Saturday, 13 November 2010

IG: Colossus Conversion ....yep, I did this...

 How cool am I? lol.

This took me a while, but I have, I feel, successfully created a Colossus/Medusa platform for use in my IG army.

Those of you that have just tuned in, the list is here.

You will now have noticed (oh you sharp eyed beasts you) that there is no Colossus or Medusa in that list... well, there is one of those in my latest incarnation of IG.

I decided that whilst I like the Manticore, that perhaps I needed something to easily remove entrenched units.

Those sneaky, dug in bastards that with cover...last too damn long.

Or those cheeky enough to stand on a hill top and get a 4+ cover save...oh and blow my lovely tanks away in the process *cough* Long Fangs *cough*

So what did I use for this lovely looking mo fo?
The Manticore kit was simply slid out (I had the foresight not to glue the platform that slides into the chimera side grooves down) and I created a new one from a cut of plasticard.

What followed was a several hour slog to create what you see before you.

I used roughly;

Sentinel legs - for the mortar to adust elevation...or appear to
Valkyrie landing bits and a regular infantry mortar - for the targeting reticle thingy bob on top of the mortar
Deathstrike missile with the top and bottom removed for the main mortar combined with a piece of brass plumbing pipe...
Leman Russ sponsons to form the rear housing

And probably some odd bits here and there....

To the left you can see the mess I created....I had several hundred random pieces of tank from Astartes to Tau lying around and the process took a good three hours....

This is what it looks like so I can take it apart and slide it out so the Manticore gets its day in the sun...

But not bad for a free extra choice in my army....

As for that list? well, I'll post it up tomorrow.... time for wine and a movie with the missus...


  1. Good work indeed, mate. I love this kind of conversion. In fact, I'm considering attempting another simple one soon...

    - D.

  2. Cheers dude, very simple indeed - but effective.

    Will have to have a browse through your converted units I think for some inspiration...although I think I'd be safe fielding this as a Colossus or a Medusa?

    Also, whilst it took me about three hours to figure out and build for the first time, with the right parts I think I could do it again in about a half hour!

  3. great stuff!! we shall make a treadhead of you yet! all that remains is for you to get some plasticard and build a removable hard top for it ;)

  4. Ha Ha! Well the bottom bit that slides in is made from that it slides in/out like the Manticore piece, or any other Chimera-based tank (Hellhound etc) for that I do have some plasticard left over.... but thats a project for another day...and TBH I don't have the points for the enclosed crew compartment in the list I want to use it with...
    Which will be posted up tomorrow I hope...even found room for Grenade Launcher Vets!! Whoot! Love me some of well as arming both my Vet squads with shotguns...the new hotness...and by new, I mean new to me... ;)

  5. interesting timing actually. i shall be building two enclosed medusas if i win a certain ebay auction this week (i dislike the new chimera tracks, so i am stuck buying old ones off ebay). while i have 4 spare earthshaker cannons i am not sure how to build the guns to be honest.

    i'd like to know how the colossus fares, since i have never used or faced one (only unit in the dex i can say that about)

  6. What size brass pipe did you use?