Monday, 8 June 2015


I've bought a shit load of Orks!
I am going to be fooling round with Orks for the local club - the usual tournament lists combined with my solid play are... over the top... for the local meta.
Like most clubs we have a real mix of players, competitive through to casual and as a result, it can be a little...lop-sided.

My plan then? Challenge myself to play the most underpowered and unconventional force in 40k.

I like to use math/stats/averages to balance out the fickle nature of the dice gods, I am quite fearful of doing this with Orks based on their unpredictable nature, but I think I have a few reasonably tough builds that will also be fun to play.

My "collection" is extremely extensive - it's gone from "no Orks" to about 4-5000 points in a week... Built too which is even better.

Massive sad face though - it's all unpainted! Mother. Fucker. There a load of boys!

I have lined up a game at the club for this week and have 2 lists which I want to try - I'd like your opinions on which I should run. I'll take the majority vote...

Let's examine:

List 1: STOMP DA HUMIES! (See I can devolve and talk Ork too!)

Big Mek - Mek's Tools, 3 x Grot Oiler, MEGA Force Field
Mek - Mek's Tools, Grot Oiler
3 x 30 Boyz, Nob - Power Klaw
15 Lootas - 12 Deffguns, 3 Meks w Grot Oilers
STOMPA- Grot Riggers

Yeah, so that's 1830!
The idea is the Mek and Big Mek are assigned to the Lootas, these hang out in the belly of the beast and use the Fire Points to shoot some Deffguns.

The Mega Force Field confers a 4++ save vs Shooting a la Imperial Knights.
The Grot Riggers give the Stompa It Will Not Die
The Meks and Big Meks can all attempt to repair a Hull Point in the shooting phase, giving me 5 attempts per turn.
These succeed on 5+'s and the Grot Oilers allow for a reroll. These are one use though and will very rapidly diminish.
Combine with IWND, this gives me 6 HPs a turn I can try and regenerate, through a 4++ shooting save and AV 13 - plus as a Super Heavy Walker it ignores every other result on the Damage chart.
Should be pretty tough to stop!

Synergy? The 90 boyz all keep a dude in 6" of the Stompa and from the Effigy special rule get Fearless.
They support and protect the Stompa.

Shooting phase?
12- 36 S7 Shots from the Lootas
3 5" Template S8 AP3 infinite range rockets
The "shoots three times per shooting attack" S7 AP3 Supa-Gatler
1 S10, AP1 7" blast
9 S5
Oh and a Heavy Flamer ...

That's just the Stompa and it's transported unit!

That's basically it though as the Boyz will just be running in an attempt to keep up with the effigy of Gork (or is it Mork?) and get krumpin' humies.

The idea is the Stompa smashes tough shit with S:D and Stomps... literally...the shit out of stuff, supported by 90 boyz with a PK - these dicks will be hopefully fearless due to Stompa proximity.

Let me know your thoughts on this unkillable, rampaging Stompa supported by a true Orky horde!

LIST 2: All Da Boyz!

This is some sort of dual CAD, CAD plus Alternate CAD shit... Nothing most armies can't do lol...I've grabbed a bit of several units I am interested in and want to see how they stand up on the tabletop:

Warboss - Bike, Klaw, Attack Squig
Zhadsnark "Da Rippa" - which is a FW character
PainBoy - Bike
15 Bikes - Nob (Klaw)
3 Bikes
3 Bikes
30 Orks - Nob (Klaw)
30 Orks - Nob (Klaw)
10 Grots - Runt Herd
5 Deff Kopta's - TL Rokkits
20 Storm Boyz - Nob (Klaw)
20 Storm Boyz - Nob (Klaw)

The idea is just a "wave" of Boyz.. Warbiker mob followed by Storm Boyz, followed by Boyz..whilst the Cheerleaders (Grots) watch how the real Orkz do it!

So, what are YOU saying? Which do you think I should try out first.. The Stompa is pretty bloody cool... I also have a Gargantuan Squigoth - but can't seem to find the rules....
I love the idea of a big clanking, smoky bitch pushing forward amongst a seething mob of Boyz..

