Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Brighton Warlords Doubles: Game 2 – Plaguefather’s Offspring

Mobility for Chaos turns downhill...
Its game 2 and we are planted solidly on the top table after the tabling we handed our previous opponent.
We figure whomever we are playing has handed similar beatings out in game 1.
It turns out to be a Chaos Space Marine and Demon army.
It’s all Nurgle.
Its going to be tough and slow we think… but we had noticed one thing about this army as we walked around the place pre-game….the only long range firepower they had was 2 squadron’d Blight Drones and a squad of 5 Havocs with Missile Launchers….

See where I’m going with this?

Mission was pitched battle with seize ground and 5 objectives. 

These we spaced around the middle of the table…in a fairly classic sort of midfield clusterfuck, but we tried to space them out along the length of the table as the boys simply did not have the mobility nor the fire power to suppress or counteract our push across the long table.

What were we facing then?  
Demon Prince, Iron hide, wings, breath                    
12 Plague Bearers                  
Nurgle Beast - Kevin (he was here because the guys had to take one of each slot – fast,elite, heavy before they could move on and buy another choice from each slot…standard doubles set up)              
2 x 10 Plague Marines, plasma, flamer, Powerfist (1xcombi flamer)                        
2 x Rhinos                                          
2 x Blight Drones                     
6 x Havocs with 5 missile launchers

The number of plague bearers may be wrong, there were a lot of them but I can’t remember exactly how many…

How did it all go down?
Um…not well for the boys, Rupert and Tom, who were fantastic fella’s to play against by the way…took it all very well!
They went first and did not get their preferred drop on the demon front…they wanted the blight drones and Demon Prince, but ended up with Epidemius and his plague bearer retinue.
So the only long range fire they had was the Havocs. They stunned a vehicle (not sure which) and that was that. The rhino’s moved up and popped smoke.

Our first turn, we immobilised one rhino and destroyed the other. The Havocs were reduced to a pair of Missiles.

Turn 2, their prince came in but no blight drones. The prince then promptly misshaped and died from a terrible accident roll…he dropped to kill the Long Fangs, but scattered 9” in between the dread and a chimera. Not cool.
The missile fire was ineffective – the reduction in numbers was plenty to keep us happy.

Our turn 2, we removed most of the plague marines hiding in ruins near one of the objectives and a lot of the PM’s hiding in the shadow of their rhino in their deployment zone, these guys were near enough to an objective to not push upfield, but then so were Epidemius and his plaguebearers.

A problem as the PM’s were far more suited to pushing up into the midfield and aggressively taking ground from us, but due to the mobility issue, were not in a position to do so.

Turn 3, the drones came in and took some pot shots at a chimera filled with guard…they immobilised it I think.
Our 3…we removed the PM’s in the midfield ruins/objective and the blight drones, then started shooting and pushing into midfield with the Wolves.

Turn 4, nothing happened to us really, so we removed the remaining PM’s at the back of the board and killed a few more plaguebearers…their superior FNP was NOT helping!

Turn 5, nothing of note happened in the Chaos turn, we then charged and killed Epidemius (who by now has a pair of wounds removed) with the Rune Priest…whose Runic Weapon proved very effective!

And that was that. We lost barely 180ish points from our force and had gained 1492vp’s and 30points for a win in the mission.

Why was it so straight forward?
As I said at the start of the post - nowhere near enough long range firepower to remove or even drastically reduce the output from our MSU style army. Whilst none of our units are tiny, they are cheap. As a result, closing down 2 -3 is not enough to vastly reduce the effectiveness.
In addition, for an army that relied upon being very tough with FnP… wounding everything on 3’s or 4’s rather than 5’s or 6’s made a huge difference. Putting the wounds on the critters from a distance made Rupert and Tom roll dice and make things happen when you are forced to roll lots of dice…

So we stay on the top table and prepare to receive the Imperial Guard Air Cav and Ork Nob Bikerz combo army…

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