Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Road to final!. UK GT final. Game 4. Guard guard and more guard!.

So start of day 2.  Going into this I said to the guys, I am looking for 3 wins today and 3 30-nils as I have dropped too many secondaries in day 1.  I am facing a guard with Inqustion allies list commanded by Will Metcalf.  It is Emperors will and dawn of war.

Company command squad with astropath and bodyguards

Platoon command squad
infantry squad
infantry squad
infantry squad
infantry squad
infantry squad

Veteran squad Flamers?
Veteran squad Meltas?


Earthshaker gun battery (the t7 4 wound one)
Earthshaker gun battery (the t7 4 wound one)
Earthshaker gun battery (the t7 4 wound one)

Aegis defence line

Inq Coatez.  Forewarning, Prescience.
Inq with liber heresius, rad and psycho nades, 3 servo skulls.  Hammerhand.

5 Aco's with bolters
5 Aco's with bolters

My Powers

Fateweaver.  Flame breath, Pre cognition, Warp Speed, Psyhic Shriek
Herald 1.  Grimoire, Pre cognition, Prescience, Flickering fire
Herald 2.  Portalglpyh, Misfortune, Forewarning, Flickering fire
Herald 3.  Staff, Misfortune, Perfect timing, Flickering fire
Herald 4.  Staff, Spell breaker, Warp gaze, Misfortune, Prescience Flickering fire.

  No Night fight, Will wins the roll to chose sides, stays the side he is on.  Terrain wise, there is two very small (can fit around 6 25mm bases in there touching!) so not much to hide from his str 9 barrage weapons! ouch!.  So in Will's deployment, just off center there is a large ruin, only one level though.  Then to my right of that is a few barrels on area terrain bases.  In the middle towards my deployment is a hill, cannot remember what is on my right of the board as it doesnt come into play at all.  In my deployment zone, far left
there is the first small ruin with a roof, then another around 15inches to the right.  I put my bastion and objective there and Will puts his Aegis and objective in the opposite corner.

  I win the roll offf to go first which I glady take.  Looking at his list he has everything here to take me on.  3 str 9 screamer and herald instalkilling large blasts, 9 skyfiring lascannons and quad gun to take care of fatey, a 4++ scouting hammerhanded 50 strong blob to tie me up, two mobile units of vets in the dettas, and a few more extra scoring units around his objective.  This could def cause me some issues!.

  I deploy the screamer council behind the bastion, no night fight I want him to HAVE to use the barrage rather then direct line of sight.  3 heralds go in here and another herald in the 2nd screamer unit which is hugging the board edge.  Fatey is underneath the ruin on the far left.

  Will deploys.  The earthshakers behind the aegis, the Aco's in front of them and platoon command somewhere around there as well, the Company command on the quad gun.  Directly across from the screamers he places the guard blob and coatez.  He scouts them 6 inches forward then rolls for the sieze, failing both times, phew....

  Turn 1.  I cast forewarning, prescience perfect timing, misfortune is out of range due to the way i deployed behind the bastion in case of him seizing.  The screamer council forms up and moves 12inches forward, all heralds are in range the blob and 2 heralds in range and Line of sight of Coatez and other inquistor.  Other screamer unit goes 12inches directly forwards and so does Fateweaver with Pre cog on him.  Shooting, the 2nd screamer unit slash attacks the front rank of the blob killing a few, Screamercouncil heralds then open up, one getting stopped the other 3 going off.  This produces 9 precision hits and wounds and 27 other wounds, so thats 27 dead guard first off then the first precision shot I assign to Coatez, Will decides to tank it on his 2+ save and gets a 1, thats a dead coatez due to str6 Flickering fire.... Ouch!.  I then tell Will to just take another 8 guard off, who then fail their toughness test and take 2 more wounds but he uses his warlord trait to auto pass the morale check.  Fatey also shoots at them think Flickering fire is denied and infernal gateway kills a few.
  Will's first.  The depleted blob move up and get ready to assault the 2nd unit of screamers, the earthshakers target the Grimoire herald, who I pass all look out sirs for and kills nothing, quad gun aims at Fateweaver and I pass saves and grounding test, the blob assault the screamers but then they fail their fear test and whiff, while I win combat but he holds thanks to his stubborn Inq.  Think Will was a bit put down after my turn 1, cannot say I blame him.

   Turn 2.  All powers go off, Fatey flies up next to his board edge, making it hard for him to get all 3 dettas to be able to shoot Fatey, screamer council moves up and targets the company command squad as they have his astropath in there.  Shooting quickly finishes them off, the 2nd screamer unit kill some more guard losing a wound or two in the process with Will still sticking.  I think at this point I get a horror unit in that deepstrikes onto the bastion.

  Will's 3.  All 3 dettas come in anyways, 1 aims for the grimoire herald as he was slightly out to the front, and the other 2 go for the screamercouncil.  Basically I pass my look out sirs, and all screamers pass their saves, Will shoots the earthshakers at the horrors with bastion killing off a few getting 2 pens on the bastion but rolling too low to affect it long term.

  Turn 3.   Another unit of horrors come in, they deepstrike near Wills deployment zone, we are using dice as the objective markers which to be honest were quite hard to see, I chose a poor place to deepstrike them really and they scatter off some distance.   All powers go off, Fatey decides to rear shot a Detta getting 4 pens and 3 glances.  Will then saves all but 2 of them with jink and the pen does nothing!.  Screamer unit then sets up a multi assault, charging the three earthshakers, 2 aco units and platoon command squad, they forgo shooting incase of killing too much and perils, I either run down or kill everything.  I also drop the portal off this turn but scatters towards the horror unit in the wrong direction! darn!.  Comat is still on going, only the Inq left after this turn.  Horror unit gets into the bastion.

  Wills 3.  Dettas go after the bastion but fail to do anything to it, Inq is killed off by Lampreys bites.  I have 5 screamers left 3 on 1 wound iirc.

  Turn 4.  Screamercouncil doubles back and kills the damaged detta, fatey flies behind another and gets denied on Flickering fire!.  2nd screamer unit boosts between the two dettas to make them have to shoot me or I'll protect my objective with them, 10 man horror unit deepstrikes onto my objective (with run move surrounds it) and other horror unit disembarks from bastion onto objective, think around 5 left from that unit now.  Horror unit in his deployment moves and runs towards his objective and portal fails to spawn!.

  Wills 4.  He disembarks his Vets and puts both dettas into hover mode to kill off the 2nd screamer unit, after all his shooting I have 2 left, one on one wound.

  Turn 5 That unit, deciding not to risk overwatch simply cock block the vets furthest away from getting to my objective, and the screamers and horrors kill off his other vet unit, and fatey downs another detta.  Portal fails to spawn again, horror unit in his deployment fail to get to his objective.

  Wills 5, He tries to move around the 2nd screamer unit then run but fails to, detta goes into flying mode and Will rolls to see if game ends, which it does.

   So game over, I score first blood, Warlord, Linebreaker, Will gets Linebreaker.  I get my primary objective to give me a win with 30pts, my first of the weekend so far and sorely needed at this point!.

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  1. Ouchies, scouting an unbuffed blob into range of a full screamer council..

    good report though anyway dude!