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Road to final!. UK GT final. Game 6 versus Imperial Guard BGNT Vanguard

So final game on table 3 against Courtney Rhodes.  De Facto Guard player.  He managed to come third at the GT heat 2 qualifers running Guard and Space Marines.


  Big guns never tire with 5 objectives, Vanguard strike.

My List

Herald of Tzeentch, ML3, Disc, Exalted reward
Herald of Tzeentch, ML3, Disc, Exalted reward
Herald of Tzeentch, ML3, Disc, Lesser Reward Locus of conjuration
Herald of Tzeentch, ML3, Disc, 3 Lesser Rewards

10 Horrors
10 Horrors
10 Horrors

8 Screamers
8 Screamers


  So Courts list

Primaris Pskyer

Platoon command squad
Infantry squad
Infantry squad
Infantry squad
Infantry squad
Infantry squad

Veteran Squad



Sister allies
Saint Celestine
Ministorum Priest

5 Sisters


Inq Coatez
Inq with liber hercsis, rad and pyschotroke grenades

2 Acos and a daemon host

My Powers
Fateweaver Molten Beam, Prescience, (not written down Biomancy, must be crap!) Mental fortitude.
Herald 1.  Grimoire, Forewarning, Misfortune, Flickering fire
Herald 2.  Portalglpyh, Scriers Gaze, Forewarning, Flickering fire
Herald 3.  Staff of Change, Forewarning, Prescience, Flickering fire
Herald 4.  Burning Blood, Staff of change, Cleving Strike, Scriers gaze, Perfect timing Flickering fire.

So a lot of Forewarning, I even swapped it out on Fatey and the last herald....!  All the powers I needed including flickering fire prescience and scriers gaze.  I honestly cannot remember Courts powers and havent written them down.

Terrain.  It was slightly ruin heavy.  Top left was a ruin with a roof,(objective 1) in front of that was a rock around 3 inches tall, in the left hand corner there wasnt much iirc, in the middle was area terrain and some more rocks, then slightly off center top was another ruin (battlefield in a box one I think) then another small ruin in the top right (objective 2).  Another piece of area terrain in front of that (objective 3).  On the opposite side there was a 2 ruins slightly off center to the left (objective 4), another small ruin piece with a roof (objective 5) then another larger ruin in the bottom right.

  Quite a terrain heavy board but it wasnt overly so I have noted above where the objectives went so you can see they were at least 12inches apart at some point.  There is no Night fighting rolled for turn 1.

  Cannot remember who won the roll to chose sides, I think I did, I end up in the bottom left and Court in the top right.  Court then wins the roll to go first so that gives me the jump on objectives but also means my screamers are very (very) vulnerable to aphla strike from the Manticore and Exorcist turn 1.  I place my bastion next to ruin with objective 5 in it.

  Courtneys deployment.  He deploys the Manticore near objective 1, the Exorcist near objective 2 and the blob with Celestine, Priest, Coatez, Primaris Psyker and other inquistor with them, wow thats a lot!.  They are deployed just in front of the Exorcist.

  I deploy one unit of horrors under the roof near objective 4, 1 herald with a unit of screamers under the other ruin with floors and the last 2 heralds (one being the grimoire herald) in a screamer unit hugging the board edge bottom left.  I deploy with max 2 inch coherency, making sure there are plently of screamers with 6 inches and that the heralds are far enoguh apart that they wont be LOSing to another herald, its quite a tall order but it is what my list has been designed for.  I do ask Courtney would he thought of my deployment and he said I couldnt have done it better, now lets put that to the test!.

  Turn 1.  I dont think I bother to seize as due to my deployment I dont think I will be that hurt (fingers crossed!) and I do like the objective jump but more importantly he has coatez, its not worth the effort of rolling dice needing a 6 then a 6 to be frank!.  Court gets Scout from the liber hercsis

  He casts prescience on the exorcist, with the manticore being too far away lucky, the blob moves up again then its the shooting phase....

  Manticore goes first, wise move as if he killed a few with the exorcist the manticore would have had less under the template.  He gets 2 shots and scatters just off the grimoire herald hitting 5 in total I think.  I end up losing 4 screamers and no heralds.  Next up is Exorcist, i think it rolls a good number of shots and aims for the grimoire herald unit as well, one of the heralds is just behind a screamer so wounds will be going on him after that screamer.  I end up losing another 2  screamers here passing my look out sirs and I think even passing a save or two.

