Tuesday, 7 December 2010

MechDar List request from Bringer of Death

Quick list for Steve - 'Bringer of Death'...except he kind of isn't...more a 'Tickler in the Tank' ...He's asked for a MechDar list that is aggressive...but can still use tricks to win.

His usual Harlequin themed army doesn't cut the mustard vs IG, BA or Wolves and he likes to win every now and then...not just against noobs.

So let's work on that:

Autarch - Fusion Gun 80

Autarch - Fusion Gun 80

Fire Dragons - Wave Serpent - TLShuricannons, Chincannon 190

Fire Dragons - Wave Serpent - TLShuricannons, Chincannon 190

Fire Dragons - Wave Serpent - TLShuricannons, Chincannon 190

Dire Avengers - x5, Wave Serpent – TL EML 180

Dire Avengers - x5, Wave Serpent – TL EML 180

Dire Avengers - x5, Wave Serpent – TL EML 180

Fire Prism 115

Fire Prism 115

The Autarch allow for Reserve shenanigans if required.

Only use this is you are facing an army with vastly superior firepower that can apply it at greater range than you.

If going first vs Mech armies, use capstoning to protect your Dragon Serpents.

If going first vs Mech transport heavy armies, stay on your back line with Dragon Serpents up front and pepper EML (Krak) and Cannon fire into transports.

Shoot these first, leaving Prism til last. Always.

This allows the Prism to fire at any undamaged transports or suppress tanks if they are left firing.

If all transports are open, try and remove some troops.
If you cripple or suppress all S7+ long range firepower each turn, which you can do up to 8 targets, you are game on.
Use 24" flat out to contest late game if required.

Remember, the game can end on T5...just look at Fritz over at Fritz40k....brother made his name from it.
Remember, you have pinning weapons from the EML if you need to pin units.
Vs Hordes, you have 2 large blast templates...plus with other units, focus fire on a unit at time until it breaks or dies.

Don't spread your fire, remove one threat at a time.
Don't deploy in the middle of the board. Refuse flank is your friend....if outnumbered with S7+ weapons at range, use the board to put them out of range.
Don't be too scared of S10...its only S8 to you...still 50% to glance...Not 88%! lol.
Fire Dragons do die, are sacrificial lambs...but they carry a fuck load of melta. You CAN keep them alive by removing all threats that may return fire on the Dragons. Use the Serpents to shield them.
Autarch in aggressive mode, pop with Fire Dragons if there is a 'parking lot' of tanks with out contents...ie BA with Preds, RifleDreads in the back field, where he can split off and go hunt a target that is not likely to kill him back...

If there are multiple spread out threats that require melta attention, I'd still do the same, trying to split off from the Serpents, rather than commit the Troops and their transport to deliver a single melta shot, or even group both Autarchs and have just 4 aggressive melta units... hmm...like that.

For further advice read the MechDar battle reports and tactics linked:

3++ Here, here, here and

Warseer (I know, but read it anyway) here from Thud

Give it a go. It's not the best, but at 1500 I think it's strong.

Would love to fit in DBF and an Exarch for each FD squad to provide duality and extra flamey goodness.
Would love to include storm guardians with warlock and destructor in BL Serpent...but can't find the points
Would love to fit in a 3rd Prism too but hey ho...


  1. Cool list. Whens the rest of those bat reps from bton warlords gonna be turning up ;)!

  2. tis a good list. very fragile though, but i guess thats what you get with Eldar.

  3. @ Killswitch....they are coming! Today I think in one big post, but with vassal pics as I took no photos!

    @Atreides - it is good, he's used it twice now, against Cooper running my Loganwing and against me an my 'secret' guard army.
    Did really well vs Cooper I am told, but lost to me 8-3 on Killpoints... even with 2 shooting phases denied to me from Dual Autarch gayness.

    It is fragile, but it can certainly move, deliver and fire well enough. Steve just needs more time to practice and he'll be flying...