Monday, 12 July 2010

Tika, Taka...40k style

OK. So this post has bugger all to do with Spanish football.
No pass and move for me.
But its topical so meh.

Pass and Move relates more to my inability to settle on a GT army. I am really miffed with the new points scoring for 'official' GT's and unsure how to get ahead of the pack to ensure a decent score.
(If you are unfamiliar, check it out here)

But there are also other, contextual factors to think on, namely:
- Time
- Money
- Effort

So the current contenders are:
1) Mech Hybrid Tau
2) Mech Blood Angels
3) Space Wolves

Of these 3, how do things shape up?

1) Need one more set of Kroot as I only have one. Not a problem. Need to repair all my suits as they are the only army to take a pounding in my storage system. They are fooked. Money. Need to repair the Broadsides too. Damn feet.
2) 100% complete
3) Thunderwolves. Some great ones just ready for shipping over at Paulson Games, or could, for the same price pick up these resin Rhinox at Forgeworld. Again, money is a massive, what the chuff would I do with all those Ogre Bulls? I'd need at least 5-13 of each, depending on build...

1) All skimmers, suits and piranha's are painted, just kroot and firewarriors to finish.
2) All tanks are painted and and 5 are weathered, just 5 to go... All marines are built and undercoated, just need drybrush magic.
3) Hmmm... Depending on build, I have 50 GH/BC's somewhere between fully painted and basecoated with a wash shade. Its all those Thunderwolves again....

1) Needs alot of repair, and most probably new broadsides. These would then all need repainting. One Kroot squad needs complete painting, one squad needs purchasing, building, painting.
2) Needs 5 tanks weathering and a rifleman dread painting, plus drybrush for 10 marines that are not done, or the removal of 10 jump packs that the marines are fully painted...
3) Massive. Can't even begin to discuss. My original build for wolves was HORDE! Moar Mareenz! I had some 70-odd models! But I still need to sort out all the Thunderwolves! Agh!

1) A couple of weeks solid work over the wonderful 6 weeks holiday I have coming up.
2) A couple of days tops over said holidays...
3) Um. No idea. With TWC? Weeks, probably months to buy, build, paint.

The Truth?
Ah well. This is it. I'm buying my first house in September. Well actually, I'm buying it in the next few weeks and moving in in September (end of probably). My spare cash should really go into house stuff.

Space Wolves, whilst so so cool and full of character are probably not feasible unless I run this build, which is not their nor my best. I have not got the spare cash for all the thunderwolves I need, even with those bargains over at Paulson Games. $20 per wolf? $9 shipping to UK....multiplied by 13? Venerable Brother would be a single man once more if I did this.

The Tau hold the top spot for me in terms of being different from the vast majority of builds likely to be at the GT, I am familiar with them, and they produce excellent fire power and tricks. But I do not have the money to repair all the suits to a standard I would like? Lower standards? Maybe.

Blood Angels will be represented well I am sure at the GT, so I will not have anything to really be gained from taking them. I am sure my score vs BA players average score will be nothing to shout home about, but they will look wicked and I am pretty well versed in them now, let alone by November.

The new tourney rules do not seem to be putting other 'common' army players off here so I think its time to swallow some pride and accept that I may not win my first GT.... I may win all my games if I am on form and lucky....but that may not be enough.

Enjoy the experience and try my best? Always.
Blood Angels game on.
It appears this may have been a knee jerk reaction afterall...


  1. Want cheap TWC? Chaos Knights are your friends :D

    Good luck and make sure you take pics :P

  2. Yeah I did that originally. Copied from 3+ Save blog?
    But for a GT I was worried about WYSIWYG ruling?

    I'll take pics man don't worry...but you'll be waiting til November when it goes down dude!

  3. BA. Trust me, Wolves will still be MUCH more popular. You can do it, you can rawk, and you CAN 'win'. Confidence, but not arrogance. Let's go. {^}

  4. In case that was in any way unclear - take La Furia Roja.

  5. As The King wills... I'll get the list up in its current format for critque shortly..