Friday, 10 May 2013

Organising a tounament - HELP!

I've been having thoughts recently.
This is new, I know.
From Ven?
Yeah, it's true man.

I feel really good regarding what I give back to the hobby.

I get a lot from it - I get a competitive outlet, entertainment.. the social aspect.. it's better than drugs and whores.. you know..

I give back... well, this blog and the gaming club that I run in Cambridge with a couple of the other guys.
And that's great - I feel we have rescued and revitalised a community that had been split and seperated by circumstance.
Now I want more.

I want to run a tournament.

We have wanted to run a Sons' tournament for a long time.. sonce the idea of 'Blog Wars' since sprung to life in comments on this blog, we have been toying with the idea of a tournament.

What I want to know is this:

1) Has anyone got an easy access Excel spreadsheet for tracking points set up that I could have a look at? email to exploder1889 at hotmail dot com - Ta!

2)What are the typical pitfalls? Its a Scout Hut venue.. whats the deal? What are the issues here?

3) Any general advice?

4) Anyone fancy coming!? lol.... I'm going to try and give all the loca club guys first refusal on ticket sales and then open it up.. Thinking bout 13/14th July.. seems decent.. we are only looking at doing a 30 person event..

5) Is 30 the right size for a first tournament?

6) I'm thinking 5 games cause it's a pain in the arse playing six and travelling.. now, most of the guys will be relatively local for this.. but if we finish in the afternoon at a reasonable hour, then we can cast a wider net.

7) Facilities - Kitchen, Scout Hut, Tables, Terrain, Parking, Food, round corner.. all check.. what am I missing?

8) Marketing - locally Facebook for the gaming club, get the podcast boys to throw out some coverage, get the other club in Cambridge to throw it up on FaceyB too.. adverts and links on the blog.. get the blogging community to step up and help advertise.. Warseer and the Warhammer Forum...

9) I'd like to develop this into something that happens every 3 months and builds itself into a name and a decent event on the tournament calendar.
Um.. this isn't a question Ven?
Nor was that.. where the fuck did that snowmobiling come from.........?

Feed Ven with ideas please guys and gir.. lads.
Supply me with ideas!
Tell me its easy..!
Tell me you love me... err..


  1. 40 Man tourney, 2 day, 5 games, lunch included, £25 ish!

    1. This is the dream mate, but I think we may start smaller.. one day, 30 players.

  2. I have run many events for various gaming systems (including 40K)

    In answer to your questions:

    1 Write your own, buy a programme or do it on paper (very easy for less than 32 players)

    2 Make sure you have Public Liability Insurance! Ban under 18's or have a child protection policy and get everyone helping CRB checked

    3 See above – also do not try and break even, make sure you aim for a profit, you will need it when an event does not go to plan

    4 The local players are the most important people. You need to run an event that they want to attend

    5 That would be very impressive for a first event. I would aim for 16 players (or even 8)

    6 6 games over two days would be a huge mistake. I actually think a one day event would be a better starting point for you

    7 Be careful with food. Much easier to get people to bring or buy their own as otherwise there are potential health and safety and food poisoning issues. Make sure you have clean toilet facilities. Free parking is a great help

    8 Start small, run a good event and people will come

    9 Depends what you want out of it and what response you get

    Running a tournament is hard work, don't underestimate how tired it makes you.

    1. Hey Kong, thanks for the feedback..

      1) GOt this sorted now..
      2) Got it for our club and weekends so done..
      3) Should be aiming at a profit as long as we get over 15 players - looking to crack out some great prize support which I think is essential for drawing and pleasing the masses..

      Any thoughts on prize support?
      4) agreed.
      5) We run a regular gaming club so would have no issue at all raising mid to high twenties ourselves..I say that as I'm sure there would be people who couldn't make it on the day
      6) I think we will start with a one day.. get it ran right and then go bigger.
      7) We've discovered a cracking pub around the corner from our venue - cheap, decent pizza - stone baked FAST and pumped out fast too..perfect. we'll arrange food tokens or something or deal..

      Yeah.. nice response man, thanks a lot.

  3. I'm sure a couple of the guys from Leicester would be up for it, it's not that far

    1. Hey Slayer.. nice one dude. I'll keep you posted on here.. would you lot be only interested in a two day or would you still be up for a one dayer?

    2. Personally a one dayer is logistically easier cost wise and to motivate ppl? But thats not to say id rule a 2
      Day out off the cuff. Yeah great please do, my email is, probly the easiet way :)

    3. Nice one...I'll keep u in the loop brother.

  4. Yeah, I'd be interested, and happy to help out and try and spread the word. A one dayer might be better to start as a two day tourney adds the complication of people having to find accommodation.

    For food, maybe just bulk order from a pizza place, or if you know someone with a take away van, get them to rock up.

    I'm sure you could write a scoring spreadsheet, but if not, I'm sure I could rustle something up if you want. All dependent on the scoring system of course.

    Try and avoid anything but rulebook missions, yeah some of them are more difficult to win, but that is an equal if greater test of generalship. It's also difficult for many to get practice of anything but rulebook missions so by changing the missions you disadvantage the more casual player and favour your more "serious" gamer or tournament goers who are more likely to be able to get in a lot of practice of specific missions.

    1. Hey Andy..
      Nice to hear you'd be interested.. would you still be if it were a 1 day event?

      I think a 1 dayer is most likely what we'll do just to get it rolling and pick up some experience with running a day.

      Yeah a spreadsheet isn't hard to write.. I just wanted to be lazy and get one for nought lol!

      On missions, I agree that rulebook is nice and simple, no need to learn or practice or create alternative lists to deal solely with just one tournament.

  5. Try the Nova mission pack, gets rid of the rock paper scissors element of 6th!

    1. I'll have to have a look dude, I've not really looked yet this year...soon as I am not going!

      Hows your prep going for it?

  6. How so Alex?

    Andy- we use excel for rumble and gt, Chris Green wrote it, ask him for a copy. Did one of our own as we wanted cumulative vps not difference, and most free online systems don't have the option

    1. Will do, nice one.. there are plenty of online free ones but I prefer cumulative too..

      I'll email him..

  7. Conveniently the Independent Characters podcast are doing a two parter on running a tournament over their next two episodes, might be useful for you

    1. Lol..perfect timing., ill check it out, thanks Andy

  8. Happy to post a link on my blog once you've got the details sorted to help with advertising. Let me know if you're interested!