Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Leaked Transcendent C'Tan - Necron Megalith

Holy crapola!
Look at it...

It's not energy trapped inside there...it's a freaking transcendental C'Tan!

Wow....just too cool. 

Fuck you Eldar...Necrons have the coolest toys again!!!! 


  1. god what a hideous piece of crap (but then, i cant stand anything necron)

  2. that model ...

    must resist ... wanting ... need to paint ....

    Pirce tag: 4 billion dolllars.

    Do you mean the megalith thing Andy because that truly is an eye sore.

  3. You two are talking out of your collective arses!
    The Megalith is a beauty!
    Huge? Check
    cool details? Check
    TRANSFORMS? Check.....WHOOT!
    Captured techno-god/Dr Manhattan in the middle powering the sucker? Check!

    Price tag? Who gives a fuck ;)

    Can't believe you don't like it.... Bt then, everyone has an opinion and is entitled to it....I suppose haha

    1. But your taste is like a hoover ... it sucks!

      It may be like the Storm Raven - HATED the picture of it - LOVED the actual model (still kind of wish it was better so I could have done a force of them!)

    2. I think you have Optimus Prime issues Ven ...

    3. My Necrons are based on the Thokt Dynasty/Anrakyr the traveller, which means blue lasers, so I'm going to see I can freehand that symbol.

  4. i just spent the same amount of money as that thing costs, in this kickstarter.
    i basically got half an army as a result, and the models are amazing.

    1. Apples and oranges Andy!
      They are sexy girls though...

    2. why do you do this to me Andy WHY.

      Those remind me of the Escher gang meeting some element of the Jon Blanche sisters of battle concept art from the original 2nd edition book.

      Which is why I love these models.

      Think I might grab some.

    3. haha, they really are great, and it will even out my guard force to around 50/50 male and female, which is where i always wanted it to be.

    4. In the 41st Millenium there is only......equality!

  5. the ctan just looks too suprised to take seriously :/

    1. Depending on the model itself I would do work on the head.

      I am calling it now, but someone will on dakkadakka/someotherplaceonthenet do this as Venom from Spiderman. Guaranteed.

      But I think, if I could see the kit, I'd look to convert that head into something more like those "wychs helms" from the new dark eldar kit - you know the ones that are just hood/full face visor.

      The rest of the model is stunning and just screaming for me to blend.

      I am thinking of getting back into painting only (opposed to the nothing I do atm) and that would be a great starter project.

  6. I'd be surprised too if I was about to transcend to the heavens and someone claps me in a harness to power a fecking monstrous monolith! Haha