Friday, 16 April 2010

Response to Brother Loring...

Brother & Chumby raised some great points regarding this list.

I am most definitely still learning but I thought I would address their points in a full on post rather than clogging up the comments...

Yeah, cause so so many peeps comment on my noob site...

BL - I'm not blindly poo-pooing your comments, this is my counter-point only...Not being an IntErnetz n0b.

Mephiston is precious...Not in a camp way:
Mephy dies. Oh boy, he dies. I've killed him almost every game...but not before he smashes up a solid chunk of the enemy.

No s***, 875 points killed 250? Who would have thought it. If it didn't there would be a serious problem with the game hey? ;)

If you aim 875 points worth of anti tank at a'd expect it to go boom no?

I'm cool with him dying as long as he smashes something serious.

Baals of Brass:

The Baals are a tricky one. I'm still playtesting without sponsons at the minute so the Jury is definitely still out.

I'd be quite tempted to drop a 3rd Baal for a second AC/LC Pred.

Friend, Predator friend (thumbs up) (Inbetweeners Joke):

No onto that lonely Pred in the backfield...he is not alone...

All 3 Razors hang back with the Pred and sit pretty in cover-providing formations. This way they are quite secure and supportive of one another.

Alot of peeps are using the SHP in a supportive but overly aggressive/offensive manner - supporting the Assault Squad with FNP/FC as they smash into the enemy lines with, most commonly a pair of melta and a Fist...

My SHP is to sit back and provide FNP. He acts as a buffer to the survivability primarily over offensive capability.

If something outflanks me or drops into the backfield, then all 3 RAS squads supported, this time offensively by the SHP, will take it out with a trio of meltaguns and FC 15 RAS. Plenty of counter-attack. Especially when backed up by 5 Lascannons and an Autocannon.

So then, due to the LR fire support role of the Razors and Pred, they do not want to be moving into the double-tap range of the Las/Plas.

I fully agree that if I were to use the troops more offensively then Las/Plas would be THE choice. No argument.

But as a long range unit, they don't want to be in plasma range...because that means they'll get popped by...plasma! Or AssCannons, or stunned even by Tau troops! Or shot by Zoanthropes or bloody Hive Guard!

My way, they but their middle finger up to Hive Guard et al.

So thats the reasoning for Razors mainly, jury out on 3 Baals, Mephiston can die as long as he brings the pain first. Which he will as he cannot be instakilled at range whilst he closes....

Smash me down and show me the error of my ways! I'm most definitely still learning!



  1. No, you've got the right idea. Ditching 1 Baal for another Pred is definitely the way to go.

  2. Hey, 2 posts about me in 24 hrs... my Mother would be so proud!

    Don't worry about it, I make enough sarky comments around the interwebz and I've got thick skin, so don't worry about it!

    The Mephiston thing was poorly explained by me...

    Each game my termies (215 points worth) charged him (275 points worth (I think)). Over the three games, I took him out 3 times (825 points total) and he took out 4 termies and a rhino (230 points). Hope that explains things a bit better!

    I'm not saying he's a bad choice, I just don't think he fills the uber-assault slot many people think he does. His kill rate will probably be even lower against TH/SS terms. What I'm trying to say, is I'm not overly convinced by him! A 5+ inv would have made him the bomb! No inv save... keep those fingers crossed.

    Listening to how you will be playing your listen, I would be even more sceptical taking him!

    I'm interested in why you're taking 3 baals and vindis and not advancing. With a 24" range, surely you'll struggle against a gunline list with good range i.e. guard, tau, marines.... Surely the point of taking Baals is to support an advance, especially as they are fast vehicles.

    I think you're wasting the assault basis of Blood Angels in the hold-back and counter tactics. I'm not saying you're wrong, and I have very little experience with the new 'dex, but it just seems odd.

    Oh, don't the assault marines need to be within 6" of the SHP at the beginning of each turn to get FC/FNP, not just at the beginning of the game? I could quite easily be wrong! It has happened many many times before!

    I've got to agree with Chumby about another pred. But I think I personally wouldn't run your list/tactics. That is not meant in a nasty way at all, we are all different and because I would do things differently does not mean I think they would be better (quite the opposite I would expect).

  3. Oh... and inbetweeners rules!

    - "Ohhh, car friend! football friend!"

    - "F*ck off, he's not my friend!"

    I'm pretty sure both series are on E4 too for anybody that has seen it!

  4. The Mephiston thing is clearly explained now! I totally get your point.
    Luckily he has the speed to attack where I think it is best, this is not neccesarily where the opponent would like him to attack.

    Sometimes it is neccesary to hit that LR, even when you know it has TH/SS Termies in it. Just because it has to be the words of Optimus Prime (the real one) "no matter the cost".

    For me, the Baals are true scout vehicles, scouting forward pre-turn 1, getting into a great fire position, joining in on the powerful first strike by popping side armour with HKM and TLAssCan fire...

    The 3 Baals, Vindie and Mephiston (hiding behind Vindie) all advance, the other half sits back and destroy the transports and support elements using high power, long range anti tank.

    This combined long and short range danger had so far done very well at crippling the enemy.

    Once the first turn dust has settled, whether the troops advance or not is dependent entirely on how much of the enemy armour is left operational.

    If lots, then the troops will sit back and provide long range support, if the enemy position is seriously weakened they will advance at 12" a turn in formation...

    Bringing us to 6" are quite right they must be within 6" all game to benefit from Chalice. But when embarked in a vehicle...six inches is more than enough ;)... to provide a bubble of FNP.

    Another option would be to keep the 3rd Baal and change to Las/Plas for a few weeks worth of gaming and use the AV13 of Regular Pred and Vindie to cover the advance of the RAS...also providing Mephiston with FNP... a Spearhead that functions entirely together, sweeping around the board and wiping out whatever it comes across...

    See, I get what you are saying about Assaulty BA. It has such massive potential, but I just like fast shootie stuff. I can assault if I need to, but Marines are not to waste their lives...why put rare gene-seed at risk when I can skirt around the drawn in wagons with my fast vehicles..

    Now, my original list also had JP RAS at full strength and DC plus the RAS in Razors...but it just was not optimal IMO.

    Its all a learning curve until September/October when the UKGT Preliminaries happen...

  5. Sorry, I was being a tool again!

    - "All 3 Razors hang back with the Pred and sit pretty in cover-providing formations. This way they are quite secure and supportive of one another."

    I read... "All 3 Baals hang back..." - Duh!

    Sounds like more of a plan!

    Wit regards to UKGT - you mention preliminaries... not heard? UKGT has now become 4 separate tournaments, not preliminaries and a final. Sad I know! But does give you 4 opportunities to win one!

  6. As regards those Razors - the Las/plas also has FAR better usage against armies/things you can't stop getting close (Trygons, JP Marines, Fire Dragons)

    They're certainly worth the proxy-play. :)

  7. Brother - UKGT not Heats then Finals this year? I've not heard this...balls.

    Um...does anyone know when these 4 seperate tournaments are this year?

    Does this mean I actually have to read White Dwarf again to find this shit out? Say it isn't so!

    TKE - I'm going to fold to the peer pressure. Las/Plas will be tried out for the next few weeks...


    Looking at the Warhammer World calender it just has 'Warhammer 40,000 Grand Tournament - Autumn'

    Can't find a great deal of information other than that, but I'm pretty sure it's true.

  9. Cheers BroLo...I'm sure we'll find out in a month or two as the calender/WD covers it...

    I'm not sure whether it'd be a good thing or a bad thing?!

    More opportunity to win/attmept to win, less competitive overall? Less prestigious? Who knows...time will tell eh?..