Monday, 25 October 2010

Super Secret Doubles Tourney List 1500

As promised the 'secret' Doubles list is up with my other army pages here.

Couple of playtest games have gone well enough. If we can get a couple of dozen in before the tournament that'll be great.

I'm toying with the idea of using my BA as 'counts as' SW purely because they look nicer on the tabletop and it means I don't have to buy more stuff.... moving house is expensive.

What are peoples thoughts on both 'off colour' counts as and, of course, the list itself?
All comments appreciated...

Oh, and the Victoria's Secret pic just came up on the first page of Google search whilst I was finding a witty image to use....I ended up going for the TnA though....its a good excuse! Wait...I haven't offered an excuse...ah well. 

Got your attention though didn't it!



  1. yeah, um. i'm kinda going to be in London now for the forseeable future. this may be an issue. i can certainly come back for a game or two on occasion but its going to be interesting.

    as for using the Angels as Wolves, what is it you would need to buy?

  2. Victoria's Secret models that game? Brilliant!

  3. ATR127 - mste thats a shocker! No practice games!! OK, so we just rock up and smash's all gravy baby..Some work came in then? That's good news...silver lining etc.

    Need to buy speeders and paint them for Wolves, all my Speeders are BA red... :( development! Marketing strategy is now to reposition to 'mainstream' audience... ;)

  4. yeah sorry about that. got no actual work yet but lots of volunteering :P

    if i'm going to be back in Cambridge at all (and i probably will) i'll let you know so we can organise a game or two.

    to be honest, its a pretty straightforward list to play. i know nothing beats practice but this one basically consists of shoot the hell out of everything :)