Sunday, 6 April 2014

GT 2014 Round up for MarkyMark.

So 6 games down and now the wait to see how I place!.

  One thing I havent mentioned yet is the painting scores, I dropped 5 points on detailed section, not surpised as these models are nearly a year old and I had only been painting for a few months when I done these.  Still, it wont affect me too much will it.  Will it?.

  Drum roll.......

In First place.  Nope not me.  In second place.  Nope not me.  In third place!. ding ding

  Overall standings for the top 10 were

Josh Roberts Eldar and Dark Eldar,  Beast pack
Eric Hoath  Eldar and Dark Eldar,  Beast pack
Mark Pocock (me) Chaos Daemons.  Screamer Council
Alex Harrison  Imperial Guard, Space marines and Inquistion.  Thudd guns and centarions!
Andy Oakham  Farsight and Tau, Ovesa star riptide heavy
James Mcnaughton  Eldar and Dark Eldar,  Beast pack
Luke Nurser  Eldar and Inquistion
Tom Hutchings  Necrons and Tau.
Gaz Jones  Eldar and Dark Eldar,  Beast pack
Simon Weakley Eldar and Dark Eldar,  Beast pack

  You might see a pattern there, definetly Beast pack heavy!.  I ended up coming in third place, on 185pts and 34 VP's with second place with 190pts and 34vp's, wait what, 5pts difference.... ! Damn you models!.  That would have made me joint second and it would have gone down to another tie beaker to get the final standings.

  So getting to 3rd place I ended up playing 4 ETC players, who were all from the same team! (best team??) I did have a easy pass in game 1 but the rest were definantly a uphill battle for me.  The next highest daemon player was 14th and the top 15 dominated by Eldar (7 out of 15).  Every game was a good solid competitive game which is exactly why I go to tournaments, therefore this was probably the best of my 40k career so far!.

  Overall I am more then pleased with 3rd place considering in total this event had 157 players enter into the heats, I ended up winning best daemon player as well (norrowly lost out to that award at GT heat 3 by a few points as well!).   This is my loot for third place, the skullcrushers are what I purchased with my voucher I won from Sanctuary Gaming.

Overall, a massive thanks to the GT guys, very much looking foward to next years and thanks to all of my opponents.

  Whats next for me?.  Currently repainting my army, I wont be losing points on painting again (I hope, if I do I'll cry!).

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