Wednesday, 14 May 2014

7th Edition Warhammer 40,000 is here! Wishlisting....

I can't believe that as I sit here there is a new edition around the corner.
Not just around the corner - approaching me down the street and locking eye contact with me as I stroll along.

Bloody Hell! That was a brief, strangely transient edition of 40K.

During this edition, I have represented my country at the game I love and played in a number of tournaments - winning a few (mianly single dayers) but always placing highly. I expanded my collection and I actually got a few whole armies fully painted.
Quite frankly I feel that this last point is the most glorious statement in this hobby...ever!

But moving on.

What do I want to see from this game moving forward?

1) Randomness eliminated (lots of early references to D3 and D66? rolls... oh dear, although to counteract this, difficult terrain is now just -2" penalty. Like it. I suppose it is worth a sentence to say of course this is a dice game and therefore we cannot eliminate all randomness - even in my list building where I try and build in robustness and resilience against the dice, they can still come back and get ya!

2) More variation in objectives - not just static positions to claim (looks like this one is coming true)

3) Changes to the overwhelmingly powerful psychic combos that create...... ->

4) Deathstar mitigation - the current edition is somewhat.. heavy...on the Deathstar. I played a balanced and MSU approach to my 5th ed gaming, in 6th even I have moved away from that at times and have run Deathstars in tournaments, most recently O'Vesa at Caledonian Uprising. This saw me win a lot but never by a large margin as even here I moderated my approach and went with a balanced/star approach. It's all or nothing with Deathstars and I couldn't bring myself to go the whole hog - although I did feel that this gave me a balanced force, I'm not convinced.. anyway, that's not what this is for!

5) Balanced armies.... hmm.... 'Unbound' = fail. Yeah, I want a rule set that doesn't favour one army in particular! Good luck with that!

6) Blood Angels! I want my Blood Angels back! More fire, more blood, more god damn Rage and Thirst! I want a new Mephiston model too for fucks sake! A massive, dynamic mother fucker of a model!
It'd be nice if Dante wasn't toally average too... oldest Chapter Master etc, etc...

7) Ragnar Blackmane! Make him playable!

Anyway, what do you guys want to see from 7th Edition and are you looking forward to it?
That's what I want to know... i've been playing loads of X Wing recently to get over my 40k boredom and I'm excited to have it rejuvenated... what about you guys?


  1. hey, you are alive after all, i was beginning to wonder!
    i am amazed at how little i care about this new edition/desperate money grab/oh shit we fucked up lets fix it with a new book. i have been hearing and vaguely reading a few articles, but i just cant bring myself to give a shit. i do believe i have well and truly moved on, which is something i never thought i'd say.
    obviously, ive been playing a fuckload of x-wing, including some tournaments which ive done between very well and just ok in, considering i haven't been playing long.
    I'm also going to be picking up another system, probably Freebooters Fate, which i wanted to get into ages ago but couldn't find opponents for until now.

    by the way, if you are interested we should talk about running an x-wing one-dayer in Cambridge, i think there would be plenty of takers.

  2. Hey dude,
    Yeah, I've been mega busy with work and house project stuff. I am alive though.
    Gutted I didn't make it to MK X Wing tourney - how did you go?
    I think it is a very sad day Andy when you have moved on from 40k.. :(
    But hey ho.. at least we'll get those X-Wing tournament reports up on the blog soon eh? ha ha
    Freebooters you picked up years ago didn't you? Up at one of the early Blog Wars events? Never got round to playing then?

    Last night at the club we finally got new tables at the Scout Hut - we can now very conmfortably host tournaments and I am setting the wheels in motion to do so - X Wing one dayer is an easy first step/ baby step.

    we have a large number of players locally, you of course have a network near you and everywhere in between us it is played i.e. MK.

    So, yeah... all in all, defo want to talk!

    1. MK was great. i made the top 8 cut (barely) and then got nuked by the jammiest dice i've ever seen. the guy rolled 16 dice against my two B-Wings and hit with every one, and i rolled no evades. you cant really come back from that sadly.

      Aldershot was less good, but a lot of fun, i took a small interceptor list having never flown them before. needless to say i learned a lot, and came away in 21st out of 40 with 3 wins and 3 losses, which i was happy with.

      there appears to be very few events after June this year, so perhaps we could set something up for late summer after wave 4 is properly out.

  3. Don't forget lads, 8th June at the Grid in Doncaster is our assault on Imbdar event ;)

    1. New Space Wolves Codex not far off apparently. I've been told before September...

    2. I noticed the SW blog had suddenly sprang to life.

  4. Wow 7th around that quickly?

    I haven't even played a game of 6th, and it doesnt feel like that long ago since I was playing very regularly against Atreides (damn I miss those games, think I'll have to get into X-Wing dude).

    As for 7th, I am actually quite interested, though I have zero time for 40K (in the way I'd want to play) these days.

    What I'd like to see is "small ball" game. Not quite hero-hammer but close. We've had mech 5th, the allies, fliers and seemingly more troop based 6th (from what I gather on glimpses). But we all know I have a soft spot for overly expensive units and feel good models *cough*deathwing * cough*

    I personally can't see much taking me back in though, but I still yearn to play a bit of table top.

  5. Hey man, i play x-wing at least one a week at Dark Sphere and have a table at home, so if you ever want an intro, let me know!