Sunday, 25 April 2010

My first Death Korps IG Army...

So check this post for how it all happened.

But here I am.

The start of yet another project. Bugger.

As we speak, the only army I do not have at least 1500 points for is Chaos (CSM and Demons), Sisters and Orks (only about 750points worth)

My attempt at an army for IG then:

CCS - Chimera (HF), Master of Ordnance whatever, Missile Launcher

PBS (full)- Chimera (HF)

Vet Squad - Chimera (HF), Demolitions

PCS - Chimera (HF), 4x Flamers
Infantry - Autocannon, Grenade Launcher
Infantry - Autocannon, Grenade Launcher
SWS - 3 x Meltagun (Rides in Vendetta)
SWS - 3 x Meltagun (Rides in Valkyrie)

Vendetta - 3 xTLLC
Valkyrie - MRP, ML

Medusa - Really big gun, Enclosed Crew Compartment
Medusa - Really big gun, Enclosed Crew Compartment

2 x Hydra Flak Tank - 2xTL Hydra Autocannons

Bang on 1500.

So, not really sure. This is based on my interweb blog reading, my take on the codex from its first read and what I've seen in action locally.

My read comes first, then the internet, then local IG lists. shit on Forgeworld.

The foot soldiers sit back around the Medusa's and Hydras and try and provide a little bit of bubblewrap.

The chimeras take the mid field.

The gunships drop off their cargo turn one and the SWS kill or cripple 2 key targets. Birds kill a third armoured and lay down a couple of templates for any goons in cover.

The PCS, Master of Blastiness and Medusas lay down the curtain of fire.
Granted, its only a little curtain.
The kind that keeps out some light, but isn't really that black out blind you love so much. The one that gives great lie-in potential.

This will not see the game table for quite some time. Mech BA are still my principal focus, this will be built up over time using Fritz's theory here.

And of course, following the painting guide for DKoK from the excellent First Rank, Second Rank found here. Many thanks to Col.Festus

What are the thoughts of the community? Crap? Tweaks?

Shout it out guys!



  1. SWS kinda suck. BS3 is a real killer. Vets work much better in Vendettas. I'd also just go for dual Vendettas for the range and punch.

    MoO is useless if that Chimera keeps moving.

    I like the idea of using bubble wrap to protect stationary guns. I'd look into a Commissar to give you more reliability there. I'd also take 2-3 Chimeras in addition to the Vendies. 2 Vet squads with meltas and demolitions, flamer PCS and a plasma CCS for kicks. Leave the Vendies empty normally so they can pick up weak units or just draw fire. When you can go first, load up the Vets and alpha strike with an ass load of melta bombs. You can stick infantry in Chimeras too if you want a little more protection.

  2. Chumb - Good shout on the MoO, but he'd be sat back in reality and using that Missile Launcher too...although would I suffer from targeting issues there? Am I likely to be targeting a high strength pie plate at the same target as a missile launcher?
    Can I scrap the missile launcher?
    But then the CCS does nothing bar boast a MoO...

    Commissar is quite expensive at 1500 just to babysit the bubblewrap, although I do very clearly understand his use..

    I have a few chimeras (4) plus the 2 gunships, plus 4 actual tanks to sit back...Do I need to get more Chimeras in?

    I think I need to change up the role of the CCS to Plasma as you said, squeeze in a medic for that too...

    I'll have a play with the numbers...its very tight at 1500 to get a pimped list. I generally try and get everthing as lean and mean as poss... nowhere near there yet with these guys...