Friday, 17 May 2013

Kill Team 40k...a new way to play with our man Barbies?

I recently had a gaming night with a friend where he'd convinced me to try some kill team games. He'd tried for a while in fact due to the fact he was attending a one dayer at Warhammer World and wanted some practice. Like the bad friend that I am, I never got round to it, not that it mattered as he won the event. Grats Mr Steve

But anyway, my point. I didn't really bust a gut to free my schedule as Kill Team games didn't really appeal, but after the battle reports and some games I'm now hooked!!!

In a nut shell its a 200 point game where you can have 1 elite unit, 2 troops and 1 fast attack. But all the models in the legal units you buy then act independently. Multi shot weapons can split fire between multiple targets and you can split attacks between opponents in combat. Everything scores and vehicles contest. Its spiced up with the ability to take 3 different usr's which you can give to any models (one each - you cant stack them all on one uber model and there is a strict list of what's rending or ignore cover heavy weapons for example) - in the tournament setting its taken further by having a leader model who can gain experience and skills as the day progresses.

I found the list building to be quiet a challenge and fun. As you have such a small amount of points and have to take legal units you have to really think about it as often the perfect unit might just be a slight bit too much (for example you cant quuuuiet afford a tervigon AND the obligatory guant squad that makes it a troop unit :P). Especially as you need the tools to deal with anything from a horde of cultists to 5 terminators or even armored vehicles. Flexibility seems to be key.

As i say, its really got me hooked. Its a totally different kind of challenge in list building and when you get some games in you can rattle through 5 or 6 in a few hours. Enough for a mini tourney between a group of mates in one night.

You win the games with the normal mix of first blood, vanguard etc but with extra points for an objective in the middle, massacres and causing an army break test. Basically the minute you lose enough models your army has to test on the highest ld of a model on the table. If you fail then the game ends....anyone that played necromunda should be pretty familiar with this.

Scouts and infiltrate as well as deepstrike are not allowed. Its a straight up slobber knocker. No flyers!!

I suggest you download the rules pack and try it - here. I shall be going to the next event for sure.

Here's some lists to tickle your fancy - either ideas of my own or lists I've seen to give you an idea what you will need to cope with:

Steves Winning list:

Doom of Malanti (Eternal Warrior)

3 Shrikes with devourers and talons. (Flesh bane, armor bane and the leader)

Pretty Common Variations:

5 Terminators - feel no pain on the leader, 2 other abilities like blind on a storm bolter etc etc

1 Rip tide - feel no pain - some support systems

5 man meq with relentless heavy weapon + rhino + a support unit maybe.

5 scouts with mix of weapons and a Shrouded Storm.

Eldar Aspect warrior horde (Like 7 Warp Spiders with Exarch)

And my 6 ideas/tweaked versions:

10 horrors

3 fiends - leader with fnp, one with armor bane and other with flesh bane.

I like this one, because despite a pitiful ld of 7 for the army, each one of those horrors is an independent unit and so blowing out 2d6 shots each with no chance of giving anyone fnp!! happy day. Fiends are more a distraction for a turn while the horrors get in range. You also have the daemon weather table, lolz. Win big or lose big i think with this.

Grey knights:
5 Purifiers - 2 psycannon - one with relentless one normal, Leader with Halberd and fleshbane and one normal halberd.

Razorback With Psybolt heavy bolter and Shrouding.

Grey knights are one of the kings of anti infantry shredding. So why not take them. Blind hopefully should shut down things like Riptides. Through this build could easily be applied to a stern guard unit too with 2 heavy weapons and their pimp guns rather than power weapons.

Chaos Marines
5 chosen with relentless Autocannon

2 spawn - leader with feel no pain and other with fleshbane.

Rhino with extra combi bolter.

