Monday, 24 June 2013

Tracking Demon Prince Psychic Powers and Gifts

My first draft MAY need some tweaking....
The key to an honest and easy game.

With just a handful of models, the Demon FMC Spam is wonderful as a 'One Box Army' - cracking for transport and it is an absolute beast on the tabletop.


It has potentially - depending if you rock Fateweaver or not - ~15 Gifts and 15 Psychic Powers... across just 5 models!

Now, this is only JUST over the number of psychic powers I was generating at one point with Psychic Choir Nids, but I did have to create an additional table on my Army List sheets for these - the management and tracking of them is otherwise far too hard.

Not hard per se.. more inconvenient. The start of the game will take ages as you have to write out and mark down every roll etc.

If you don't do it.. how the FECK would you remember!?

So I knocked up this bad boy:

Tracks: Gifts (Lesser, Greater, Exalted), Artefacts, Wounds and the 3 default power suites accessible to Demon Princes.

I know I've not included tracking for the Change, Excess and Nurgle disciplines...but who uses them?

The other thing is tracking which powers are in effect each turn ... For example, Iron Arm up to S/T8 and FNP or Invisibility etc.. These I think should be tracked via counters..

Mark Pocock, who I met at the War of the Roses tournament, ran FMC Demons and was my inspiration into just HOW fun they could be as well as being competitive enough to hang with anyone. Anyway, Mark used a load of laminated cards to mark out what was in effect on each Prince every turn.  

That's for next time.... I'll work on those tomorrow.. I do have SOME work to do afterall...What do you guys think of the card? I'm going to print out a few and laminate them for tonights gaming club...I'll feedback in comments.. but let me know if you guys have tried anything like it...


  1. Saw this type of thing in a BoLs video too, looks like a good way to record all the randomness that Daemons now has!

    1. I think it'll speed up the start game considerably...especially when doing it 3-5 times depending on list.

      The randomness is really good fun.. I think as long as it is not your main, competitive army then the frustration should be minimal.

      Although, it is a very tough army for a lot of builds..I can just see it getting hugely frustrating when you desperately need certain Gifts/Powers to make a match up work and you just roll crap like 3+ save...which you've already paid for!

      Did you make BW this weekend? I didn't...

  2. For Nids, I add extra spots on my army list for powers. Also made 4 copies of each applicable psychic card and stuck them in mtg backed sleeves. I refer to the list and place the cards from my deck (only keep out the ones you rolled pregame) on the table near the effected unit as I cast them.

    For Daemons, I had Goatboy send me his WarmaH style card template (stats, gifts, traits, lores, pic) and edited it to my liking. Sleeve em up and bust out the whiteboard markers. On the back of each card is the warpstorm table. You have to take the extra effort with Daemons. If you're fumbling around all slow like, you're bound to have a grumpy opponent.


    1. Hey Hippo - thanks for the wise words brother. Re Nids, yeah very similar system... Space on the army list and only keep out the cards you use. I never bothered with tracking 'powers I play' with them, just made it clear to opponents with good old fashioned communication. Never had a problem but can see cards being just easier.

      On the Demon front, I tried out the above card last night and it seemed to go down well. Was easy and faster to generate and record powers/gifts.

      Definitely need stat counters too.. Like "iron arm +3" and "warp speed+2" or whatever..

      Warp storm on the back is a cracking idea.

      I agree whole heartedly that the extra effort goes down well!