Friday, 27 September 2013

Farsight Lives! - Or... "Can Tigurius cut the mustard?" At 1500

I am still mucking about with lists for BBrum next week... Standard right... And am I a toss up between standard tau (the ever ready back up) , screamer council, Farsight with tiggy or new White Scars/Wolves 

I love the Killy, balls out nature of Farsight at this points level, but worry that it's too much of an investment and I failing to balance the list...

...I'm kinda answering my own question, but it could be fun...

I'm going to struggle when not going first vs screamer council (as I then can't kill it) and standard tau can strip the cover buffs and smash into me, eldar going first is ok as I can stay out of range of most guns leaving just serpent shields - not twin linked.. 

Anyway, could I have some thoughts as to how stupidly unbalanced this is please: 

5 Scouts, melta bomb serg 

Buff suit, 2 gun drones 
2 x double fusion suits 
3 x double missile pod suits 
1 x double plasma suit
All suits with target locks and 2 gun drones

3 x 10 Kroot, 1 Hound
2x 4 Pathfinders 

That's it. I know it's stupid at 1500...the golden rule used to be boys before toys at this level....but with the eldar/de beastpack warlock deathstar viable at this points level as well as seer council viable at this points level...why not the Tau version? Lol

I'm assuming everyone gets this right? Clinical application of pressure at the right time and place. It's a method of delivering 1200 points out of 1500 in the place of my choosing at the time of my chosinge very turn... 

I can have all the weapons in the bomb shooting at multiple targets with:
Re roll misses 
Ignores cover 
Tank Hunter/Monster Hunter 

It puts out:
Target 1: 28 S5 shots at bs3, 1 bs5 fusion gun and 2 (rapid fire) plasma shots (as Shadowsun has to shoot at least one gun at the main target of the unit and Farsight is a bit of a token shot)
Target2: 2 fusion, 1 bs5 fusion
Target 3: 2 fusion
Target 4: 4 s7 mp shots
Target 5: 4 s7 mp shots
Target 5: 4 s7 mp shots 

All of these benefit from the above buffs. 

The whole lot has a natural 4+ cover save or if I drop in cover then a 2+ but I take dangerous tests! I think for this it depends how much retaliation there is likely to be. 

Of course, the whole list depends on the might of Tigurius and his ability to reroll on telekinesis and get Gate of Infinity.... :( 
Pretty likely though... 1/6 to start with, reroll that. Then it's 1/5 with a reroll, then 1/4 with a reroll. 

So it's a devastating unit, of course it is... Question is... Can it do me proud? I think it can, I have the army except a Farsight model... Which I could convert or just buy this weekend... Probs just buy lol...and soon as it is only one purchase to have the army ready.... Well, seems rude not to lol

Let me know how awful an idea this is... :) 


  1. While i love this idea, and have been trying to make it work recently, I think that you really need some more midfield support, such as deepstriking tac marines for it to work, because Tiggy only gets gate 3/4 times, and so you need to have something else in midfield to back up your non-teleporting deathstar imo. I'm starting to feel that this list only really work at 1750 points, where you can get some support for it. Or, alternatively, a more toned-down (less drones) blob at 1000, with some kroot to score. It would be pretty unstoppable, I reckon

  2. I'd very much agree with you, I'd like some Bikers with Dual Grav/Combi Grav and maybe a Thunderfire... but in addition I think that the Tau codex brings the most relevant support and this list scales up wonderfully - SkyRays solve a lot of the issue with the list as well as other crisis teams or Riptides, troops can of course be built up as well the higher you go in points.

    The "Tiggy Issue" I.e. only Gating 3/4's very tough on the list.. especially as you say at this points value.

    Despite the size of the Deathstar, it may be worthwhile trying out Shadowsun as Warlord to use Ghost Who Walks for those situations, trouble is.. you can't just chop and change every game who is Warlord lol... so the only logical choice is Farsight to avoid the Scatter.

    I agree that at 1000 pts this could be nasty. But as it stands right now its almost 1200 points haha! Bit of trimming required..

    Podding Tacs is a good idea, however intercepting Riptides could be a pain in the ass.. I think I'd prefer a big unit of Bikers to combat squad and take some of the flakk. But 2 full TAC squads would be nice as well as Naked Sternguard in a Pod...

  3. "it's an awful idead" this :D :D! <3

    1. Haha! What do you know? It's not like you came second at Nova or anything.... ;)