Thursday, 19 September 2013

Tigurius - the perfect Imperial Guard ally?

I have been trying to come up with an Imperial Guard list I am happy with for a while now.  Inspiration is pretty sparse on the Internets.  Most people seem to have written off the once mighty guard as an effective ally and a poor primary, or are sticking doggedly to tired 5th edition mech spam lists.  After a weekend of games at the Throne of Skulls I have concluded that this approach no longer works.  The chimera has neither the firepower nor the resilience in today's environment, and the men inside cannot survive, or do significant damage, once they disembark. 

Therefore I have decided to bite the bullet, pack up my chimeras and try a bit of something else.  A few months back, Ven gave me a template for a guard list using one or more blob squads and several Rune Priests to increase resilience and damage output.  While this worked OK, it was something of a one trick pony due to the expense of the HQ choices and blob squads.  Very few points were available to spend on other toys and my damage sucked, so I abandoned the idea. 

However, upon the launch of the new Space Marine code I began to think again.  Space Marine librarians are cheap and powerful.  Sure, they don't give counter attack to the blob, but at 65 points, who cares.  Then I realised the fatal flaw, they don't get Divination!  At this point I didn't notice Tigurius, but after talking to a mate while gaming last night he mentioned that Tigurius can take powers from any disciple, and he can re-roll the dice on the table.  This is huge, and has the capacity to make a single blob very powerful indeed, especially when combined with the chance of getting endurance on a Primaris Psyker. What is more, it doesn't break the bank, and allows you to take some of the cool toys in the Space Marine book in addition to the usual guard support (which is still very powerful). 

The initial list I have come up with is as follows. 

1750 points Guard/SM Roster

Guard Detachment

Primaris Psyker - 70
Platoon Command Squad - 30
5 Infantry Squads, 5 Autocannons, 3 Power Weapons - 330
Penal Legion Squad - 80
Hellhound Squadron, 2 Hellhounds - 260
Vendetta - 130
Vendetta - 130
Griffon - 75
Griffon - 75

Space Marine Detachment

Tigurius - 165
Tactical Squad, Lascannon - 90
Tactical Squad, Lascannon - 90
Stormtalon, Skyhammer Missiles - 125
Thunderfire Cannon - 100

The Penal Legion and PCS will mostly ride in the Vendettas and drop onto objectives, or just sit tight and hold my own.  The blob advances or holds depending on the mission and the powers I end up with. 

Options include replacing the tactical squads with some scouts, possibly with a storm, but I like the threat of lascannons, and on a cheap scoring platform they are quite useful.  The Techmarine allows me to bolster something, so I have gone without the aegis line this time, thought I feel I may miss the quad gun. 

I am slightly concerned I have gone overboard with the S6 anti-infantry firepower, but the two Hellhounds will scare the crap out of backfield scoring units and little bastards like pathfinders, and the amount of barrage means that successful sniping should be a real possibility. 

Av 14 and even 13 is also a problem.  Lascannons can only get you so far, but there doesn't seem to be much of either around right now, so I might see if I can get away with it. 

Of course I could just be talking out of my ass here.  I have minimal actual gaming experience of 6th and I could be missing something huge and obvious.  Advice from my betters please!


  1. You really want that ccs with a blob.. Frfsrf and get back in the fight are what make it work so well..


    1. well i'll have frfsrf on the PCS, and with a Space Marine character in there i am not too worried about it failing leadership checks. i guess the going to ground thing could be useful though, so i take your point.

    2. I like the idea. Tigurius seems to be great. I'd go for 3 vendettas or 2 squadrons of 2 though if you have them. And due to half the games taking place with night fighting, and so easy to get cover, I'd go for a Colossus, instead of the hellhounds. it's so frustrating shooting stuff the first turns and having them save like terminators! Griffons are ok cos they're so cheap for what they do.
      Just two things to make clear:
      1. Counter-attack doesn't work for the whole blob, just the wolf guy. At least it says so in my book, though could be wrong cos it's a Spanish one hehe.
      2. PCS can't issue get back in the fight. That's only the CCS. I like 4 flamers in the PCS and a boltgun on the commander (because of the faq), they really hurt gretchings, cultists, kroot, etc that are usually camping in the back.
      Great points anyway, thanx for sharing!

  2. The other thing about the PCS is that it will usually be unavailable to issue orders being in a Vendetta (usually when you really want FSFSRF) I'd also consider dropping a power weapon from the blob and exchanging the Griffons for a Manticore -- Tiggy can make it twin-linked.

    1. i did consider this, but I actually really rate Griffons. I used two Manticores in my 1500 list at Throne of Skulls and they are amazing, but using just one of them just doesn't cut it in my opinion. If i worked this up to 1850 i would certainly use two Manticores and lose a few bits and bobs elsewhere to do it.

  3. Like the idea..
    Why penal legion instead if SWS with flamers? Still score but may actually contribute?
    Consider splitting the Hellhounds? Two is somewhat overkill versus their common targets and vendettas work perfectly well in squadron as 6th doesn't punish squadrons like 5th did. This may allow you to maximise the use of Hellhounds...
    Griffons - I like them a lot, they are great for barraging troops and certain support units such as tau drones and pathfinders as well as cover reliant shit like jetbikes... However, with 2 Hellhounds as well as 2 Griffons I wonder if you could perhaps spend the points on another type of firepower? Perhaps one hellhound and keep the griffons, grab some sternguard in a pod? Throw a few grav weapon on them for anti riptide and Wraithknight duty?
    Just thoughts buddy...

    1. good thoughts, thanks.
      I can get the sternguard pod by removing both a Griffon and a Hellhound, but i dont know if that is worth it.
      The point is, i like the overall list, and there is a LOT of scope for tweaking, so i think i'll give it a try.

      time to build a better thunderfire!

    2. Under conversions tab 16th Dec I did a scratch build of one as I also hate the model... It's rough around the edges but easy to build. Yours will of course be awesome and made of plasticard cool....but have a little look... I expect a blog on it natch ;)

  4. Ven, I'm guessing cos he needs 2 troop choices ;)

  5. If you are trying save points, a naked ccs is actually cheaper than a psyker - thou depends what your doing with the psyker. Is agree that they are an underrated force multiplier, triple tapping lasguns with misfortune on top is a nice trick.

    I'm also a huge fan of penal legion, love em! So kudos :)

  6. People were running DA Librarians with Power Fields sitting at the back of the unit for cheap as well.

    They just dont have Thunderfires.