Friday, 29 October 2010

IG Round 2.....Leman Russes?


So after a few comments here on the blog and a few on forums (god, I know, but I still like a swift response sometimes and forums can give that....inaccurately alot of the time, hence the blog but hey ho) and getting a couple of playtest games in I am going to cave to pressure and lose the Medusa's!

I love Medusa' me, they are cool. But they are expensive (£) and I can do a similar job cheaper.

If you check out my revised Imperial Guard list here, you will see the change to a pair of LRBT's. The page even has a little 'how to' guide (note: this will develop as I learn how

Why not Demolishers I here you cry (well, Atr127 anyway)?


The LRD is 15 points more than the LRBT and across the pair...I cannot happily find 30 points.

It could be done, boom! with the removal of Officer of the Fleet, but the messing up of people's precious reserves is too sweet. Too many armies have DS'ing or outflanking forces and screwing with that just gives me immense pleasure... Plus, its bloody useful.

So thoughts on the new list? Can YOU find 30 points happily enough to get the Demolishers? Would you stick with the Medusa's....

Let me know, meanwhile I'll be putting together the first 430-ish points of Guard I have bought...updates, hopefully sprayed too in German Gray (Flames of War spray can...genius) will be up later....


  1. i'm going to be a pain in the ass again here and say that i really dont like using the officer of the fleet. here are my reasons, most of which i have no doubt you have heard before, but whatever :)

    1) its 30 points for one guy who is only useful aproximately 50% of the time
    2) i want my opponants crap on the table asap so i can destroy it.
    3) i dont want his stuff coming on on turn 4 or 5, straight onto an objective, being at full strength, and winning the game as a result.

    i admit that when it comes to annoying crap like wolf scouts, the guy is worth his weight in gold, but those situations are relatively rare.

    i'd rather use those 30 points elsewhere (like upgrading LR's to demolishers :)

    just one question, what is the first infatry squad going to be doing with just a GL?

    overall its not bad list at all (i would say that, as its similar to mine), but i think you need to playtest before you decide for good.

  2. 1) True. But oh, when it works...
    2) I want it piecemeal so I can smush it into the dirt easily
    3)If I have dealt with everything as it comes in I can focus fire and remove. I should have been advancing with my troop units as well to claim. Bearing in mind the fast skimmers available too...but I mainly see the point here ;)

    I do get that I can afford the LRD's...but I'm not sure the upgrade is worth the loss of reserves manipulation?

    Fist inf squad has an Autocannon too...GL was just cos I had 5 points spare!! Maybe a typo!

    Thanks for pointing that out!

    I am proxying as much as I can, but its slow going...there are certain things that are coming in no matter more chimeras, vendettas, I can pick those up and leave the tricky decisions til much later....

  3. extra 5 points? give a flamer to the command squad, cant remember how many times that one flamer has made all the difference to me.

    its actually interesting, because when i get my second Vendetta finished i will be including it in my list, but i have no idea what to get rid of. it will probably end up looking almost identicle to yours :P

  4. Haha...well, great minds think alike and all that!

    The flamer for the command squad is a great idea... cheers

    I could drop the 30 point Fleet Officer...I'll try it out...but when I regularly play Hive Commander Nids, Demons, Dual Autarch Eldar and Drop BA it seems silly...I know I will be playing these any other random armies I face...DE too if they hold vehicles in reserve to drop in and pop transports with Duke Sliscus...