Thursday, 27 June 2013

Goatboy is a HERO!

Don't know if I've mentioned that before?

Absolute legend.

Goatboy ROCKS! Yeah!


I've been searching for decent tracking/stat cards for my FMC Demon army.. guess who was kind enough to send a copy if his?


The Goat was.

So cool -  ol' Tommy Reidy smashed it for me! Check him out HERE if you don't know who I mean...

OK... is that enough gushing? I think so. Evidencing further that he is a top boy and a pillar of the global community Goatboy emailed over (on request) his 40k Demon stat cards. The file I then printed, trimmed out and promptly laminated.

They look absolutely boss. Perfect for what I need and more professional looking than the ones I designed, which frankly, did the job but didn't look that good...

These are cracking - simply keep the cards on your edge of the board, at the start of each game, rather than scribble it down on a piece of paper - just tick a box. Each roll just tick away until you have it all.. super sweet! Saves time, looks cool and is a very helpful tool for both you and your opponent.

Then just wipe clean and do the same again next game. You can track wounds too, even accounting for the extra wound given from greater gifts.

I've even seen ones for Farseers etc and Nids - basically, if yours is a psychic army - doesn't even have to be full on Psychic Choir.. you want these in your life...


  1. any chance of releasing those cards out on the website? Been looking for something like these for a while. They look fantastic.

  2. Really Like these cards, what format?