Saturday, 22 January 2011

Frag Cannon – Quick ‘n’ Easy

Here is the SoS guide to a very quick and easy frag cannon conversion…

If the new GW Frag Cannon is not man enough for you or you simply do not need a whole Dread kit just for the Frag Cannon, then this is for you.

I am incorporating a Frag cannon wielding Dread into my competitive mech BA army and have found it to do what I want it to each and every game so far…it has a plethora of possible targets on Turn 1 except for all reserves forces, when it is perhaps best used on the ground…but this is not a tactical discussion.

The thoughts behind its viability are found in this post.

For now… we need:
-          A Dread assault cannon arm
-          A vehicle targeting device thingy (found in Razorback kits, Land Raiders etc)
-          A flamestorm cannon promethium tank from a LR Redeemer sponson. 
-    A dreadnaught that's sad and does not want to shoot TL Autocannons anymore... :( 

All we do is as follows:

1 - Cut AssCannon off here like so:

2 – Glue promethium tank halves together, then file off or simply snip off the closed end of the tank. 

This leaves you with a rather large bore shotgun barrel… glue this to the end of the Dread arm.

3 – snip off the underside of the Targeting thingy, leaving you with a flat surface. Glue this to the side of the new frag cannon, concealing the join partially…
The new frag cannon has its ammo feed (from Asscannon), is large bore – looking like a cannon… and sits perfectly in place/size/scale with the rest of the model.

10 minutes work…done.

Enjoy… I’m loving the frag cannon, heavy flamer combo on the Dread in a Pod…helps me remove all kinds of obstacles…and if your opponent has not learnt that ‘parking lot’ mech tactics are bad…. Then ‘flame on’ in the side armour of his chimeras…

I’m also toying with the idea of adding a Magnagrapple to it and switching down to a Meltagun over the Heavy flamer… reel a target in on the drop and smash it with Blood Fist when it tank shocks into you… great for a squadron of Hydra’s in the backfield…;)


  1. Nice conversion.

    Right now I am subbing in a Psycannon Arm from Forgeworld lol.

    I was making a Furisoso yesterday (the new ones) I did ask if they'd let me have the Fragcannon lol but they said no :/

    I got the kit on pre-order though, theres some damn cool stuff in it - I plan on using it across 2 kits and making a couple of different dreads without them being "to BA".

  2. That is a cool looking frag cannon. I'd like to see some of the shells though - a bit like the autocannon arm conversions.

  3. do you mean? modelled onto the arm somehow? expand the Ass Cannon magazine to look alot more...large calibre? Maybe use the magazine boxes from Heavy Bolter sponsons?

  4. BOOM is right bitches! biggest shotgun ever...

  5. Exactly that Ven. The magazine on the AC arms look cool. I just don't see where the shells are for your ubercannon. Maybe some big shells on the side part of the shoulder of the arm. The magazine and feed from the AssCan are just not big enough.

    They're the finer points though... it looks sweet as it is!

  6. Damn good point BroLo. I'll get to work on that...Have a couple of ideas...

  7. Really loving this Ven just looks epic, I can just imagine the dread stepping out and then BOOM! Headshot! :D I really wouldn't want to be looking down the barrel of that beast so I think it's a job well done ;)