  So turn 1 I have lost a total of 6 screamers from one unit.  Now if I only had that one screamer unit I would be in huge trouble, I dont though

  Marks 1.  I cast the powers on the 2nd screamer unit and move the heralds in there, being careful on placing the Grimoire herald as he still has the manticore.  I cast prescience on the horror unit as well.  The depleted screamer unit moves then boosts over to objective 4.  I shoot quite a few of the guard blob, both the screamer council and the horrors passing their leadership tests to bypass Nightshroud.  I think Court fails his toughness test as well and soul blaze pings off a few more of the blob.

  Courts 2.  He casts his powers on the blob and moves them up, Celestine jump packs in front of the blob as he had a 11inch charge to the screamer council from the closet guardsmen, putting celestine at the front changes this is a 7inch or 8 inch charge.  Thats going to be a lot of attacks coming at me here!.  Shooting doesnt really do much, think one of the horrors on top of the ruin gets nuked, what I am doing here is because I only need one with LOS and range I move one on top of the ruin at a time leaving the rest in BLOS ruin.  Court fails his charge though giving me quite a few options!.  Also I think 1 or 2 vendettas come in, they are around his top right using their ranged weapons to give them options, and a unit of acolytes come in around his objective 1.  His platoon command squad are near the back of his blob for orders

  Marks 2.  I cast my powers including scriers gaze, think I misfortune the blob but thanks to having a psyker in there for a 5+ he has Sisters in there who have aditanium will so they have a 4+ deny the witch, pretty sure court passes it.  Scriers gaze sees Fateweaver the only one who made it in, after some thought I use his re roll to make him stay off, that many Vendettas worries me a litte.  I did say at the time this may cost me!.  One horror goes on top of the ruin, Screamer council moves up closer to the blob and the depleted screamer unit moves then boosts around the left hand flank.

  Warpstorm table rolls up a dbl 6, I chose daemonettes and 11 of them deepstrike down in the middle of the board, ready to go after his Aco's manticore and PCS.  At this point neither of us has first blood so I would have liked to have got a 11 or 10 on the warpstorm but hey, free troops are free troops! (unless it is kill points).  For shooting the Screamer council fails to pass its leadership test, this is the point I knew I would have needed my re roll, the horrors dont do much either if anything.  I chose to assault the blob knowing they have hit and run but with Celestine at the front I can hopefully do some damage to her.

  I get the charge off but its a very small distance, brilliant!, basically I end up killing off the front rank of guardsmen and forcing all the rest of the wounds onto Celestine who I think was already down a wound, she ends up dying giving me first blood and taking hit and run off the blob, Court then piles in at in3 (so do my heralds) and cannot make base so we do end of phase pile in and stay locked! awesome!.  

  Courts 3.  The Saint Celestine fails her act of faith and stays lying down, this was good as otherwise she would have gone after my horrors near her!.  Court gets another Vendetta in and the unit of Sisters who go on the right flank into the ruin.  Powers go up on the blob.  unit of vets get out of the Vendetta to face the daemonettes, all three dettas look at them and so does the acolyte squad.  Shooting does finish them all off and the last 2 screamers get double tapped by the last vendetta.  In combat I start to precision strike the sargs from the blobs making them blow up with the staff of change and finish off quite a few from normal attacks.

  Marks 3.  I get misfortune off on the blob, all other powers go off fine.  Think everything stays in reserves at this point no point in giving his vendettas stuff to shoot at and his manticore only has one missile left.  I end up chewing through more of the blob.

  Courts 4.  He moves his vendettas over closer to my objectives, sisters move and run towards the middle left objective and in combat I finish off the rest of the blob, getting me slay the warlord as it was his inquistor.

  Marks 4.  Everything comes in, 2 horror units deepstrike onto objectives, being the number 3 and 4 iirc.  Fatey comes on near the bastion to give himself a 3+ cover save for being obsurced by it.  Powers go off on the screamer council.  I throw the portal glpyh near the number 2 objective spawnign a few daemonettes who run onto it.   I think I spilt off two heralds at this point and one takes down a empty Vendetta, the screamers finish off the sisters and and fatey takes out the or tries to, the Exorcist.

Basically its game at this point, I end up taking all but one objective, getting first blood line breaker and warlord, Court gets line breaker from his vet squad.  Really good game which could have really swung either way and Courts unlucky rolling in some cases didnt help him!.  He got my vote for best sportsman and ended up winning that award, which was well deserved.  I am pleased how it went from resisting the alpha strike to taking on that blob and winning!.  I think there will be a rematch at some point soon!.

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