But equally, the idea of loads of boyz just racing each other to smash da puny humies is .... for want of a better word - "Orky" :)


  1. Slight issue with the Stompa list... it only has 4 fire points, so your lootas are gonna be mostly sitting in the dark. I don't argue with having a unit of lootas or burnas in there for the meks, but a unit of 5 will suffice to get you your three meks... meaning the other 10 lootas can set up in some cover and lay down some covering fire while the horde advances. They'll lose the fearless bubble pretty swiftly and will be a prime target for your opponent, although the horde and the monstrosity heading very swiftly for his lines may prove a distraction...

    Alternatively, drop the 10 lootas and take a Warboss, gives you a waaagh that will help your boys reach their targets just that little bit quicker... You can still keep the other HQ choices as for every none Mek HQ choice you take you can take a Mek without it using up a force org slot.

    Anyway, personally I'd go with the horde anyway, I think super heavies in 40k are a hell of an eggs in one basket situation, all it takes is a few str D shots and your day is ruined. But if you do want to run the nigh unkillable stompa, perhaps make those tweaks to the list I suggested otherwise you're wasting your loota squad. :)

    1. Hey up Ginge. Thanks for the pointers dude!
      Extra Warboss hanging out in his personal ride (Stompa) shouting a Waagh sounds pretty frakking cool man.
      Good tip on the Lootas.. Thanks man!

  2. If you like Mathhammer, you will enjoy playing Orks. The fickle dice gods, become a lot less fickel once you throw 60 dice as an offering ;)

    1. lol, dice actually come close to averaging out! We'll see! Actually having read the book a few times...there are a lot less random acts than there used to be/I used to perceive there to be...

  3. Hi! I tried the stompa a few times, with more wins than losses. I'll post my list if you don't mind. Here it goes:

    Zhadsnark 'Da Rippa'
    Big Mek: Da Fixer Upperz; rokkit launcha; 3× grot oiler
    • Mek: grot oiler
    • Mek: grot oiler

    5 Tankbustas

    3 Warbikerz (Troops)
    3 Warbikerz (Troops)
    3 Warbikerz (Troops)
    3 Warbikerz (Troops)
    3 Warbikerz (Troops)

    3 Deffkoptas: 3× twin-linked rokkit launcha

    Stompa: grot riggers

    Big Mek: Mega Force Field; rokkit launcha; grot oiler

    5 Burna Boyz: Mek (grot oiler); Mek (grot oiler); Mek (grot oiler)

    15 Gretchin: + 1 Runtherd
    10 Gretchin: + 1 Runtherd

    3 Mek Gunz: 3× lobba; 3× ammo runt; + 6× Gretchin

    The MSU bikes are mainly for objective grabbing (we play a lot of maelstrom here). Zhadsnark joins the koptas. Gretchins surround the stompa to protect from DS melta. The 2 burnas can overwatch and one big mek repairs on a 3+, with 3 grot oilers. The other big mek has the 4++. I've repaired up to 5-6 HP on a good roll. Lobbas are pretty cheap for what they do... I hope it gives you some ideas!
    Welkome to the ork kommunity XDD

  4. Looks sweet. Thanks for the Orky welcome bud. I've not looked at the Mek Gunz really as I'm not a huge fan of static units.. I love to move!
    The bikes fit in well with that. As you can see from my last two tournament reports - I've very much enjoyed playi space marine bikes... Especially scouting ones, so I've looked at Da Beast and have a list with him in,but I didn't shoe horn a Stompa in too! That's a sweet idea!

    Played the game (first) last night and boy did the Stompa do work! He rolled all over the tabletop just slapping people with his Big D and tossing out that ridiculous large blast.. Great fun.

    Got a charge vs 50 plague zombies with 90 boys and the Stompa all at once... The poor bastard Stompa, rather unsurprisingly, didn't even get to attack lol... But did get stuck into a Baneblade later in the game though.

    Absolutely loved the Stompa with the set up you posted or the one I posted... It's nigh-unkillable!! I repaired every point of damage my opponent did...every turn!