Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Simple Hydra Conversion

Just a really simple, but I think effective, Hydra conversion.

I’m planning on fielding 4 -5 of these bitches and, unlike Atreides, my conversion skills are modest. Good enough, but not crazy cool like this or this

Bearing in mind that I also need these guys built and ready by February and we see the need for simplicity.

The unit looks WYSIWYG, clearly has 4 Autocannons to represent 2 twin linked Hydracannons, has an elevated, mobile firing platform to represent the anti-aircraft bit…also with the targeting laser thing… so all good.

Literally, just plonk on the autocannons from the Aegis Defence line on the back of the Manitcore...umm...thats it...looks alright if you ask me! 

Of course....if you don't already have half a dozen Manticores lying around...well, doesn't really work does it and for the cost of Manticore (£24 from Wayland Games) and the Aegis Defence Line... you are only saving £14-15 from Forgeworld...but across 4 or 5 vehicles...that makes a huge difference.

I’m actually going to steal a page from Atreides books and I’m planning on using Forgeworld Punisher Cannons…primarily because they have a fucking huge, drum fed magazine and I think it’ll look awesome on the underside of the Manticore platform…


  1. That's a cool conversion Venerable :)

  2. I'll be stealing that idea, if you don't mind ;-)

  3. Very nice.

    So obvious, yet so subtle!

  4. cheers guys...it's so simple it's almost untrue!! I can't believe I didn't think of it alot sooner....

    Steal away Gmort

  5. not at all bad and looks much better than the crappy missiles :)

    i am going to buy the bits for two more of my hydras straight after chistmas so i'll do a very quick tutorial on how i built those. they are actually very simple, and a good place to start learning plasticard.

  6. I am picking up 3 more Manticores over Christmas period as well as the final parts to complete the IG...in Jan I'll be picking up 3 sets of Punisher Cannons...job done..

  7. looking very nice, lots of rivets too

  8. I already have some hydras actually, though the manticore idea is a good one. I plan to pick a couple up at some point, and while I was disappointed I couldn't feasibly magnetise between manticore and deathstrike, I can make up for that by perhaps magnetising between manticore and EXTRA hydras :oD

  9. And WOAH, that was freaky. My word verification to post that comment was HYDRO... I certainly did a double take I tell you :oP