Thursday, 6 June 2013

Combat Card Thursdays - Ork Gibletgrinda

In a hugely ironic twist of fate (given Ork spellings), this vehicle was actually responsible for teaching me a new word.  At the age of around 10 I had no idea what a giblet might be and why anyone might want to grind it.  I asked my mother what the word meant and was told it was the insides of a chicken, which confused me even more.  I can completely forgive her response given that I gave her no context when I framed the question, but I did then look it up in the dictionary and it made a lot more sense after that.  Incidentally, it also freaked the hell out of me. 

Back in the day, all Ork tracked and wheeled machines were named like this.  Crazy yet visious sounding adjectives, what could be more Orky? I have to admit I miss that about the Orks these days, they seem to have lost a little of their crazyness and have become significantly more sinister, something which they never should have been. 

The Gibletgrinda is probably the archetypal Ork battlefortress.  A battlefortress is built by a Mek or Warboss who cant quite afford to create a stompa, or by one who has a preference for speed over armour.  The reason for its name is obvious, a giant deffrolla the height of a Dreadnought sits at the front of this giant vehicle.  Towering behind are two banks of massive cannons and a large roofed plaform where the Warboss can sit with his Nobz and bellow orders to the masses of Boyz. 

My reason for posting this as my first Ork vehicle in Combat Card Thursdays is because I am currently building a 40k scale one of these.  The going is slow, but I should be posting something in the next few weeks about it. 


  1. I'm really looking forward to seeing your scratchbuilt Gibletgrinder! I love anything homemade.

    I've had a go at scratchbuilding various things for my Squat IG counts-as army - Overlords and Termites mainly. Great fun!

  2. Ditto on looking forward to seeing your version. Doubly interested as I'm working on a related project which must remain secret for now! ;)