Thursday, 15 April 2010

Weathering the Army Part 1: Razorback

So after the reasonably successful test of weathering and mud on a Furioso Dreadnought I have taken the plunge and began to weather back my mechanised Blood Angels.

I will be taking one tank/APC at a time. As all the vehicles bar one AC/LC Predator are painted I will be working through these at a reasonable pace, but not too fast as to rush them.

I do have one dilemma in this process...What to seal them with. I am in the UK so it had to be available here. I hear alot about Testors Dullcote and Tamiya sprays, but what does anyone in UK or Europe use?

As the vehicles will be handled quite a bit and two of the pigments are applied in their powder form they will need to be sealed long term to avoid powder falling off or fading. More importantly I don't want fingerprints all over them!

Although it may be useful to catch any G-Dub criminals...I'll be finger printed surreptitiously anyone I play!

So the first Razorback looks like this...

What are peoples thoughts here? Too weathered? Too dusty? The whole tank has been dulled down quite alot due to the pigment and whilst I like my tanks to look quite realistic, I know it may not be everyones cup of tea.

I think the whole army will look wicked in this manner...very war-worn and different to the bright red Blood Angels of the poop front codex it just me or is that art a massive let down compared to some of the drop-dead gorgeous work inside by Adrian Smith et al.?

Anyway, as I have a Predator that is only primed and undercoated I'll be doing a step by step guide to painting and weathering my Blood Angels scheme...whether you goons want it or not...

Keep it real kids,



  1. Nice. At first I thought it looked a bit drab and washed out, but I think it fits better than if it were bright red.

  2. Superb result. I agree with Chumbalaya. I think the washed-out red fits much better with the weathering/battle damage!

    But watch-out too much grime and damage = mad machine spirit! And that spiteful mo-fo will screw with your dice rolls!