Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Brighton Warlords: Game3 – Nob Bikerz and Vendetta’s…

 Have a look here for Game 1 and here for Game 2.

So I wanted to finish these reports off…not my more popular posts the ole’BatReps, but the story needs telling..

Game 3: Capture & Control, Spearhead. Vs Imperial Guard and um…Nob Bikerz!

Yup, you read it right. The list was:
Warboss - bike, tricks                      
Nob Bikerz : 8, Pain boy, maxed out tricks and wound allocation                      
3 x Nob Bikes : Pain Boy, wound allocation tricks           
3 x Vendettas – squadron, Heavy Blters
Vulture - Heavy Blters
Vet squad - 3x Meltagun                 

Looked incredible on the tabletop…brilliant looking fliers, the Bikerz all looked immense, great basing.

Our list can be found here.

We set up like so:

The guys kept the big Bikerz unit in reserve. Biker Junior hid behind a ruin, the Vulture stayed in reserve too but the squadron of Vendetta’s were on board and scouted to the bottom left of the board. From this point they couldget side shots on most of our vehicles.

Several errors here. Keeping the Bikerz in reserve meant that we did not need to worry about them until we had dealt with the skimmers.

If the Bikerz were on the table at the same time as the skimmers, we would have been forced to focus on one whilst neglecting the other… or worse, split our attention between the bike and planes.

Next error was in squadron’ing the Vendetta’s. Now, the guys didn’t have a choice if they wanted to include that many planes due to the list construction rules of the Doubles tournament. But they did have the choice not to bring that list…

It went down like this.

They went first, poor shooting. We replied, poor shooting. Neither of our sets of dice could roll this turn.

Turn 2, the Vulture comes on opposite our firebase, taking advantage of the spearhead deployment rules, coming on their long table edge. No Nob Bikerz though.

The Vendetta’s destroy a chimera. The Hydra exchanges fire with our Rifleman Dread but only immobilises it. The Vultures’s Punisher Cannons, despite twin linking, 20 S5 shots…well, it doesn’t hurt Av12… and at 24” range, has serious target choice problems…

Our Turn 2, we destroy the Vulture and all but one Vendetta, who is immobilised and loses all but 1 lascannon, that has incredibly limited field of fire through a window in a ruin…

Turn 3, the Nob Bikerz & warboss came in but turbo boosted across to the home objective, realising that the only other scoring unit, inside a Vendetta would never survive or make it to either objective. This put the Bikerz from an offensive to a defensive role.

The smaller nob Biker group were removed during turns 2 & 3.

The rest of the game revolved around us moving up to their objective, trying not to let the remnants of the biker group killing us as they are still dangerous…and gunning down a biker or two per turn.

We finished the game on turn 6, with the Bikerz all dead and the table empty of our enemy.

From a reflective point of view, if it had finished at 5, we’d have drawn as there were still a couple of Bikerz left near their objective…it would have been a travesty. The guys were top sports, but this was a comfortable win for us and to draw it would have pissed us off!!

Top table end of first day. We were camped in baby, no one was moving us!

Day 2, we were kicking off the day with Alex Harrison (Killswitch of the Space Wolves blog)and his Blood Angels/IG combo…


  1. i should just stress that that Nob Biker unit took 3 entire turns to remove, during which almost everything shot at them. i estimate they took around 3000 points worth of shooting before dying.

    if they had charged our own objective, that would have been game over. we'd have got a draw at best.

  2. The Guard player here i sone of my mates that i was there with...he's obsessed with high strength fire, sacrificing survivability for it.

    We drew these guys on game 750 managed to kill everything guard, but my teamamte managed to get his entire force wiped out by turn 2...DoW was not good for us on Nobbikers...

  3. @ DrLove42...sacrificed too much survivability in this game...DoW lets those Bikerz get too damned close to kill, then they hit you.... thats a hard draw on deployment mate..