Wednesday, 27 October 2010

New Project....Not Dark Eldar!! List ideas...

So way back in fact...I began an IG project. You remember this guy?

Well he was the start and it got as far as just one squad of Krieg after I sent a load back - couldn't afford it.
Got a couple of Vendetta's and then sold them...just about breaking even so it was all good.

But now I am sick of marines and whilst I will jump on the band wagon to an extent (I already have a DE army so will play that a few times with new codex, but no purchases..e.xcept maybe some gorgeous Hellions), I am not doing so whole heartedly.

I want to run an IG army.
A good one.
As you can see here, I have a list that I think I'd play....

I picked up the CCS,PCS, 2x Chimera, 2x Heavy Weapons teams and have 1 squad of Inf to start me off...

I have revised that list and think I'd like to build to this:

CCS 6 w. 3x Plasmagun, Officer of Fleet, Chimera - ML, HF
PCS x5 w.4xFlamers, Chimera - ML,HF
Inf Squad x10 Autocannon
Inf Squad x10 Autocannon
Heavy Weapons Team - 3x Autocannon
Heavy Weapons Team - 3x Autocannon
Vet Squad x10 -Demo: 3x Meltagun,Melta bombs,Demo Charge,Chimera:ML,HF
Vet Squad x10 -Demo: 3x Meltagun,Melta bombs,Demo Charge,Chimera:ML,HF

Vendetta Gunship 1, 3x TLLC
Vendetta Gunship 2 3x TLLC

OB: Medusa 1xMedusa Siege Cannon, ECC
OB: Medusa 1xMedusa Siege Cannon, ECC

Hydra Flak Tank x2 w.2x TL Hydra Autocannon


Few we think it'd be better to run the Hydra's as seperate FOC choice, splitting their firepower across two units and combining the Medusae or keep that as it is?

The demo vets have the option to do the alpha strike thing.... but also the option not to.

The foot inf squads are for bubblewrap around the firebase (Hydras, Medusae) but can also mount up if Demo vets do the alpha....good flexibility depending on opponent I think.

I'd like to get a medic for the CCS - FnP love is great...although I could save points and drop to Melta's. The reason I haven't is MC hunting with both range and then the double tap, plus the 24" range (30" with a move) will work well versus Dark Eldar, I feel they'll be too fast for Melta...

Share the love IG boys!! Advise me...before the new kid on the block eats my soul...


  1. No PBS is a problem, without them your medusa's are pointless. Point of the medusa is to slam a marine squad, kill a few them PBS them to run away. With so much cover, the medusas wont do much, but work well with the -LD power. Autocannon teams are easy KP's so Id throw them out for the PBS

  2. With the prevalence of highly effective anti-psychic units in the game effective are the PBS? I did start with one then took it out.

    The Medusa is a cheap, effective bombard bitch...Could easily enough change them for two LR Demolishers...but Medusa has the range at 36"...I have 2 S10 AP2 large blasts... even with BS3 I feel they can work as anti inf as well as anti tank...33.3% of the time it works every time!! lol.

    Cover only saves the day half the time, a good shot will vastly reduce MEQ units, going to ground will help, but then removes that squads ability to function for a turn...all good things really...

    Plus they serve as a major simply cannot ignore 2 S10 large blasts...think about the common reaction to Vindicators in a SM army...often it serves more purpose drawing fire than actually on damage output...

    So not sure 'useless' is the correct word old boy...

    Have you much experience of getting Weaken Resolve off in the more competitive lists? Because I know I close them down big time with Space Wolves...?

  3. TBH Venerable I don't think you need the flak tanks as you've got plenty of autocannons with range already. Throw in the lascannons from the Vendetta too.

    I would consider a Colossus for busting infantry at a distance - expensive but hordes you will deal with as you've got 57 T3 infantry.

    Btw I've literaly just wrote this, might be of interest to you:

  4. Nice...if a tad too competitive for my own liking!

    I'd certainly keep the medusae separate, and to partially echo Mercer you could lose a hydra: remember that they're far less effective when they've had to move. That said, do bear in mind just how very, very vulnerable heavy weapons squads are to multiple str 6 shots or templates. You could lose one and get a well-equiped infantry squad instead...or lose one AND a hydra too and get yourself a Leman Russ: go old skool!

    Medics are a very expensive points sink; especially given how many things negate FNP.

  5. this is actually my list dude...

    seriously, the only difference is that i take a few more chimeras instead of the heavy weapon teams, and occasionally take demolishers instead of medusas.

    actually, you may want to consider that, because Medusas are very, very easy to kill and are a high priority target. Demolishers are much harder to deal with and pack the same punch.

    good job on not putting the vets in the vendettas as standard (of course you can opt to). vendettas are generally useful when they are at extreme range, not when they are in the enemies face.

