Sunday, 25 April 2010

I'm not dead....But I may wish I was...

O.K, O.K.
I give up.
I can't do it.
Even with a blog to support its aims.
Even with a fully painted, 50% weathered now, brand new codex army.


I have begun an Imperial Guard army.

There. I've said it. It's out there.

Let me tell you how it happened....Gather round young ones, close to the fire. It was a dark and stormy night...or a sunny evening at my local GW.

I forget which...

Anyway, a new league has just started off at the local club. Run by some dude called John. Now John boy fancies himself as games designer/developer.
I don't agree.
However, John boy wishes to put up £100 worth of prize money in GW vouchers for the top 3 (or something) in his new league. He has some funky deployment maps he feels are great for the game and wants to get some experience under his belt.

Or something.

Whatever. Attend on a Tuesday. Check. Play games competitively. Check. Maybe win money...oh, twist my arm some more!

So I've played 3 games in this league. One win and two draws. Sucks I know. But hear me out. I played on the worst tables with the worst deployments...wanted to smash them out of the way so I could have a clear picture of where I stood and where I could go from here.

From now on I have 'normal' terrain boards open to me and 'normal' deployment options. Great. And I'm sitting pretty in the top 3 still despite a pair of draws.

So from here I should be coolio, especially having taking stock of the showers of crap that are appearing in this league...It's good...I'll let you all in on the action Tuesday...

Anyhoo....IG. So my first draw was against IG. With a pair of Valk's and the rest being Stormies DS'ing. Expensive for Guard I thought.
All in reserve and I messed his stuf up pretty bad as it came in. But it was 4th ed VP's so he pulled it back to a draw (less than 150points between our two armies at the end)...fair play. A few mistakes on my part but hey ho.

The week before I'd played a great game against a guy with 3 Valk's (well, a pair of Vendetta's and 1 Valk)...this was my first actual game with my BA and I lost 8-7 on KP' date my only loss with BA.

What I could not get away from was how unbelievably COOL the gunships looked on the table.

These weren't even painted well, if at all. One was actually a Land Raider in proxy-disguise...

But, damn! They looked incredible. Swooping over the table...dying so so easily to my mech BA....pieces strewn across the battle zone...

Whatever. They looked sexy doing it.

I re-visited my old IG codex. Nothing had really grabbed me in this, but I knew I needed it to know the enemy. I hadn't updated to the 5th Ed IG 'Dex yet but had relied on the guys at the local being predictable. Mainly mech, Russes, Platoon blobs and a few Valks/Vends...I could play against this without the dex..

But now I needed it... I got it. Looked at it.

Researched on t'internet. Thanks Kirby for some wicked articles! And of course Stelek.

Then it happened. I only bloody looked at the Forgeworld website.

Now, I'm a dude who loves his nights out with the boys.
To take the woman out. To treat her well.
I like to dress well.
Eat out.
Hit the cinema (I'm a film geek too.
Keep up with Daredevil, Batman, Cable & Deadpool...

Well, thats all going to end now.
This site is also responsible. Thanks.

All Forgeworld bar the Valks and Chimeras...

But fuck, my army will look so so good by end of summer holidays (I teach so I'll have a lot of time)...

oh...I'm buying a new house too. Ah.

So that is how it has begun. Next week I'll be ordering a single squad of Death Korps to ride in the new Valk.
And a CCS.
And a weapons pack to ensure plenta of Melta.
And a chimera for the CCS.
Ah, shit. This is how it starts.



  1. Ahhh... you're not dead, but it sounds like the missus is gonna chop you're c*ck off!

    Sounds like a pretty build. Have a look at SandWyrm's blog (the back 40k - there are some pics up on YTTH at the mo). There are some really nice looking chimera conversions that just look plain win!

  2. Dude, you are not wrong.
    Slowly but surely on this project otherwise I will never father children...(well, I may have already but not to my knowledge)

    I saw the Chimera conversions on YTTH but haven't gotten around to checking out SandWyrms site...will head over tomorrow whilst I'm busy working...

  3. Good luck with that, no way in hell I could afford an all FW army.

    Guess I'll have to live vicariously through you :P

  4. Aw man...The more people I 'know' who buy FW stuff, the more legit it gets...I don't wanna do it man - NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

    Luckily, most Eldar FW stuff is crap, and Orks rules are crap.

    Of course, IA8 has Raven next SM Chapter...:(

  5. We have a term we use around here for your problem. Its called an addiction to plastic crack. Unfortuatly ive succumb to also the resin crack of FW, with 3 fliers, DP, xv81 and numerous upgrades on my models, its sure expensive sht.

  6. It is so expensive...but so so lovely too... got my first squad and a command squad on order... Whoo!

    TKE - Eldar FW really IS crap. I'm not even sold on the Avatar... As for Raven Guard...a few rhino doors etc wouldn't hurt now would it....?

    Camaro...My name is Andy and I have a problem...