Monday, 30 September 2013

Death or Glory 2 Tournament: Ashtead - 1850pts - 8/9th March

Morning guys,
Death or Glory have released the details for their second tournament.
The first was a real success and had a superb turnout of 40 players.
This time the guys have DOUBLED the entry and it is going to be EPIC!
At 82 players, this will be one of the biggest events in the tournament calendar and you'd be a fool to miss out...
See details below from Mike Marlow - one of 4 top boys who run the blog/podcast:
"...Welcome to the second Death or Glory Tournament! This time we've increased the tournament places to 82 and we've got a painting competition running alongside the main tournament.

It is based very close to the previous venue in ashtead just off junction 9 of the M25. It'll once again be a 5 game event run by the Death or Glory Blog/podcast team.

Same deal as last time, email your entry to and you have 2 weeks to pay. Please only pay after email confirmation that a place is available

Check out the rulespack below.
I think this one will sell out sharpish so get your place now!!
Later peeps...I'm off to "teach" (otherwise known as 'figure out what the fuck I'm taking to Battelfield Birmngham this weekend'!!!!!!)


  1. Check it out guys.... 57 tickets reserved in 12 hours...this shit is selling faster than the Flash could rape you..

  2. i just reserved three, i hope i am not too late!