Friday, 17 December 2010

Vendetta Conversion/Scratchbuild (1)

Hi all,

sorry for the absence.  the reason is simple, I've been painting the thing which can only be described as my baby.  my pride and joy.  my finest creation.  at least i think so.  it's the first of (hopefully) two Vendetta gunships for my Imperial Guard. 

i completed the build a while ago but have only just got round to painting it.  it is not quite complete.  the heavy bolters are unfinished and i have yet to add a large number of decals/freehand elements of detail.  essentially though, its finished and i wanted to show you guys.

over the next month, as i build my second aircraft, i will also be posting stage by stage instructions for how to build it.  this will hopefully include measurements for the trickier parts. 

anyway, without further ado, here are some high res pics various angles, and the interior.

this is a shot from the front/side, showing the scratch built cockpit and the two VTOL fans. 

 from the side/underside, showing the doors, heavy bolters and lascannons.

 from the front.  that's a lot of guns.

 the back and top.  i opted for a single boom tail, as i hate the split one on the kit.

 this is the interior.  there are seats for ten seated guardsmen.  the cockpit is also fully detailed and is probably my favourite part.

this shows the detachable bits.  the top fits pretty snugly, and the fans are magnetised so they can turn.  they also spin if you blow on them ;)

I hope you guys like it.  suggestions for placement of warning signs.squadron markings/etc would be appreciated.  also, please let me know if there is any part of the build you want to see in detail and i will try and do so.

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  1. That is so cool.. I even saw it before it was painted and didn't quite appreciate its awesomeness...

    I fucking love you man. It's cool (did I mention this?) are totally forgiven for stealing my thunder!!!

  2. This really is AWESOME!! Big thumbs up!

  3. Picture doesnt do it any justice at all.

    Saw this puppy last night, and looks absolutely awesome. Also the inside is really well modelled - looks spot on - nice to actually see a transport that believably will hold the numbers its meant to.

  4. That's a really nice take on the Vendetta and the concept is well executed. I'm not a guard player but I'll be looking forward to your in-progress pics on the second build.

    Great stuff.

  5. What an awesome conversion. I wish it were the official Storm Raven model.


  6. Very fancy indeed, especially the removable top. Definitely would like to see the step-by-step on this thing.

  7. Great idea, fantastic execution. If I didn't know better, I'd swear this model was mass produced (it really should be, as it would sell like hotcakes).

  8. thanks for all the great comments guys, i'm really pleased you all like it :)

    i'm just slightly nervous about how the hell i am going to finish the next one, as well as two more hydras, for the middle of february!

  9. Atreides, where do you get your magnets, the ebay vendor I got mine from were useless (sent wrong size). For got to ask on the bus on thurs :/

  10. @ Bully, i'm afraid i got them in a shop in Cambridge. i'll have a look online and see if i can find a vendor that sells the same type.

  11. Very nice, If you only had a campaign to play with it... :-)

  12. haha, if i was back in Cambridge i would happily join!! :(

  13. That's sick man. Awesome conversion!

  14. If you're still thinking about warning label markings look at military helicopters. Specifically blackhawks. It's a very similar layout to what you have.

    Great model, you tell a lot of time and creativity went into it.

  15. I was beyond impressed when I first saw it, then you took it up a notch past that with the magnetization and being able to remove the fans and top to see inside of it. Will it hold a unit of your IG Troops and still close? ;) Awesome work. Very Inspiring! I think some Orks my have to loot some of that technology very soon!