Thursday, 8 July 2010

The Beauty of ‘Friendly’ Gaming.

I play fairly competitively. I don’t care much for fluff. If at all to be honest.

But sometimes, just sometimes I need a break from the more hardcore gaming side of things.

I do not go and sit with the Fluff Bunnies discussing the failures in the Golden Throne and how on Holy Terra will the Adeptus Mechanicus ever fix it?

I find this notion less appealing than a Golden Shower…although perhaps that says something more about me than the Fluff Bunnies...

But I do like to try out ideas.

In real life, not just on the interwebz.

Otherwise, my overactive Army ADD brain kicks in and I’m pissing away a couple of hundred pounds on Orks.

Yes really. I did this.

Two weeks ago.


So myself and a couple of mates had a games night recently were we played 40k and Malifaux all through the early evening until 6.30am. What goons, I hear you say. Whatever man, I say.

I played with a fun Space Wolf list I had come up with ages ago and really enjoyed it. It hit hard, but ultimately is not competitive. But boy was it fun.

I enjoy 40k when I play hardcore. I enjoy 40k when I play fun. I do not enjoy 40k when my opponent is playing on the opposite end of the spectrum.

(although secretly, I do quite like taking it to the wire vs their hardcore lists using my fun ones….damn I’m good!)

So I got to thinking recently about what army to take to the UK GT when it drops in November. I’m currently thinking Tau and happy with that. Despite this being a Blood Angels blog you should all know the reason why. If not, check here.

In the meantime, I still want to play my BA. The Mech BA have lost their shine for me now with this heavy-handed sprinkling of doubt in my mind as to whether I will take them after all… So I want something more fun for a time with the BA.

Full of character. Screaming BA.


When this word hit me I checked my BA spreadsheet (no Army Builder for me, Excel is fine) and lo and behold I had it there already….truly iconic.

Yes, I know this does not work for GT gaming. But I have a Cheshire cat grin on my face thinking about running this army for kicks.

Astoroth the Grim

DC Tycho

Elite Chaplain w Jump Pack

1 x 10 man Death Company w JP’s, 1xPW, 1xTH

1 x 15 man Death Company w JP’s, 2xPW, 1xTH

1500points on the nose.

HeHe. Go on. Tell me that didn’t make you wee a little when you read it. Yes, its shit for hard stuff. Come on though, that’s going to hit like a brick…if it ever sees the enemy lines!

One chaplain per squad (Asty being one of course), tycho jogging around doing whatever he can….

Cheap on the wallet to. From Wayland Games in the UK, you could pick up all the Death Company for £80, plus £10 for Astoroth and make Tycho in plastic from DC spares. I already have the SM Chaplain with JP as it’s a sexy model. £90 all in.

It’ll at least hit the table once before I get bored.

More than I can say for my Orks.

This. This is the beauty of friendly gaming. Getting to run this stuff.

Stuff of dreams. Blood drenched, delusional, frothing at the gash dreams.


  1. lol.... orks!

    I'm going to do the same, but not like a fool. I'm going for Sang guard drop. Make sure you use the link over on 3++... apparently Kirby earns £1 per £1000 spent or something silly.

    Weirdly I saw a list like that take 5th in a tourney... couldn't claim for sh*t, but lost one, drew one and tabled 3 others. Plenty of fun for sure!

  2. I ended up tabling last night against Grey Knights. I can see with some play that it could do ok at a tourney as an outsider, but just can't see it being a real threat...

    The Sang Guard are a more credible army certainly man, gorgeous models too. If only I had the patience to paint NMM I think they could be a truly beautiful army...

  3. That is beautiful man. I can even see poor Tycho running around the battlefield, chasing his JP friends, crying cuz no one wants to play with him...

    Shame you couldn't squeeze Lemartes in instead of the second Chaplain for the Ultimate Triumvirate of DC Themed Characters though...