Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Necron Megalith Pic - so sweet!

Hi all,
As a long time Cron fan, I have oft lamented the .... Dust...that has settled on my Monolith. It is a cool concept and actually - it can kinda work.. But there are just better options in Heavy Support; no one can doubt the usefulness and just all round point-for-point effectiveness of the Annihilation Barge for example.

However, I was pointed this morning in the direction of something amazing...
Something that just spoke to me.
If this is coming out ...I will have three of them.
Without doubt..

Look at it...sweet Jesus these are cool.. Huge bastards...that TRANSFORM!!!
They fly high ....float ...high above the battle field 

I hope they take a turn or two to open up and change between modes.. but once open, the full mastery of the stars is opened up by the Megalith and it is unassailable..

It charges up over the turn - during this time it is vulnerable.. but once in its lethal new position.. arcane energies engulf the Megalith and it lashes out to destroy the foolish mortals.. or something cool..
Now these may be conversions? Barge front pieces/prows on top, wraiths strapped to the sides.. no idea on the insides but..I'm sure someone with more creativity could do them...
But I don't think they are.. They could be,,, if they are..I need to find out how to do them... 
Any one seen these anywhere before? 
Any info on if these are new Apocalypse updates or just conversions?


  1. i thought you might like these when i saw them a few days ago. they certainly look very real, as they dont appear to share parts with anything that already exists. so far only this and the Lord of Battle have been photographed, and it is rumoured that all factions are getting something, so i am quite excited to see what they come up with for Guard.

    1. I can only hope it is out in July.. I don't want to wait!

  2. Look twins to me so actual kit rather than conversion, hopefully it can be built so it can open and close (like you'd ever close, ahem) but Guard will prob be the Imperial Knight (although strictly not Guard, more Mechanicum)

    1. rumours say not, as they already have the baneblade :(

  3. Agreed on the twins Siph.. But didn't want to get my hopes up lol
    I'd hope to model it "transformable" .. If not...open all the way!
    Titan-sequence imperial stuff would be awesome too..

  4. I don't think they're conversions. That's the personal army of one of GW's employees, which was featured in this months battle report.