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Road to final!. UK GT final. Game 3 versus Beast pack None other then Josh Roberts......

So, two wins so far but sadly not max secondaries points puts me on table 4.  Apprantly there is 8 beast players here and having faced one I look at the match ups and relise I am playing another one.  None other then Josh Roberts!.

My psyhic powers and rewards

Fateweaver.  Flame Breath, Forewarning, Endurance, Mental Fortitude
Herald 1.  Grimoire, Pre cognition, Misfortune, Flickering fire
Herald 2.  Portalgylph, Scriers Gaze, Prescience, Flickering fire
Herald 3.  Staff, Forewarning, Foreboding, Flickering fire
Herald 4.  Staff, Corrosive breath, Warp Gaze, Misfortune, Prescience, Flickering fire

  His list is as follows.

Eldrad.  Eldritch storm?, Fortune, Invisability, Misfortune
Farseer, jetbike,Shard of anaris.  Prescience, Guide? and cannot remember the last one

3 Eldar windriders
3 Eldar windriders
3 Eldar windriders
3 Eldar windriders

5 Warp spiders


Dark Eldar allies

5 Warriors

23? Khymarea
5 Beast masters

So very simular to what I just faced, except Josh has Warp spiders and one less troops choice iirc.

The mission is Scourging, so we have a scoring screamercouncil, and he has a scoring beast pack ouch!. Not only that but he has Invisability and fortune AND misfortune!, On Eldrad no less, darn!.  Sadly I rolled my powers first and swapped out perfect timing....

  Josh wins the roll for sides AND first turn, giving me the first which gives him the drop on objectives.  Terrain.  Top left (Joshs deployment zone), there is a ruin in which the 1pt objective is placed, Then to the right of that is another ruin with the 4 pt objective, then to the right of that is a another ruin with a 3 pt objective.  In the middle there is a large can which is BLOS and a 2 pt objective next to it in the middle of the board  Then to the right of that there is a BLOS piece of terrain which is basically 3 cans together with a 3? pt objective.  In my half there is a hill to the left, another BLOS can array which a 2pt objecitive, bastion placed next to it then a small ruin in the right most corner.

Josh deploys his Beast pack centrally with WK's on either side, I deploy my screamercouncil and Fatey behind the bastion quite centrally.  We both reserve everything else (my horrors and his Warpspiders deepstriking)

Turn 1.  I cast Grimoire forewarning and endurance onto the screamers, Fatey stays where he is behind BLOS bastion. I move back as nothing is really in range thanks to Josh's deployment.  Screamers hoover around the same area.

Josh's 1.  He moves and runs the beast pack up after casting prescience and fortune on the pack, think he casts invis on the rightmost WraithKnight.

Turn 2.  Grimoire and powers all go off, Fatey casts endurance on the screamercouncil then flies off.   1 unit of horrors come in and try to deepstrike in the top left corner near his 1pt objective, they scatter off the board and mishap table means Josh places them.  He places them in front of the beast pack, there goes first blood!. Screamers move back to the right corner of the board, I could shoot the WK's but then will be in easy charge range of the beast pack.

  Josh's 2.  He know has board control and pretty much plants the beast pack in the middle of the board, they assault and kill my unit of horrors.  All his powers go off and invis on the right most Wraith knight.  Both WK's run to get closer to the screamer council.  Josh also gets in 2 units of bikes, warriors and warpspiders, all in his deployment zone between the 1pt and 4pt objective

  Turn 3, Fatey flies onto the right most board edge, away from the beast pack and WK's just in range of the warp spiders, Flickering fire and infernal gateway finish them off for a FA kill point.  All powers go off, and I misfortune the left most WK without invis on him.  I move the heralds and screamers up to get a 9inch charge on the misfortuned WK and shoot FF from 3 heralds (grimoire with precog was out of range, darn!).  I cause 4 wounds with misfortune, he doesnt save any, I remember just as I was going to assault the WK for the toughness test, which Josh then fails on a 6 and I cause 3 wounds killing off the WK.  Darn, this has now left me in easy charge range of the invis WK, if I had made the charge I would have been quiet far away, 9 inch charge then a 6inch total pile in and hopefully a consolidtion move.

 His 3.  All powers go off, Invis on the WK again.  WK makes a easy charge and locks up the screamer council, thats them out of the game.  Rest of his troops come between the 4pt and 3pt objective (top right) rest of his bikes go that way and the warriors go into the ruins on the 1pt objective.  Beast pack stays central.  WK doesnt do anything and with me hitting on 5's and wounding on 6's I do nothing either, darn.

  My 4, the two remaining horror units comes in, one mishaps again in the same place as the others, josh places them, even with a re roll, in the middle of the beast pack!, another troop unit down :(.  Other unit goes near my 3 pt objective.  Screamers roll up the right flank hugging the board edge and giving Josh a 10inch charge from the beast pack, they then turbo boost giving the same charge range.  Fatey vectors the warriors causing 2 wounds, morale passed, he then flies off to give me some turn 5 contest options.  Horrors in the middle run for what its worth, other horrors run backwards to get away from a mutli assault from the beast pack, think again it was a double digit charge range.  Portal is thrown and scatters towards the screamers, sadly nothing spawns.  I have yet to mention the screamercouncil, this is because I failed the grimoire :(, they are going to get hurt here!.  I end up losing 3 screamers and the same again to DI.

  His 4.  Invis is cast again on the WK.  Beast pack assault and kill the mishapped horror unit, bikers shift around in the middle of the board too far from me to vector strike.  He also cast misfortune on the screamers, I try to tank on the grimoire herald as he had pre cog (so no re roll passed tests) but he dies on the 2nd or 3rd roll and I end up with 3 heralds, 1 screamer!.

  My 5,  Screamers boost my surround the 3pt objective in the top right, horrors move onto the 2pt objetive and fateweaver flies next to the other 2 pt to contest.  Portal fails to spawn which I was hoping to get daemonettes from to fleet run +3 onto the contest 2pt objective.  Darn you portal!.  I lose 1 screamer (as soon as I had taken the wound on him knew it was a mistake, thats a FA kill pt there!).  Now down to 3 heralds.

  His 5, All powers go off, beast pack simply move back to the 4pt objective, bikers all get their objectives and WK then kills 2 heralds leaving 1 alive.  Farseer on bike leaves beast pack contests my 2pt objective and bikers somehow contest my 3pt.  I honestly thought I had blocked it off totally, 8 screamers can do that, but think the terrain was knocked displacing my models.  It didnt matter as I had lost but really should have said that to pull back some VP's.

  It ends as 10-1 to Josh iirc.  Brillently played by him using the strengths of the beast pack (board control), lucky that I failed the grimoire when I did giving his WK things to smash, even without failing it I would not have got through the invis and high toughness but I just dont like my poor screamers dying like that.  I was trying to get a decent result on the warpstorm table by using my fateweaver re roll or warlord trait to re roll both but bar getting a 3 and my Portal herald rolling 2 1 and 3 on the 3d6 test it didnt do much.  I would have loved a 11 result or 12, or even a 6 as that is deadly to Jetbikes but alas, no luck there.

  Its a very hard match up, and with the powers Josh got, even harder!.  If the WK hadnt of died to Warpflame I would have Assaulted it hopefully killed it consol'ed then move and boosted to the other side of the board away from the WK, giving me more options to go after his troops.  That was the plan but was scuppered by Josh rolling a 6.

  Very pleased to have played him, and looking forward to a rematch at some point!.

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