This one is just fun, I love spawn and if I did it, it would be to paint it all looking kick ass rather than going to try and actually kick ass. Its works good but really lacks low ap for terminators and the like. In fact if I like spawn so much why don't I just take 5 and 10 cultists :P

Space Wolfs
5 Wolf Guard in terminator Armour - 5 combi plasma, 2 power axe, 1 power sword, 1 power maul and a power fist. Leader gets feel no pain (with that pimp cloak) and ill put rage on a wulfen looking power weapon or fist and maybe tank hunter on an axe.

The terminator idea but with some actual customization options. Plus wolf terminators look cool.

3 Wraiths - One with Feel No pain. One with flesh bane and the other armor bane.

5 Death Marks - ones the leader.

Sniper rifle kill team baby! where each individual chooses its own target for the deathmark buff while the mecanico attack dogs race up the chase the proverbial postmans leg.....It just sounds cool in my head. Plus its always ld 10.

Ok so ive shown you mine - you show me yours.



  1. take nothing but a single Assassin of your choice, see how many you can take out before they get you :)

    1. An epic idea ... Love this.. Just how many can a Vindicare kill before he gets dragged down... Or the Eversor for pure fear factor at this scale.

    2. The GW rules changed to mean minimum of 3 models to stop people just taking riptides.

    3. that sucks! they should have changed it to no monstrous creatures instead :P

  2. Dark Eldar

    6x Reaver Jet Bikes, 2x Caltrops (1 with fleshbane?), 1x Blaster (tank Hunters), Champion (stealth/shrouded whichever is allowed)

    1. And a cracking excuse to buy these cool ass models...

  3. Looks like an awesome idea, I love the small model count could so go to town on stuff.

  4. Just placed 4th in our local tournament with this list.
    Sternguard Veteran Squad:
    Sergeant leader, but barebones
    Veteran with heavy bolter, relentless
    Veteran with missile launcher, fleshbane
    Veteran with combi-plasma, preferred enemy
    Veteran with combi-plasma
    Veteran with combi-melta
    Veteran with boltgun

  5. Rough Rider Squad - 9 men, sergeant meltabombs
    Ratling Squad - 10 men

    no idea what USR's you would want with that

  6. Ten Sniper Kroot,one the leader. One has USR - Ignoes Cover
    One crisis suit - Burst Cannon, Missile Pod, FNP - USR Tank Hunters
    One crisis suit - Burst Cannon, Missile Pod, FNP - USR Shrouded

    I think this would be pretty decent. The grey knight and sternguard types might shred this, but with some decent focus fire I think they could smash it..

    Might it be worth Rending on one of the Crisis Suits..

  7. Ohh, Librarian dreadnuaght with wings of sanguinius, shield of sanguinius[maybe lance] and the shrouded usr Jump pack 3+ 13av dread running around yeehaa:P

  8. Might have a look at this, as Rich says it allows you so much more freedom with models.

    I've never been happy with any of my models for armies because in the back of my mind I had to take short cuts to get them done in a reasonable time.

    Having 6-10 models allows you to spend more on the making and painting.

    Each model could essentially get the same devotion you would put into a commander.

    Will download the rules this weekend and might look at doing a sisters of battle one, or maybe some bike based one (still got a few bike parts left over) if Atreides fancies some games at some stage.

    1. would be great. i am intending to go to one of the official events for this at some point in the next year anyway, though not with a filthy list, just a cool one

  9. What about just having 5 piranhas (one stealth, one shrouded, one armourbane). Just fly round blasting everything AV11 or weaker, armourbane one has a pop at the ghost ark that I'm sure someone would take. Kicks out a lot of shots, is tough, and is scary fast

  10. I thought they said no 2+ armour....oh well
    I personally am working on a Blood Angels Kill team:
    5xAssult marines, infernus pistol and meltagun, no jump packs, but a Rhino
    3xDeathcompany, 1xpower sword
    Sgt has "Feel no pain", meltagunner has "Tank hunter", and the death company with the power sword has "Fear"

  11. 5 Sternguard, one has Combi-Plasma
    2 Attack bikes (1 MM, 1 HB)

    I won our Kill team tourney with this one, easily.