Thursday, 16 May 2013

Combat Card Thursdays - Imperial Leviathan

Hello and welcome to a new weekly feature here on SoS.  I recently reacquired a partially complete set of Epic Battles: Citadel Combat Cards.  This was a card game produced by GW in the late 80's and through the 90's.  It is effectively a form of Top Trumps.  I am missing three or four cards from the set, but I'll be posting what I have every Thursday until I run out!  First off we have the mighty Imperial Leviathan.

Most people will be familiar with what a Leviathan is.  Several 28mm scale scratch-builds have appeared over the years and lets face it, the damn thing is pretty representative of the absurdity of most Imperial war machine designs. 
This thing is a mobile fortress, armed with a massive doomsday cannon, a battle cannon for all round defense, and a broadside of lascannons to deter smaller armored enemies. 
However, it is ponderous, highly visible and impossible to hide.  It just sits there and trusts its void shields and heavy armour to fend off enemy attacks.  A visible manifestation of the invincibility of the Imperium. 

I especially like this image because of the banner.  This Leviathan belongs to the Necromunda VIIth.  I cant recall a single mention of these guys in the fluff, but there is quite a lot about the Necromunda VIIIth, nicknamed the 'Spiders', and actually my own guard army contains several members of that regiment.  I am quite glad this Leviathan belongs to the former, because I don't fancy repainting anything of mine this shade of yellow. 

Next week, I'll mix it up with something Orky, Eldar or Chaos.
Atreides out.

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  1. It is a truly horrible yellow..
    We need some sort of comparative scale to use here.. I guess we'll have to wait til next Thursday!

    Khorne Lord of Battle FTW!