Here you can find all the Hobby posts and guides that Atreides and I put together.

Hope this proves useful guys, we have conversion and weathering articles so far...more to come:

Closed-top Medusa part 1 and part 2 
VTOL Vendetta - Part 1 
VTOL Vendetta - Part 2
 VTOL Vendetta - Part 3
 VTOL Vendetta - Part 4
VTOL Vendetta - Part 5
VTOL Vendetta - Part 6 
 Frag Cannon for Blood Angels Dreadnaught
Converting TL Heavy Flamer Turrets 
Hydra (Manticore chassis)
Hydra with Punisher Cannon (Chimera chassis) and Part 2 of that here

How to weather tanks 
How to weather a Dreadnought

Snow Basing:
To come