Thursday, 10 June 2010

Logan Drop List...kidding. Just one DP...

The Great Wolf. The Big Dog. Fangfather…Not a Blood Angel!

I have all the models painted except Big Dog and Arjac and trying out the snow flock mixture on my Space Wolf models has reawakened the wolf inside. Never fear, the mech BA are still the top dogs. Pun half intended.

Logan Grimnar
Wolf Guard x5 - 1x TDA,CML
Wolf Guard x5 - 1x TDA,CML
Wolf Guard x5 - 1x TDA,CML
Wolf Guard x6 - 1x TDA,CML, 1x um….Arjac Rockfist!!
Thunderwolf Cavalry x5 1xSS, 1xPF, 1xMB’s
Long Fangs x6 – 5xMM, Drop Pod

This is just shy of 1500 points. Is it any good?

Why do I need it? Well my 40k-fu with speeding BA tanks around the board has become strong – but I need to keep my eye on all kinds of different things- who knows what kind of out-of-the-box stuff will crop up at the UkGT – in whatever format it takes…………...ah, who am I kidding??

I just got bored. I need to try out new things!

So here is my attempt at a Logan Grimnar list. I will be 100% honest here – the inclusion of Arjac Rockfist is based purely upon Steleks ‘template’ here for the Logan Drop List…which doesn’t exist. I would not really have thought of doing it as Logan is already such a massive point sink.

I mean, screw it, might as well throw in Bjorn and Ragnar while I’m at it!

I had included another squad of WG in the same cookie cutter format as the others, plus some Fenrisian Wolves to form a meat shield to the TWC.

And speaking of them? A fast, rapidly re-deployable unit that can threaten from turn 2 onwards and cause a lot of psychological ‘friction’ for the opponent. Who to shoot? Target priority gets messed up when a massively dangerous, high priority target like Long Fangs with Arjac AND Grimnar drops into your lines, yet the ferocious TWC are going to hit next turn. Also how do we silence the missile launchers peppering us from across the board, in cover no less the cheeky minxes.

Glaring weaknesses? Check. All reserves and Logan’s Drop-ride becomes monstrously less effective. Hope to drop in cover and move relentlessly towards whatever comes on?
Hordes? An OK number of frag missiles and TWC do pretty well, plus multiple assaults from the WG MSU’s can help out a lot. Don’t get me wrong though – hordes will not be kind to these dudes…
Plenty of melta and S10 CC scattered in the list…well, most of it focussed on that 620 points of carnage descending from the sky…

So, thoughts? Especially from experienced SW players and opponents…

My other SW lists can be found here, these are what I ran when the codex first hit…


  1. I like it. I prefer to stay on my feet and bring missile Fangs to do the "fire all missiles" schtick, but the Podding thing is a hilariously awesome idea, especially with Arjack in tow.

  2. Certainly will play differently to the BA...Gotta give Stellie his dues on the Arjac idea - fun times.

  3. How have you been finding the Loganwing? Or have Bloodwing and the Nids taken over your game time?

  4. Loganwing is my go to tourney army for now and it's a lot of fun to play. AV14 can be tricky and it can be a pain figuring out what to field as support, but I'm definitely enjoying it. Just need to add the final touches to my models and paint them all up.