Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Free Drop Pods


That is all I have to say.


Drop Pods in the new book are FREE when chosen as part of the formation including two Demi-Companies

Check it all out at Blood Of Kittens - Thanks Tasty! 

Super excited for the new's one of few armies that I am SUPER confident I can run without any new purchases at all!!

Or painting!!

Really pumped for the weekend to get my hands on the new book. Those psycannons will finally get use as Dev and tac Grav Cannons mwuhahahaha


  1. Could it be a return of razorback spam as well ? Or maybe some razorbacks sprinkled into drop pod spam ? Khan can make any of those tact squads in rhnios/razorbacks scout :)

    1. Yeah man, totally possible...just paying,for las/plas or (more likely in my case) just paying.for Ass Cannons and just zooming up and blowing shit away!

      Love a new book...

  2. Hehe what about the new scouts profile? I'm glad to have 55 of them... If only they let us keep using the sentinels book, re-rolling bolters on BS4 scouts? Anyday!

    1. Why would the sentinels book NOT work...? Lol
      It refers to codex space marines ... I think it says that on front cover as well as adeptus astartes ...

    2. If there was still any doubt... It has been answered by GW in their digital version.
      Twin linking BS4 scouts in 5...4...3... Hehe

  3. Where are you Sons? 10 months absent...

  4. Seriously... where? Lost in the warp? ;) A year and a half...
    Hope you are all doing well and still fighting the plastic and resin krak wars.

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