Thursday, 2 May 2013

*NEW UK TOURNAMENT* - Death or Glory 1850 September 7/8th

Bit of community love here guys.

Now, regular readers know we love a cheeky tournament or two here at Sons'...

The Death or Glory blog boys (Rich Fielder, Mike Marlow etc etc) have been prolific gamers on the tournament scene, they have a decent podcast they throw out and now....

A tournament.
Excellent work lads.

The tournament is 1850, 5 games over 2 days...based down in Surrey on September 7/8th 2013.
£15 entry for the tournament. 

You can find the rules pack to download HERE
And the blog HERE.

It's a few months away yet, so an excellent opportunity to get into a first tournament, or for tourney run it past the wife!

I'll have just come back from the ETC in Serbia...but I reckon I'll be ready for some action by September!
Whether the wifey is though is another matter!
Whatever happens, I'll be looking to attend and maybe drag some of the other Sons' down from either the blog and/or the club...


  1. Sweet, definitely interested in this as I'll be back in the UK for good in a few weeks.

  2. Nice one Sir Tainly.. September though yeah.. I know it's up early but notice is a good thing! Lol

    What you running ATM dude?

  3. Well by the time all my 40k catches up with me (it's a slow boat) and I've got a job/car/acomodation etc sorted we will be well on the way to Sept.

    I may bring my Guard since that's painted already. If I get time though, I might have my Salamanders all ready by as well so I have a choice. You?

  4. Thanks for this post Ven, very kind. We really hope to make this a great event.

    1. No worries man.. I'm sure it will be a cracker!

  5. looks good, and easy for me to get to.

    Ven, i will be at the club next week if it is still going. same place? what times?
    might need some tutoring as it will be my first game for 6 months or so!

    1. Whoa!
      Mate, we've moved... The scout hut has closed for refurbishment til August, so we are at the scout hut in Newnham, on MONDAYS! From 7:30
      You about for a random day/week? I know it's bank hol this Monday, but it is our first night at the new great if you could make it buddy.
      If not, I'll be around Wednesday if you want to get a game in? But it might mean travelling to either mine or Steve's ...

      There is also a club on a Friday night at Netherhall school called 2d6 lodge - new after GW totally stopped gaming at cambridge. Bit clique-y but I could swing by and we could get a game in if you can't do Monday or weds...

    2. fantastic, Monday should be OK actually, as should Wednesday, as i am about all week. will have the car as well so don't mind traveling a bit.

    3. Cracking. Well lets aim for Monday night a bit of a tutorial game, bring you up to speed.. Which won't take long at all.
      Then maybe get a game Wednesday when you are a bit more up to date.