Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Creating TL Flamer Turrets

 Evening guys,
Mentally busy painting up my army for X Legion on Saturday/Sunday this week, so in the meantime there is no Deployment in Action post this week, instead a quick look at the creation of a pair of Razorback turrets.

These are done in 2 ways:
1) Using Heavy Flamers from terminators or sponsons from a Baal Pred
2) Using the flamestorm cannon from LR Redeemers or Baal Preds again

 Here you can see the base plate for the Razorback. This is only created when you have a rhino and no Razorback/Pred top hatch spare.

It is made with a piece of plasticard and the turret mount from an Aegis Defence line kit (check out Wayland Games above as you can get great prices)

 The parts are...LR sponson cover, Razorback targeting array, flamestorm cannon and fuel drum and the final piece here is the corresponding turret piece from the Aegis defence line piece above.
 We pop these bad boys together like so and voila.........
 With this guy, I have the Razorback top hatch, but want the piece facing the other way and so add a new piece of design to the 'Back..

This allows me to place the TL Flamer turret like so:

A much better position for the short ranged flamer template...

Incidentally, remember when you fire the template, you can touch your own vehicle...

Otherwise it'd be stupid people.

Here is another view... 

And this is the alternative in action.

All the above parts are magnetised into place.

This allows me to swap over to LasPlas or even Assault Cannon spam..

Back next week with a series of BatReps everyday beginning Monday to cover the X Legion tournament..


  1. Looking good Ven,

    My plan, when I eventually get around to it - is to have both flamers magnetised and just pop em on the asscan turrets that I will soon magnet up as well - I have plenty of HF's lying around between terms and the baal kits luckily enough.

    Good luck this weekend (both of you + anyone else here going). Shame I couldnt make it, but got Brighton to look forward to (and work towards!)

  2. both are nice and simple and look fantastic. don't you just love magnets? i have no idea what i would do if i hadn't discovered them.

  3. I like the first one personally, but all are nice.

    Good work Sir Ven.

  4. Thanks boys..all done and ready for tournament...well, except for the finishing touches...can I get it done tonight as I drive down? Prolly not a good idea lol!