Sunday, 24 October 2010

Back online! Whoot!

Ok. Wireless BB setup. I can contribute to the community once more!
 Several updates:

This is the most important IMO. I have an awesome den set up in my garage, 2 full size tables, with option for Malifaux table and 40k table going at once…heating, lighting, flooring (to an extent; its made up of old wooden flooring, carpet cut off’s with a wonderful cardboard underlay!) ….its fully secured and waterproof and stores all my geek paraphernalia…sweet.

With the change to the Cambridge GW store only have 2 4’x4’ gaming tables going on Veterans night this is a much needed facility.

Brighton Warlords Doubles:
So as long time readers will know Atr127 and I are booked in for what will be my first tournament in November.
We have our list (which will be up with my other armies under the heading ‘Super-Secret-Doubles 1500 later today)  and we have gotten a couple of playtest games in. First was against a mech BA list avec ‘LRR Surprise’…which the Doubles list controlled and won with relative ease. 
Second was against my SW list (above, here) which did not go so well and was a SW victory. In fairness, I have extensive experience of my list and Atr127 (who controlled our list) doesn’t. Additionally, we are not likely to see my list at the doubles…although I read a post on the SpaceWolvesGrey blog that featured a list with several similarities – most notably the use of single TWC with Claws and Land Speeders in FA slots and the use of Melta Scouts w attached Melta WG….so the popularity of these units is certainly spreading….
I truly believe the Doubles list has the tools to destroy such a list as my Wolves, but require a bit more playtesting.

Next playtest will get a full write up…

Dark Eldar:
I have looked through the codex quite extensively and already have a collection, part of which can be found in one of my early blog posts, here, BUT I will not be commenting until I have the ‘Dex in my hands and have had a chance to build and playtest.
I do love the speed and firepower of DE, always have, but they have never had the model range to back it up… Now they do…I don’t have the finance to fully replace all my collection.
I will (of course) be taking them off the shelf and playing them…but with what I have…
At this point, if I had the finanace? I would be building an army of Hellions!!
Green or Hob-Goblin conversions and all!!
That would, for me, make up for never completing my Saim Hann elder…I think it’d look immense of the tabletop and not that expensive!
£12 a box from Wayland Games and you get 5… back up with Raiders, Ravagers and Reavers….sweet.

I have a list I really like for 1750, here. But I am not sure it works at 1500. Lose the Biovores and Hormagaunts…and I’m there…
Unfortunately, I was poised to grab the missing models of a mate whose selling, but I could not afford it in the end…washing machine took priority…how boring!

Anyway, thats enough for now..don't want it too long...just wanted to say hello and look forward to some in depth thoughts, photos and BatReps over the next few weeks...I'm back baby whoo!


  1. Thanks man! Good to be international again! Looking forward to your DE armada if it gets up and running!