Friday, 5 June 2015

Fun Drop Wolves

So following on from yesterday's post about the beauty of Drop Pods in 7e 40k (or whatever we are in now lol...) I want to talk about Space Wolves - you can see from the number of posts (right) that I love Wolves and have been taking them for donkeys years, but they are somewhat.. maligned right now on the tournament scene outside of a couple of EXTREME builds mainly focussed around crazy deathstar builds.

These are great and can be very fun to use - they also allow the use of forces that otherwise might not be seen such as Sisters and Dark Angels.

But in a more balanced sense they have dropped off (no pun intended!) the scene.
For a SEMI COMPETITIVE build though you can build some great and FUN SW builds.
Here is one example of a way to get in some of the flavour of the Sons of Russ and still be pretty decent.
This uses the Champions of Fenris list (like all of the decent Wolf builds these days) and is only using one detachment.
The idea behind this is simple - give me something to play at the club (Sons of War Cambridge - check us out on Facebook) that is not too crazy good as to piss people off!!
Rune Priest - Bike
Murderfang, the Curseborn - Drop Pod
6 x 5 man Wolf Guard with 4 CombiMeltas - Drop Pods
1 x 6 man Wolf Guard with 5 CombiPlasma - Drop Pod
3 x 5 man Grey Hunters with a Meltagun - Drop Pods
1 x FA Drop Pod
5 x Thunderwolf Cavalry stock

This allows me to drop in the Murderfang and a load of Melta turn one (or the plasma if I need it, situational of course) and bomb up the Thunderwolves with Rune Priest for a cool ass Turn 2 charge from a load of crazy Wolf bitches.

Murderfang is a cool model that I've literally never had the chance to drop on the tabletop - in a competitive army he simply doesn't have a place...this is a unit that is a perfect example of GW fun design philosophy - great in idea, weak in application.

I think Murderfang could be wicked fun IF, IF, IF the poor bastard survives a turn! He drops in, he heavy flames a unit, hangs out in cover near to some ground based units... as long as they are not the ubiquitous Eldar Scatter Bikes (cause they'll just leg it and he will do nothing all game lol)... the other SW kill any dedicated anti-vehicle they can to help him survive, then the first wave plus TWC charge all over the place whilst the remaining Wolf Guard and Grey Hunters drop in and take maelstrom and round up other units that are threatening.

I've found with combat squad space marines that dropping in with lots of little units mean that they get a spanking, but a lot of 1 or 2 man units running around can still be a pain in the arse!

I think this is quite a fun list - TWC are always good fun and Murderfang gives Rampage, Rage, Furious Charge, WS5 master crafted, shred AP2 lols to the list. I definitely fancy it!

What do you guys think? Sound fun to you?


  1. Murderface is a whole lot of fun when you manage to get him to survive that first Turn. I think what he really needs is that FW Drop Pod where he can stay inside for a Turn and then it's an Assault Vehicle, so he can get out and Charge next Turn.

    Well, he should probably also have Fleet and Move Through Cover to be really effective, but I think the FW Pod would go quite a way toward getting him usable.

    1. Hey Westrider, I'll clearly have to look into that! But I'm totally looking forward to trying to keep him alive!!

  2. I think Murderfang could be wicked fun IF, IF, IF the poor bastard survives a turn! <- THIS! Hahahahaha

    Yep, it's sounds fun and with your attitude must be very fun!

    1. Hey Gerardo, it's totally a case of "can I keep him alive for a single turn?"

  3. I never have managed to keep him alive. I love him but even from a fairly fluffy gamer he is really lacklustre. Even smoke grenades would help him be a little more survivable