Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Road to the final!. UK GT final, 1650pts Screamer council by MarkyMark

So, the past weekend I have been at the UK GT final, which is 1650pts 6 games 2.30 per game with rule book missions and no secondaries counting towards winning or losing the game.  Stright win loss draw scoring with 25 (win) 10 (draw) 1 (loss) system.  I had already quailfied from one of the three heats end of last year held across the country, coming 5th in possibly the most competitive heat in Warrington using a quite different list to what I am using for the final.  Sadly no pics as most of the games were too tense!.

  My list is as follows

Herald of Tzeentch, ML3, Disc, Exalted reward
Herald of Tzeentch, ML3, Disc, Exalted reward
Herald of Tzeentch, ML3, Disc, Lesser Reward Locus of conjuration
Herald of Tzeentch, ML3, Disc, 3 Lesser Rewards

10 Horrors
10 Horrors
10 Horrors

8 Screamers
8 Screamers


54 players were in the final, by far the majority being the whos who in the UK tourny scene.

Game 1 against Mark Kelly with Necrons.  Mission Crusade, hammer and anvil deployment

Army List

Trazyn Warlord
Destroyer Lord, MSS, Sempiternal weave.

15 Warriors
15 Immortals

3 Wraiths
3 Scarab bases
5 Destroyers

Night Shroud bomber
Sentry pylon

  Well a beautifuly painted army, Mark won the painting competition at GT heat 3 IIRC and also grabbed the top spot here as well admit some tough competition.  Quite a average list and he included the bomber as he wanted to use it rather then for its str 10 bombs!.

Powers for me
Fatey.  Fire Shield, Prescience, Mental Fortitude, Haemorhage
Herald 1.  Grimoire, Scriers Gaze, Presicence, Flickering Fire.
Herald 2.  Portalglyph, Foreboding, Forewarning, flickering fire
Herald 3.  Staff of change, Misfortune, Forewarning, Flickering fire
Herald 4.  Staff of change, Corrosive breath, Warp Gaze, Misfortune, Prescience Flickering fire.

So a decent set of powers there, fatey not so much, although Mental fort does help with horrors going to ground for 3+ cover save re rolling ones then being able to get back up.

  Cannot remember who chose the roll for sides but I had a one large LOS blocking piece of terrain which I put the bastion next to to create a even bigger one, not for turn 1 as he had limited firepower but more for Fateweaver because of his intercepting pylon.   There was 2 objecives in his half, and two in mine one in the middle.

  He deployed and was going first, think I chose that as he has limited ranged firepower it was nightfighting and I had some cover to take advantage of.  He deployed the immortals on one objective and the warriors on the other, they stayed there all game really.  The destroyers went on his left flank and scarabs spyder and wraiths in the middle and right flank.  I deployed my screamers with herald opposite his destroyers as thats his biggest unit and wanted them to drop down first, deployed my other screamers behind the bastion on the other flank.

  His first turn the spyder spawned a scarab and took a wound, then moving up into a large piece of area terrain in the middle of the board, along with the wraiths and scarabs.  The destroyers moved up and took some shots at my screamerstar, not doing much if anything.

On my turn 1 I fail the grimoire, then again with the re roll, knowing theres no night fighting in his next turn and that bomber has str 10 weapons, its time for defensive!, I move then turbo boost behind the bastion and move the other unit of screamers into the right flank.

  His turn 2 he moves the destroyers (with destoryer lord) across to chase my screamers, and wraiths move up to threaten my screamers (either squad) next turn.  Spyder spawns another base and moves into the area terrain, it was a very large piece!, along with the scarabs.  The bomber comes up and shoots right up my right flank, shooting drops a few screamers from the second unit.

  My turn 2 I move then boost my spare screamers up on the board edge of his right flank and screamerstar misfortune then FF the wraiths off the board, staying far enough away from his destroyers that only a long charge will get them there.

His turn 3, the destroyers move up and took some pot shots at the screamerstar not doing much, they then fail the charge, the bomber bombs my screamer star as well not doing anything either.  The other screamers takes a few wounds from the immortal squad in front of it.

  My 3, the screamers boost over the immortals, slashing them and killing 2 or 3 after a few get back up.  Think I get a unit of horrors on at this point and they deepstrike down in my half and run near a objective.  The screamerstar misfortunes then FF the destroyer unit, with some help from fatey who also come on this turn killing all destroyers so they wont be getting back up and leaving the Lord on 2 wounds.  I then assault his Lord and opt NOT to use ap2 attacks as with misfortune I was hoping to roll better then I did, I do no wounds in the end!.  One screamer fails MSS test and plays with himself for a phase.

  His 4 and the scarabs go into the screamerstar to tie them up, His immortals finish off my second screamer unit who had boosted over them to protect his pylon.  In combat I kill off his lord then a few scarabs.

My 4 I deepstrike down horrors behind his lines behind a los blocking piece of terrain and manage to get a bead on a few warriors shooting a few down, warp flame then claims another who probably gets back up!, he has a res orb in the warrior unit :(.  I then finish off the scarabs and consol towards him, think I also throw the portal down who failed to spawn!.

His 5 he moves to get a bead on the unit of horrors behind the LOS blocking terrain and the immortals have a horror unit in front of them as well, few horrors die from each unit but nothing too bad.

  My 5 the screamer star moves up to shoot his big warrior unit, the two horror squads and fatey move up to shoot his immortals, one herald moves out of the screamer unit as well.  I shoot fatey and both units of horrors at the immortals killing them all on pretty much the last dice roll, screamer star reduces the warrior unit down to a few models after tanking saves on Trayzn iirc.  The herald then boosts to contest his objective and I am scoring the objective the immortals were on and one in my backfield, the portal fails to spawn again costing me a objective.  Game ends with me having first blood line breaker and 2 objectives.



  1. Descriptive! Love it..good lad. Some critically minded types might suggest a favourable first round match up.... ;)

  2. I will be the first to admit it Ven, it was a easy pass really, only one of the tourny though so that was welcome. I did let my guard down though and didnt go full throttle, but is that a bad thing? do I really want to get every objective (could have if thrown portal early) and give my opponent a non game?. Really thats not my style, I say this a few times about tournies but hey stuff it, I'd rather me and my opponent have a good game rather then just me. Probably wont win me many tournies that way but still.