Thursday, 30 May 2013

Combat Card Thursdays - Chaos Tower of Skulls

Today we have something truly bizarre. The Chaos Tower of Skulls is a Khornate daemon engine, roughly equivalent in wheelbase size to a Baneblade or Macharius super heavy, but is obviously considerably taller.  Back in the early days of Epic there was a fascination with building towers on wheels.  Everyone had them.  There was the Plague Tower of Nurgle, the Floating Tower of Tzeentzch, the Ork Weirdboy Tower and undoubtedly a few others as well.  This is the Khornate version. 

The concept is simple, and actually quite poorly represented in the model.  The Tower of Skulls should be just that, a wheeled base with piles and piles of skulls studded with battle cannons and bolters, protected by blades, all held together by chaotic energy or something.  You can just imagine a Bloodthirster sitting upon a brass throne on the top of the pile, lording it over the battlefield like a mini version of Khorne himself.  Instead, we get some kind of skull-studded mosque on wheels, with an unnaturally large skull stuck to the front and some blades that look like they'd have trouble cutting through a cotton thread. 

Once again, a couple of these have been scratch built on a 28mm scale using the plastic Baneblade as a base, but I never felt that they did the concept justice.  This thing needs to look completely insane, and the Baneblade hull is far too sensible.  Additionally, far too few of them have the requisite blades. 

Conclusion, great concept, poorly executed all round!

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  1. Th ridiculous wheelbase is what gets me..this thing might be monstrous, but it'd blow over in a stiff warp storm!

    And the hedge trimming shears...really?

    Ah old school citadel designs hey..