hormagaunts x20 - Toxin Sacs

2 x Harpy - Heavy Venom Cannon (TL), Cluster Spines

Carnifex - Dual ScyTals

I attached the Primes to the Fex (as the Fex is a Brood and can be bought in multiples I see this as all good - the Rulebook states that an IC cannot join a unit that is only ever bought as a single model...not that an IC cannot join a single model unit...)and run them behind the fearless Hormies, with both Terv's supporting...Harpies and HGuard smash up transports...Harpy's really proved their versatility with large templates and using Sonic Screech to half the initiative of enemy units...combined with Hormagaunt assault was very cool...

All works really, really well and I love the impact this army has on table top domination...I controlled alot of the table top due to the sheer volume of gaunts and threat bubbles from a variety of units. 

Great game and a win for the NIds vs Fateweaver Demons...

Look for regular posting to recommence from the 21st October onwards when wireless gets set up in the new house.... plus lots of exciting hobby exploits as I set up my Man-Cave in the to follow!!

Cheers guys and I appreciate that you all still check out the site even with the slow posting over the last month...



  1. Cool beans, glad to see you're still alive.

    I'll be moving myself in a month or so, that'll be fun.

  2. I got a moral victory
    by making a fex in to a spawn

  3. Interesting heavy support, and harpys? Very strange but if it worked, waheyy. yes 1750 opens the game up to every army, and I think thats where England tourneys have gone wrong. Some armies struggle to fit what they need in 1500, whereas 1750 really gives you what you wan and gives every army a tactical edge in some way.

  4. wow... your life sounds like mine....

    new house... tick
    bat cave... tick
    crap at blogging... go ask Kirby

  5. Just on a side note, I haven't seen the artwork in that motivational poster before. It looks great, can I ask where you found it?

  6. Yup still alive Chumb...good luck with your move son - it's a real pain in the arse!

    Harpies work great Killswitch! Just got to be used in a list that supports them and they it...The Biovores are actually pretty useful...a nuisance that just sits in the back field...the other options might be some more Hormies or Gargoyles as a screen...But the Bio's are actually not bad...

    Bro-Lo; having a bat-cave is immensely good isn't it!! Not sure it makes up for piss poor blogging but hey-ho!

    Pacific - Google'd Nids and it was on second page or idea of the name of the site...oh and welcome to the've jumped on board at a relatively quiet time, but have a look at the army lists up top and browse whatever old stuff is of interest - what do you play mate?

  7. Hi Venerable.

    At the moment I'm living and working abroad, so am a bit quiet on the hobby front (really, I only get to browse other peoples blogs!), but back home I had a pre-heresy World Eaters army (the subject of my blog, and for which I use the BA codex), and the beginnings of a Nid and Ork force. Also, a fairly large VC army for WFB although sadly I haven't been able to get my hands on 8th edition yet.

    Thanks for the invite, I will make sure I have a good look through whats here :)

  8. Looking points are great, having good sound also..!!

    Texas Moving

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