Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Road to final!. UK GT final. Game 2 versus Beast pack and current GT champion!

  So going into Game 2 I had picked up 2 secondaries and 2 objectives, not too great overall but as my first opponent was there for the painting I didnt want to give him too hard of a time for his first game, its something I tend to do let my guard down and dont go all out.  Now some players use this to their advantage by not flying too high too early, and avoiding the lists that tabled their first opponents, personally I dont really mean to do this!.  Still game 2 is against a dreaded beast pack, and the opponent, none other then current UK GT champion Mr Paul Burke, eeeek!.  This guy has never lost a game in the GT.....

So my psyhic powers are as follows

Flame Breath, Forewarning, Life leech, Terrify
Herald 1, Grimoire, Forewarning, Prescience, Flickering fire
Herald 2, Portalglpyh, Perfect timing, Pre congintion, Flickering fire
Herald 3, Staff of Change, Scriers gaze, Misfortune, Flickering fire
Herald 4, Staff of change, cleving strike, Warp gaze, Prescience Forewarning Flickering fire.

My opponents list from memory and psyhic powers.

Eldrad Executinor, Mind war, Death mission, Fortune!
Farseer, jetbike, runes of warding, Shard of anaris, Shriek, Prescience, Scriers gaze?

3 Eldar windriders
3 Eldar windriders
3 Eldar windriders
3 Eldar windriders
3 Eldar windriders


Dark Eldar allies

5 Warriors

23? Khymarea
5 Beast masters

  Paul won the roll off for sides iirc, with a large ruin opposite the relic, a tall and wide BLOS piece of terrain next to that and another ruin on his far left, on my table half I had a tall and wide BLOS piece of terrain on the opposite side to his and a ruin or two and a hill.  I start off by placing my bastion right next to the BLOS peice of terrain, leaving a small gap between the two to see through.  The relic was on area terrain, 6 inches by 5 maybe? which was of course centrally located.

  I win the roll off and make Paul go first, seeing as its relic and he has jetbikes, no thanks!.  He deploys the beast pack quiet central and 3 bikers touching area terrain within 12inches of the relic with a WK in the middle of the beast pack and another on the his left.  I deploy the screamer star behind the bastion with all 4 heralds, and the second screamer unit out on Pauls far left.  Paul then redeploys 1 WK on his left to go in the middle as well, he can just get a bead on fateweaver who is also hiding, I mean strategically placed! behind the bastion.

  Pauls first turn, guides one WK and moves the beast pack slightly forward, bearing in mind I have terrify on fateweaver and misfortune on the screamercouncil.  Both WK's take pot shots at fateweaver, but seeing as I have 3+ bastion cover save re rolling 1's and a fateweaver re roll (wasnt needed) he doesnt double tap him, each time I am doing the saves my bum is going a little.....  Also Paul has a little bit of bad luck, the jetbikes jump forward 12inches, but as they started in terrain he loses one to dangreous terrain, being 33% this causes a panic test end of movement phase, just as he was picking up the relic, he fails and the 2 remaining jetbikes flee a little.

  My turn 1 I get grimoire forewarning presicence etc etc off, screamerscouncil move up to within 24inches of the fleeing bikes and gun them down for first blood, the second screamer unit moves up his left flank and I think do some slash attacks on the beast pack, killing 1 or 2, I also gave Paul the chance of a 10inch charge but that would have really pulled him away from the middle of the board.  Fatey bravely sits where he is behind the bastion, hoping for a terrify next turn!.

   Pauls 2, he casts his peowers without issue, gets 3 units of bikes in from reserve and his unit of warriors, they all come on around near my screamers ready to shoot them down I lose 2 or 3 in total.  Beast pack go into the middle of the board needing a 9inch charge to get to my screamercouncil.  Both Wraithknights take shots at fatey again and fail to do anything, beast pack charge and fail, first on a 7 then on a 8, phew!.

  My 2, I terrify a wraithknight as due to the failed charge I just couldnt quite see any of the beast pack darn!, screamers then move up and mutli assault the WK and beast pack, with me winning combat and the WK running away like a girl, at this point I relise I may well have made a massive mistake and loudly proclaim, SHIT!.  My screamers assault a unit of jetbikes killing one but they hold.  Paul hit and runs out, getting a 16 on 3d6 and most of the beast pack and Eldrad end up near the relic on the large piece of area terrain.

  Pauls 3, of course this is why I made the mistake, now Paul can assault Fateweaver, who is on the floor around 12 inches away from  his beast pack......  after casting all his powers he rolls for difficult terrain, as Eldrad is right in the middle, he gets 1,1...... He then decides not to go after Fateweaver and doubles back to get after the council, a WK also goes next to my grimoire herald to try and force the wounds on him and look out sirs.  The other WK sadly rallies...  WK and beast pack charge, I kill off a few more hounds, probably around 7 or 8 have been killed so far, I lose nothing and its my 4.....

  All powers and grimoire goes off fine, and I get my troops in, they have been kept off with scriers gaze so far!, I try to deepstrike two units onto the relic, both scatter and mishap, think one gets destroyed on a 1 and other unit get placed by Paul in my far right corner near nothing.  Fatey  flies ontop of a ruin near the middle he is but before that casts terrify on the beast pack, by this point Paul has already used both runes of warding to stop misfortune, so he only has a 5+ re rollable, he gets a 1 on the first and a ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 5 on the second, darn, sweeping the beast pack would have been nice.....  Fatey and some horrors kill of a unit of jetbikes, think my screamers in combat also kill off another unit. My 2nd screamers have either died or dying at this point think it was probably in this assault phase they did.  I do a number of wounds on the beast pack think I may have had misfortune on? as they are greatly reduced at this point.  Paul hit and runs out and again goes towards the middle

  So again his powers are fine, he spilts off the Farseer, baron and eldrad to go after fatey hoping to ground him, he uses his remaining jetbikes and a WK to do this, the beast pack go after my horrors on my right, they make the charge and kill them.  Fatey takes quite a few grounding tests and passes fine,taking a wound or two, then he fails a grounding and is tapped out by the WK, sad times.....

  My 5, I throw the portal down, grimoire and powers all pass without incident, luckly!, out of the portal walks 5 plague bearers onto the relic..... So at this point theres not much more for me to do but roll to see if it continues, and the dice rolls a


Game over!, I score first blood and linebreaker, Paul gets Linebreaker and warlord, most importantly though I have the relic giving me the win and Pauls first ever GT lose.


  1. Grats man! Sounds like an intense game!

  2. Now this is of course NOT a favourable match up. Congratulations on the win, unlucky to Paul. Pleased with the way this one came out then? Still change things? Or just take the win?

  3. Terrify won it for me, it took away the board control that beast pack otherwise have, I really should have just assaulted the WK to run him down removing that threat rather then multi assaulting the beast pack as well, It would have been very hard if not impossible to charge fateweaver from where they were pre hit and run.

    So far I have managed, god knows how, to beat James Mcnaughton (scots ETC beast pack player), Mr Burke, needs no introduction really and nor does Dan Sackett, all running beast packs all in big tournies with the screamer council. How? god knows! haha.

  4. Nice game... but where are the pics?