  6. @Mercer - I'll have a read, brilliant timing! The Hydra is Tl'd though...whereas all the others are BS3... despite volume of Autocannon fire, I still have to contend with 50% of shots missing. But I will most certainly bear that in mind when playtesting rolls around.

    @Admiral Drax...too competitive, no! I am not averse to removing a HWTeam and getting something better...My thoughts on their vulnerability is to play on their strength of range. The majority of the large, S6+ blasts are limited in range, whereas the HWTeam can hang on the board edge...But I will remember it for a 'I told you so' moment...

    @Atr127 - same punch demolisher requires much closer range though no? Closing with the enemy means Melta, which means dead?
    Hanging back with chimera in choo-choo and side means hull down front/side armour...just a point in terms of survivability.

    I thought it would be better to be flexible...what if I don't want to be 'alpha striking'? I don't want a unit wasted...thanks for the kudos...

    Would demolishers reduce my financial costs here?...£40 FW Medusa vs internet bought Demolisher...£24....

    Demolishers it is!! Although is it acceptable in IG circles to run a Basilisk as a Medusa??

  7. the thing that i have found about Demolishers is that they are actually rarely out of range if positioned correctly at the start, and that there is nothing other than melta which can kill them with any reliability. medusas, while almost never out of range, die at the drop of a hat.

    additionally, the medusa forces you into one tactic (castling) nine times out of ten, and predicability is never a good thing.

    IG tanks were never meant to stand still (which is why you should never give them sponsons), they are meant to get in the enemies face and force him to make choices that you want him to make: i.e. expend valuable resources, preferebly more than one unit, taking out something that is at the end of the day, not scoring and therefore irrelevent, leaving him out of position and prey to the rest of your guns. even veteran players do this, because noone can afford to ignore a demolisher.

    in kill point missions you have enough long range firepower to use the demolishers as a base for your castle. stick them in the middle and watch the enemy decide whether to come closer or stay the hell away from those blasts.

    hmm, as for basilisks and proxying. its ok for testing, but i dont think its really acceptable in the long term. closed top medusas will be expensive, unless you scratch build them, converting from Basilisks (my next project).

  8. True, the others aren't twin-linked. My point is you've got autocannons so why buy more, if twin-linked or not.

  9. in my experience there is very rarely such a thing as having too many autocannons ;)

  10. @Mercer - the only thing about a Colossus that worries me is the minimum range, 24" is quite a distance to NOT be shooting in...Especially with the close ranged nature of alot of effective builds.

    How do others feel about the C'loss?

    @Andy - quick little tweak to the list coming in post today...see what you think to the revisions..

  11. That army s more than 1500pts!!

    CCS 6 w. 3x Plasmagun, Officer of Fleet, Chimera - ML, HF - 180pts

    PCS x5 w.4xFlamers, Chimera - ML,HF - 105pts

    Inf Squad x10 Autocannon - 60pts
    Inf Squad x10 Autocannon - 60pts

    Heavy Weapons Team - 3x Autocannon - 65pts
    Heavy Weapons Team - 3x Autocannon - 65pts

    Vet Squad x10 -Demo: 3x Meltagun,Melta bombs,Demo Charge,Chimera:ML,HF - 185pts

    Vet Squad x10 -Demo: 3x Meltagun,Melta bombs,Demo Charge,Chimera:ML,HF - 185pts

    Vendetta Gunship 1, 3x TLLC - 130pts
    Vendetta Gunship 2 3x TLLC - 130pts

    OB: Medusa 1xMedusa Siege Cannon, ECC - 150pts
    OB: Medusa 1xMedusa Siege Cannon, ECC - 150pts

    Hydra Flak Tank x2 w.2x TL Hydra Autocannon - 150pts

    Total: 1615pts

    Good list apart from that D:!
    I still stand by the fact that PBS squads are awsome. Fearless & ATSKNF makes no difference. For 60pts you can cause enemy units to flee which helps soo much, and if not they can still throw out a large blast!!

  12. @ Killswitch: what do you mean by "Fearless & ATSKNF makes no difference" please?

  13. What I mean is they still have their uses even against such armies. They can still throw out large blasts. Daemon armies dropping down daemonettes for example. A str 6 pie plate to throwdown is always nice for 70pts is it not? Then the squad gets even better against termies, thunder cav, large marine squads, Nob bikers etc etc. Kill a few them atch them run away. ATSKNF starts in their turn, so they still fall back, perhaps pushing them off an objective, or allowing you a further turn or two to shoot them. Amazing for the cost.