Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Road to final!. UK GT final. Game 5 versus Ravenwing banner of doom!

So going into game 5 I am 4 and 1, not bad so far!.  I am currently sitting on table 7 and facing a dreaded foe, Tony Chew!.  He was my local sparing partner till he went beyond the wall (keeps telling me Winter is coming...).

  He was running Ravenwing,

Sammael on Jetbike
Librarian, lvl 2, bike, power field generator
5 RW command squad, rad grenade, apothercary standard of devestation

3 RW bikers, 2 melta guns
1 MM attack bike
3 RW bikers, 2 melta guns
1 MM attack bike
3 RW bikers, 2 flamers
1 MM attack bike
5 Scouts

Land raider Achilles with dozer blade and MM
Sicaran Relic tank with dozer blade

Psyhic powers
Fateweaver Fire Shield, Forewarning Invisability Smite
Herald 1.  Grimoire, Scriers gaze, Prescience, Flickering fire
Herald 2.  Eternal blade? Perfect timing, Prescience, Flickering fire
Herald 3.  Staff of change, Perfect timing Scriers gaze, Misfortune
Herald 4. Staff of change, corrosive breath, Spell breaker, Forewarning, Misfortune, flickering fire.

  Mission was Hammer and anvil and it was Kill points, now not a good mission for Tony and his MSU bikers!.  Terrain, this was a themed ice board, populated by multiple BLOS and impassable pieces of Ice rocks, in my deployment there were 3 evenly spread (left middle and right) in the middle there was also 3 evenly spread and again in Tonys half there were 3 evenly spread, seems to be a pattern here!.

  I won the roll off for sides choosing one with 3 evenly spread rocks, leaving Tony with the other.  I won the roll to go first and chose it, with Night fighting in effect turn 1.

Deployment, I deploy one unit of screamers with heralds to my right hand corner, and Fatey behind the bastion, horrors will be deepstriking and screamers coming on from my board edge.

  Tony deploys his land raider and relic tank blocking LOS to the command squad which includes the Librarian.

  Turn 1.  I cast grimoire forewarning and invis on fatey, fatey flies to the left staying in terrain and outside of any charge ranges, Screamers move then boost into the middle of the board

  Tonys 1.  Everything moves back and covers the command squad with the achilles.  He tried to snipe out the grimoire with prescience Achilles but LOS passes and all screamers are good.

Turn 2    Powers cast, including scriers gaze, think I get a unit of horrors on this turn which deepstrike roughly in the middle of my table half.  Screamers move up again and give themselves options on what to charge next turn, either tank or the command squad.

Tonys 2.  Tony gets 2 attack bikes on on the left hand flank. He puts Sammy into the command squad and moves them in front of the screamers, he dashes a rad nade on them reducing toughness then opens fire with the command squad.  The start of Tonys bad luck sees the Apothecary get a 1 on his twin linked plasma talon, a 2 on his safe then a failed feel no pain reducing him to ash.  He doesnt manage to kill any screamers, think he kills a few horrors with the thunderfire cannon.  he then charges into the screamers and takes loses a biker.

  My 3, Try to misfortune the command squad but is denied.  Other powers all go off, Fatey tried to bolt of change and infernal gateway the tanks but doesnt roll well on the power level.  Think I get another unit of horrors in and both units line up the attack bikes, killing both.  (finally some first blood!).  I kill another biker here I think and put a wound on the libby via prescision shot.  Tony declares a hit and run and rolls a 6.....

  Tonys 3.  He gets another I think 2 biker units on and the last attack bike, those and the thunderfire gun down the 2 horror units reducing one to 2 horrors, the other to 5.  The command squad do nothing against the screamers and think the relic and scouts spent their turn trying to down fatey which failed.

  My 4,  get a misfortune off on the command squad, now down to Sammy who was wounded, libby on 1 wound and Rw biker.  My screamers boost over a attack bike slashing it to death, horrors dent a bike squad.

  Tonys 4.  His 3 man bike squad mutli assaults 5 horrors and a unit of 1 horror!.  I end up winning this combat and make them run away after killing 1! go horrors!.  Thunderfire reduces a unit of horrors to that 1 left.

  My 5.  Screamers move to charge his Achilles and the corrosive breath herald moves behind the relic tank to flame it, fatey flaps about doing something important Iam sure.  Screamers slash attack another unit.  Charge on achilles fails, think I stun the relic tank but str5 cannot hurt it due to av12 on rear!.  Horrors kill off another unit of bikes iirc.

  Tonys 5.  The fled 2 man biker squad turns around and charges the 5 horrors, the other biker squad finishes off the single horror.  Hammer of wrath kills 2 horrors, I dont think I do anything but then roll snake eyes for my DI test bring the horrors back to life!.

  Dice is rolled for end of game and it ends!.

  To be fair, its a bad mission for Tony, a bad deployment and bad match up.  Plus having unlucky rolls (like the apoth dying to a gets hot!) really didnt help.

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  1. Another nice concise write up...does make it seem like not a lot happened in the game but actually I can see it being that way.. Dead attack bike, dead bikes there, horrors go down etc. Kinda stalemated but I think this is a very poor match up for Tony, players might very well be matched, but the relative strength of the armies...not so much. Unsure on the use of the relic and Achilles... Decent enough units, but I think I'd rather see even more bikes, marine allies etc. In thighs is match up though, I guess they'd just cost more kill points!
    As you say, not a great match up for Tony..and always a shame to play a sparring partner.