Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Brighton Warlords: Game4 – Killswitch & Mephiston…

Day 2 kicks off with us on top table still and our next contender coming up to try and knock us off the top of the mountain…you know, they say the only way to go from the top is down…but who listens to what ‘they’ say right?

We are facing Alex Harrison off of the Space Wolves blog. He won last year at the Warlords Doubles so we knew this would be a tough fight. 

Have a look here forthe first 3 games...

Killswitch and ‘Invisible Friend’ took:

CCS - 4 x Meltagun (in Vendetta 1)
Sanguinary Priest       
Vendetta 1
Vendetta 2     
2x Hydra with Hull HB's
2x Hydra with Hull HB's
5 x ASM, jump packs.
10 x Vets, Meltagun  (on foot)
8 x Ass Termies - 6 x TH&SS

Mission was Capture & Control and Pitched Battle…

Our list can be found here.

No pictures, but this is how deployment went. Mephiston was hiding behind the same cover as the Hydras, central enough to pounce out wherever he was needed.

Why the hell did we not deploy anywhere near our objective? Well, believe it or not, we are not complete dumbasses.

The idea was to lure his heavy hitters to deploy opposite and to remove them from the game. We would push up the right flank and take his objective, whilst removing his minimal troops.

Not having to engage some 350 odd points worth of FNP Terminators was a massive benefit here…and the gamble paid off.

Alex deployed his termies across from our objective and this kept them out of the game in an offensive capacity.

It’s been too long to remember everything and this being our first tournament, we were thoroughly focussed on victory over blog content…so here’s how it played out…pictorially with some written detail.

Over the early turns we focussed all our considerable firepower on removing the Vendetta’s and Hydra’s. we did this leaving just one Hydra in cover remaining by T3.

Our firebase stayed reasonably static during this time, just shifting to get better angles or lines of sight. During this time the Terminators and ASM (who were in reserve) swept up in cover and blocking line of sight terrain on the left…as we ignored them completely.
Mephiston hid behind LOS blocking impassable terrain as well, waiting to leap out and pounce.

Our wolf scouts came on and killed all bar a couple of Killswitch’s Vets on his home objective. They then died to Hydra fire.
Turn 3 and 4 is where the game was pretty much decided, by us anyway. We made a critical error and gave the win away. I’m not sure if Killswitch will see it this way, but we certainly do.

Look at the picture. There is a single vet, a single hydra and mephiston cover his own objective, we have 2 mobile troop units and 2 troop units that would need to slog on foot.

We waited until Turn 4 to make a push and this cost us. If all our troop units had made a surge for his objective in Turn 3, we would have made it.

What stopped us? Mephiston.

As you can see, he is hiding out and ready to strike. We knew he’d kill a unit per turn if we let him strike, so we waited for him to pop out and do that, when he would promptly die to melta fire (we had something like 8 different melta units waiting)…but Alex was waiting for us to make a push, then try and single handedly stop us.

So we had an impasse that cost us…

The little blue dot is a single command squad melta gun that deserves a mention. This guy would not die….he eventually chased after and killed the Land Speeder (yellow circle nearby) before dying. Epic little dude…

The game finished like this…

In Turn 7,
we killed off the 2 ASM dudes that were left on his objective after a lot more firepower than should have been required…these guys shrugged off Missile Launchers, Autocannons by the tonne and MM fire…finally they fell and the game ended.

So we have a technical draw. But on Victory points we scored something like 1200 to his 600 so we stay firmly on top table for game 5…

Another pretender to the throne knocked down from the mountain…


  1. actually mate, we had turn 7 as well. if you remember, turn 6 was a write-off. we missed with literally everything and then killed the last two marines on turn 7.

    i agree that we made a mistake in waiting till turn 4. if we had gone earlier we would still have lured mephy out and killed him, and had a chance at the objective.

    but hey, we got the best result of anyone vs Alex, so i guess we cant complain.

  2. ah shit...i'll correct that now....

  3. I agree, that was a big slip up on your part. I also would go far as saying, however, that to push you would of had to commit the rhino squad aswell (which you did) which would of meant your firepower towards my assault marines would have dramatically decreased. Also since Mephiston died due to being quite close to your gunline (after smashing your advance) he may not of died if you pushed earlier as not as many meltas would have been in range. A lot of endless possibilites. Great game and looking forwards to the next one :) I also made the mistake of not thinking of blocking my assault marines with the termies, but we live and we learn :)

  4. Always endless possible whst if's with this game!! The rhino was only shooting you with Living Lightning which, as you know, is unlimited range and with the generous nature of TLOS...they would have still been contributing...but it was a good game and enjoyed it thoroughly...

    Look forward to the next tournament...whats next for you? Caledonian Uprising?

  5. That this side of Christmas? Good luck dude...

  6. My partner had to leave on the 2nd day as he was busy, so by invisible, i took two generals on by myself ;) lol!

  7. Bitch, you can't claim that as a disadvantage to you!! You didn't have to deal with an contradictory tactical decisions nor waste valuable thinking time communicating with partner!!

    Not that I'm suggesting Team SoS had any issues!! Quite the contrary...

  8. Mwahaha. Nah jks ;)! U guys got any others booked? Caledonian keeps getting drop outs, u shud keep ur eyes peeled!